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    Review: As always you have a great ability to break up your writing in such a way where it draws you in each paragraph and and excited to finish each one and then continue to the next one. I feel like the content itself is good in its self reflection of what has been and looking at what could be in your players potential performance. As someone who also loves to ponder about how the season could go I enjoy pieces like this. I think the way you break up your points in the middle of your media spot is great and easily catches readers eyes and might cause the them to pre read your reasons and have a good idea as to your thesis before getting there. I hope that you have a great seasons and hit your goals. 9/10
  2. Review: I think this is a well written article that towed the line between fun and informative. One thing that allowed me to get interested in the premise right away and the link back to prediction. With that it allowed me to get invested in the premise right away and get excited to see wether your predictions were right or wrong. I feel like you going through each player you picked was good but I feel like with each player the length was all over the place. That is a consistent with all of the paragraphs even with your S71 predictions. I would like to have seen a little more length in your predictions for the next season and maybe given an overview paragraph of your previous results instead of breaking down each player just so we would have more space to give why you think S71 will go the way you think it will go. All in all I think it was great and well written. 8/10
  3. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That is what it feels like every season at the start with Julius Freeman. He works hard every offseason and starts with a bang. Each season since I can remember Freeman starts off strong each season. Then within a week of the start of the season, he starts to dip in his performance. I wish each season that he keeps going strong to help lead the wolves back to the promised land but each season it seems like he cannot handle the pressure. He cannot handle the pressure of what it takes and each season he dropped each time to the norm. No wonder he won't be the MVP. No wonder why he won't end up doing great when it matters. If you look at him he is great in the regular season but when you look at his playoff performance it is lackluster. He is just a guy who does a thing ok. Who knows if he will be the guy for his team this season but let's face it he is still doing the same thing. So maybe Insanity is what you need sometimes to breakthrough. The ability to say whatever maybe this season is different.
  4. When I first started in this league there were legends and there was everyone else. I saw the people at the top and they were some of the best. Every season they were at the top of their game and would be in contention with every award. I am probably very wrong about it but now I feel like it is kinda different. There are more good players that all kinda stay around the same level, instead of having a few great players we have a bunch of good players. I put myself in that category of a good player. I am the top LW in terms of TPA and TPE and I can only say that I am a good player. It surprises me every time a sim comes in and I'm invisible. I know that this is my first player but it still confuses me what it takes to get in the hall of fame. I think what I need to do is just get over the fact that I will never get in the hall. Freeman is a good player but the hall is for the best. What players will probably get in the hall of fame. The tough thing about it is literally the people on top of each season now are basically different each season. Last season Jet Jaguar was the top points getter in the league. I for one as a former teammate am super proud of his accomplishment. S68 Jet was nowhere to be seen in the top 10 in points. He poped up in S69 at the #5 spot. And S70 he was #1. The weird thing about that is that in S71 he again nowhere to be seen in the top 10. It is a small sample size of 8 games but it still weird that the top player last season is not even in the top 10. What does it take to be a top player anymore? I feel like with more and more people maxing out each week and getting to the level where the great players once we're at now it doesn't mean as much and it is harder to just have a good season when every team has good players. Im not sure why I am drawn so much on what the hall will be like in the future but I know there have been rumblings from some of the elder users talking about lowering the bar or thinking of it differently. Maybe this is a blimp and scoring will go up and we will have monster players in the future. Im not sure. This again is my first player and I do not have enough experience to really know one way or another. Maybe I am just trying to think of a reason why my player should eventually be in the hall but honestly, I think I won't get there ever unless something crazy happens in my last two seasons. Maybe S66 will not have a rep in the hall ever. Maybe things will go back to normal with all the attempts to get TPE inflation down and in a few seasons we will go back to only a few people having crazy amounts of TPE. Who knows what the future will hold.
  5. 1. The pack. It is strong and we have each others back. 2. Lots of practice and drills. I need to do what ever I can to stay at the top of my game. 3. I think they are great. But Im a little biased. 4. Probably my line-mates need to stay on the same wave length with them. 5. Staying in shape. 6. Well I think all of those options need more people on a much larger scale but each are cool but if we needed it i think another division would be cool. more ways for people to play and get ice time. but VHLM should do that.
  6. @gorlab Deserves all the love he is getting lately. But I will try my hardest to know you off the top for next seasons top 25. Gl Jet hope your career continues to be great.
  7. F - George Washington D - Hulk Hogan @GustavMattias
  8. Done Fantasy Hockey, San Joses Sharks, & Hockey Question Mark
  9. D - Micheal Gary Scott G - Rayz Funk @GustavMattias
  10. There are things that we can control and then there is everything else. During my time in the league, I have seen a decent amount and want to help a lot of people. Unfortunately any time you make a plan something comes and ruins it. According to the brilliant r Dr. Ian Malcolm... 'life, uh… finds a way.' Truer words have never been spoken that when you try and do something life finds a way to throw a wrench into that. On the Ice my career has been good but not great. My team has won one cup but has fallen many more times then we have been close to the cup. I personally have won a single individual trophy but when you look at it, it was one of the rare times that the scoring trophy has been given out to such a low number. I cannot control what happens when we hit the ice but I have done everything in my power to be as prepared to hit the ice as I can. Hopefully I get some last good seasons out there but Honestly I just hope that I don't end my career worse than it started.
  11. 4. I think we did well. we got some steals who will help later down the road when more of our players start getting old. 5. Who knows anymore. I think the leadership team is great but I think as long as we stay together it doesn't matter who the Captain is. 6. I like my line mates. The same ones as before. 7. I hope so we only have so much more time before i get too old to play with all these young guys. 8. The best wolf of all time. 9. I didn't travel at all listening to the CDC on that one.