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  1. 1. Well, we were underdog and playing a very good team, I think we did what we could 2. No, im working like it's any game and i will work hard on the ice. 3. Oh yeah, I live in QC, Snow is all we got here. 4. I love Eminem, also like J-Cole and Logic, they are great artists 5. Big fan of World of Warcraft, but I also like sports games on Xbox. 6. Good day so far, went outside with my friends to ride ski-doo
  2. Few weeks ago, Cody Lachance had a call from the Head Coach of the Philadelphia Reapers in the VHLM. This call was an invitation to a tryout with the team for the rest of the season, an opportunity for the young guy from Quebec City to prove himself in the pros and hopefully, get a chance to be drafted in the big league, the VHL. Cody played a total of 9 games in the season, getting an honest 5 points (5 assists). We called Cody, via Zoom to talk with him about this learning experience, his expectations about his future in the hockey world and also, his plans for the next season.
  3. Ohhhhh this is why you got banned from SBA. This thread looks like a debate on Covid-19 by old french canadien. (Trust me, it's not great)
  4. Well this is my first hockey graphic and to be honest, i thought it was much easier to do something decent. I wish i was Gorlab lol
  5. Not a bad start for Cody, 3 assists in 2 games. lez go
  6. 5$ on ebay, young guns is coming
  7. EPISODE ONE - LET'S GET THIS THING STARTED! << Lot of changes for me, just ended my junior career. After a combine where I showed to the scouts what I can do on the ice, I got the call from the Philadelphia Reapers, he offered me a tryout for the remaining of the season. This league works differently than the others, I will have a tryout with this team until the end of the season/playoff. After that, I will be available for the VHLM draft. I like this, it gives me the opportunity to prove myself to this league. This should be interesting, I should play some decent minutes aro
  8. CODY LACHANCE - ROAD TO THE VHL This topic will be about the evolution of my new player in this league, Cody Lachance. Quotes, game review, off-season training, etc.
  9. 1 --> Well, I just joined, but as a sim league veteran, I think the main reason that keeps you motivated is the objective of winning a championship. 2 -> Maybe the addition of Cody Lachance ? Kidding, these last 10 games are super important, gotta give everything. 3--> No, Cody Lachance is all-about business right now. 4 -> It gives so much energy, the crowd is what giving us the energy to push to another limit. 5 -> Hum, I have no clue actually :') 6 -> Probably the core and the legs, better skating and balance!
  10. @Ricer13 Thank you for the offer, I will give the opportunity to other VHLM GM to offer since I know how hard it is to recruit on sim leagues! If I don't get any other offers, ill be happy to play in Miami and play this song when my guy scores!
  11. Well, my resume here ins't great, but it's hockey season right now in Quebec so, the motivation is increase. Let's do this