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  1. New Presser! 1. How are you getting along with your line mates? 2. Where do you see us going this season? 3. Favorites Teammate in the wolf pack? 4. Favorite team to play against. 5. Which Player on a different team do you just love to score against? 6. Who has been your favorite rival this season? 7. How have you been progressing toward your goal? 8. Which team do you think is drop off before the season ends. 9. What is your pre-game meal? 10. Any pre-game rituals?
  2. Shane Mars why do you always have to make me look bad. Even in a game where I get a goal you just have to play a beast and get 2 goals and an assist.
  3. Jet Jaguar. I thought we were friends you didn't have to do my team and me dirty like this. On a personal note, I was bad.
  4. As long as I can get past him in points He could be as good of a defensive forward as he can.
  5. Guidelines would help. If I'm being honest since some people don't like my opinion on it since some say all I did was spam. The problem that I see is that some people will dislike it when anyone comments on every game thread. I don't know how to respond to that honestly but guidelines might help. I personally like that the lottery is tied to game threads since game threads are more active, but if we were to tweak it I would not be upset. I could be wrong but something like this might help.
  6. Rayz Funk + 2 Bjorn Scoringsonn + 12 Hulk Hogan + 6 Phil Marleau + 4 Boone Jenton + 10 Aston Martin + 12 Vladimir Pavlov + 26 Micheal Gary Scott + 4 Acyd Burn + 20 Greg Eagles + 10 Dan Gles + 2 Scott Greene + 28 Michael Johnson + 6 Lincoln Tate + 12 Brandon LeBlanc + 10 Derek England + 38 Tormund Giantsbane + 8 Trevor Van Lagen + 23 Henrik Zoiderberg + 10 Koda Adok + 16 Scotty BigShotty + 10 RJ Lloris + 10 Xander Hawley + 8 Alex Pearson + 10 Berocka Sundqvist + 4 Jacob Rogers + 10 Flash Lightning + 6 Pierre Persson + 10 Ryszard Franciszek + 8 Anthony Hawk + 2 Kenji Hachimura + 2 Hugh Chan + 4 Danny DeYeeto + 2 Zeno Miniti + 2 Brendan Plunkett + 6 Emir Hawley + 10 Guy LeGrande + 15 Nick Kirkpatrick + 6 Colin Conklin + 6
  7. Welcome to the league! How did you hear about us? You should check out our discord server it's super active and if you have any questions or anything you can ask them there! If you got any questions let me know!
  8. That is not a happy result for the wolf pack. I wish we were playing better. maybe if i wasn't in a slump we could get more points.
  9. That is a decent win for our power play.
  10. Tough lose but great to see one of my former teammates doing so well. Wish I could be playing better but hey what can you say Its still my rookie year and it could be worse.
  11. Close game even with our back up in net. Good fight wolves we will live to fight another day.
  12. Great win by the wolf pack. Great team to play with, and I'm glad to be a member of and games like this where we help each other when others are down is a great thing.
  13. Wow Shane Mars why do you have to play some of your best games against me. I will have my revenge eventually.
  14. All I can say is my linemates are great and I am just along for the ride. Hopefully soon I will be able to pull my weight more and help when they need me.
  15. Julius Finally does something but its too little too late in the game.