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  1. "I try to spend my offseason according to my schedule. I worked with our coaches and our GM and we came up with a plan that makes sure I can relax for a while but still return to the game with the necessary speed. Some players like to take vacations or just don't practice at all I dont do that I try to keep putting in the same amount of hours but lowering the intensity and replacing some of my less beloved exercises with the ones I enjoy more. For example, instead of skating rounds and rounds I go to a rink and play pick up with some of the guys from the team. I especially enjoy to take some of the younger players along with me as they otherwise often tend to just sit at home and not do anything. This allows me to stay in shape and return to my form quickly while also minimizing the risk of injury and to be honest, I think ill never get tired of hockey so burn out is not a problem that I will be facing any time soon. Last season was a bit of a slump for me and I hope to return stronger than ever and my offseason is gonna play a huge role in that."
  2. 1. Sad News Everyone! Moscow has officially been eliminated from the playoffs today. Would you rather tank or play for pride? I don't mind, either way, we will have a bright future ahead of us. 2. We were the third team to be eliminated beating Seattle and rival Malmo. What are your feelings toward this accomplishment? I am happy we were eliminated after Malmö but its nothing to write home about. 3. Some players have younger friends and often try to persuade the GM to draft their friends. Is there somebody you know that you have your eye on as draft day looms? No not really our GM has shown to that he is more than capable to make excellent picks and I trust him. 4. If you could take one player from rival Malmo who would you take? I dont want any of them they all suck 5. What are your plans for the offseason? I want to work on my defense as I feel I dont contribute enough to this teams success but I don't see much room to improve when it comes to offense. 6. There are six games remaining this season. What do you hope to accomplish in that time? I got to 70 points tying Dahlberg which was important to me.
  3. Q: "At the beginning of the season you mentioned that you were hoping to crack the 100 points but you have missed that goal and have so far only been able to accumulate 61 points in 62 games. It seems like your production has decreased when compared to your previous season how do you feel about that?" M: "I would not see it that way as opposed to last season our team has been able to win quite a lot more games. In some power rankings we are even 6th and our offense, which I am part of, is looking quite good. We have a lot of work left ahead of us especially defensively but our goal was 20 wins and we have already achieved that goal so I am more than happy." Q: "Last season you have made a name for yourself as one of the best scorers in the league and you announced to be working on your shot during the offseason. Now after 62 games and 245 Shots you have only scored 8.16% of them do you think your shot is messed up?" M: "I don't think so I have confidence in my coaches and I think I am just being a bit unlucky at the moment."
  4. 1. Moscow has fallen to last in the standings. Is there reasons for hope or is the season lost already? I think the success of this season should be measured more by what we achieve in the next. 2. Who has stood out as the best player on this team? Depends who you ask but purely stat wise it must be Jet Jaguar 3. Is there someone who's level of play has surprised you? Jet Jaguar has performed much better than I think anyone could have anticipated 4. Every team has a rival. Who would you consider to be Moscow's rival? As far as I am aware it is malmö since they are also an expansion team. 5. If you were given the opportunity to redesign the Moscow Menace jerseys would you do it and what would your design be? No I think I would not I really like the name of the team and the colour scheme so there is not really anything i can change. 6. If you were to choose one area where the Menace needs to improve, what would it be? I think defense is something that we will have to work on in the future
  5. I will throw my name into the hat too. Good luck to everyone!
  6. 1. We are currently two points from the new expansion team and rival Malmo, Would it be better to tank for a higher pick or fight for pride? I am a fan of high draft picks and it is the reasonable thing to do. 2. When our season started, the team goal was to win 10 games. Are you excited we've nearly doubled that total? Yes we seem to be improving faster than expected 3. Would you rather win a game 6-5 or 2-0 and why? 2-0 because I have a heart for goalies. 4. How do you celebrate after a win? I sleep in the next day as a reward 5. What has been the most surprising win we've had this season in your eyes? We had a couple of games were we suddenly won like 5:1 or something like that so I would pick one of those 6. What are your expectations for next season? I hope we crack 25 wins next season
  7. 1. If you had the opportunity to change positions from/to F,D or G, Would you? One day I might make a defender but Forwards are the most fun for me. 2. Moscow Menace want to create a mascot! How would you design our mascot? What would its name be? A tracksuit wearing Bear named Igor or Boris. Please. 3. Since Moscow will not sniff the playoffs, is there a team you're supporting on their quest for the cup? Nope I don't care much about teams that I don't play for 4. We are 8 points from hated rival Malmo! DO YOU HATE MALMO ENOUGH TO WIN OUT OF SPITE?! In reality, what are you doing to win and get motivated? I get into my zone, music and some other things help, but ever since I play on a competitive level I have been too nervous to develop a routine. (can't throw you off if you have no routine) But what motivates me most is winning so yeah not much motivation needed. 5. For those who have just been reading the box score, Moscow has taken a lot of penalties this season. What are some penalties you've seen the team taking and what do you like to do in the penalty box? Blast some Hardbass and check how many new fans I have on VK 6. Why do you think Moscow is such a bipolar team, leading in both goals for and against? I don't know we don't even have Elias Dahlberg on the roster 7. Does Owen May suck? No, he is developing and that is the only thing that counts