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  1. 1. do you hope to play your whole career in Moscow? As long as the league isn't going to a few specific places my answer would be yes 2. Your fav place in Moscow? The Metro Stations I like all of them I couldn't pick one if I had to. 3. Have you ever been in Moscow irl? Yes 4. Which Moscow LR is more active - forum or discord? The forum 5. How's GM? Victor is fantastic and has been a great help 6. In how many seasons Moscow could begin to compete? I would say 3
  2. Today we have the opportunity to ask Mark Gebauer, the center of the Moscow Menace, a few questions. First of all I want to know Mark this is your second year in the big league do you think you are developing at a good pace or do you feel like you are lacking behind your former draft class peers? "Well, so far I think I am doing quite well. If you consider that I am part of an expansion team, which also is last in the league, the stats that I have personally look quite good. I am 17th in points and 12th in goals this season. There are many other players with better records but you have to see that on my team all the players are still growing, but dont get me wrong I am happy about that because its a great experience to have a whole core grow together, it makes everything easier in terms of chemistry if you have been playing together since your rookie days." You have often expressed your happiness about being part of the Moscow Menace could you give us a few reasons why? "Well there are many, but first off all, I want to say I only heard good things about all the teams in the league and they all are great but when I saw the league was expanding to Moscow I just knew I had to be there and so far I have not regretted it. The city is great and this team is terrific from the front office to the 4th line everyone seems to be happy and all this despite being last place in the league. I think this expansion has been great and Moscow will become a great team in the future." You have started to do the Faceoffs for your team how do you feel about that? "Besides the fact that I am not that great at it its a lot of fun. It is like a game in a game and you can practice it in your downtime so it doesn't take a lot away from my other focuses. I will put some more time in it and try to become better at it but at the moment it is not my biggest concern, other things are more important." You mentioned other more important things, what do you think your game is missing? "Well when I started in the Minors I was good at Puckhandling and Skating but I kinda neglected that to become a more well rounded player in terms of defence and a better shot. I think I will try and return to my old ways and improve those two facets of my game sooner rather than later." Who do you look up to in the league? "Well to be honest I didn't have so much time to find an idol yet and since I am in Moscow there are no real veterans on my team so I would have to say there is no player that i look up to in particular of course some of the HOFs were great players but that's something different."
  3. For example if you have a skill advantage in a line you can exploit that by moving players around and creating an advantageous matchup.
  4. Since I am playing on an expansion team I can say that for me at least it is a great experience. About Rosters and their size, I think having full rosters adds a lot of flare and allows more strategies by setting lines differently etc. which would add so much to this league which I am honestly missing at the moment.
  5. -How is moscow so far? "Its fantastic I am feeling at home and I have been able to give a lot to the team" -Do you think you will continue imrpoving? "yes my numbers will go up I am working on my game a lot" -What are you focusing on? "Scoring and Skating are my main points right now -How is the VHL compared to the VHML "Its a lot tougher but its also a lot of fun" -Any advice for new players? "Work on your defence don't be lazy" -Anything else you would like us to tell? "Thanks to my team they are helping me a lot with my game"
  6. 4th line is doing powemoves only @Victor
  7. If you walk into a Japanese store in Tokyo you would probably speak English right?
  8. "Well I am more than happy with my performance until now, I have been able to get points on the board in all our games so far and have even been able to score 5 goals in 7 games. I think this is quite good and I have the feeling I am really helping my team. Sadly we have only been able to win 2 games so far but that was to be expected and on top of that I was able to score the winning goal in one of them which was a great feeling for me. I really value my team and the player around me most of them are still developing just like me and the everyone is working hard but at the same time everyone is nice and supportive. I am really happy here in Moscow and I am looking forward to be part of a developing team. I think with time we will be able to win more and more games and we just need to remain patient and dedicated until the right time comes and i have the feeling this is going to be sooner rather than later but we are not in a rush a all."
  9. 1) The draft is over, the signings have settled down, and the VHLM is just about ready to get things started. Who do you think is the favorite, going into this season? Saskatooooooooon 2) With teams filling up this quickly, further expansion of the VHLM might be a potential talking point. Where would you put another minors team? I would like to see some more Canadian teams or maybe something fun like Rio or Venice 3) The offseason's ending- what's your player's plan to get back in shape for game 1? Exercise? 4) Do you/your player have any preseason superstitions to help boost their performance? I always step onto the field with my right foot 5) Now that you've had time to get used to your team, who's been your favourite teammate thus far? Kyson Blake 6) If the commissioners/GMs could do one thing to make your VHLM experience more fun, what would it be? More TPE