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  1. Jakob Sosa Brendan Telker @Siddhus
  2. Josh

    S78 WJHC Index

    Round Robin Index Please send lines to: vhl.simulation@gmail.com, and include "WJHC - Team _____" in the subject line.
  3. Since Al got promoted to commish... JOBS ARE BACK ON THE MENU! Likely looking for 2 people! Requirements are the same.
  4. Round Robin Index Send all lines to vhl.simulation@gmail.com and include "WC" in the subject.
  5. Forgot to post this on the forums so it's here for posterity. Eligibility List Criteria: Anyone player that played in S78 is eligible, even if they are currently retired.
  6. https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-21.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-22.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-23.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-24.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-25.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-26.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-27.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-28.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-
  7. https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-11.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-12.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-13.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-14.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-15.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-16.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-17.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-18.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-
  8. S78 OFF-SEASON: Dates and times subject to change Sunday, July 11th Off-Season Begins Experience Points Allocated Depreciation (Affects S72 / S73/ S74 Drafted Players) S79 Finance TPE Cut-Off (all TPE earned, up to, and including, this date will affect salary brackets for S79)  Wednesday, July 14th World Cup Day 1 World Cup Day 2 Thursday, July 15th S79 Training Camp Opens World Cup Day 3 World Cup Day 4 S78 VHL Awards Ceremony @ 8PM EST Friday, July 16th World Cup Day 5
  9. https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-1.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-2.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-3.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-4.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-5.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-6.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-7.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-8.html https://vhlportal.com/game/vhl/78/Lottery/VHL78-Lottery-
  10. Index Lines to the following email with Lottery in title. vhl.simulation@gmail.com @Josh@rory @Peace@GustavMattias@Spartan@hedgehog337@fonziGG Draft Lottery Odds (Pre-Tournament) Vancouver: 30.0% Davos: 22.5% Vancouver (from Toronto): 17.5% Moscow: 12.5% Los Angeles: 10.0% Riga: 7.5%
  11. Can probably host it if it's close to vanilla.
  12. terrible take from an ex-vhl member lol
  13. Player Information Username: Josh Player Name: David Davis Recruited From: Returning Age: 20 Position: G Height: 80 in. Weight: 250 lbs. Birthplace: New Zealand Player Page @VHLM GM