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  1. Jack Lynch and HHH without points. Maybe a new challenger will arise for possible VHLM MVP if this trend continues.
  2. Minnesota with a strong team performance to win against an equally good las vegas team.
  3. Nice Houston, gotta win those must-win games.
  4. Ottawa needs to get more than 15 shots. Minnesota is so good.
  5. HHH only took 3 shots @Beaviss are you sick?
  6. Nice win Houston, climb those standings.
  7. Another decent win for Halifax and a good game by Julius Freeman.
  8. Another strong game by Julius Freeman. Glad he is getting his shit together.
  9. Week 2 claim. This post went out of date quickly.
  10. What are you talking about 60% of the time, he works every time...
  11. Damn 3 pp goals on 9 that's a way to bounce back Vegas.
  12. Stay away Ottawa. Stay away. Don't go further up the standings please.
  13. Saskatoon seems to be on a tear since the trade.
  14. Weak performance, why is Halifax having such a low point.