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  1. Sova

    Semi-Live S64 VHLM Draft Rankings

    I am still kinda hoping the Ottawa prospect end up together it would make for an awesome storyline in my eyes.
  2. Sova

    Picking a WJC team to cheer for

    Also its the dark horse coming out of nowhere rewarding its fans with premium hockey content server by none other than Piotr Jerwa and friends, soooo if good hockey with nice storylines makes you angry then don't follow team world. In all seriousness though all the teams this WJC are great to root for in my opinion.
  3. Team world has been having a decent run so far in the world cup junior but they were heading into their game against the USA with limited hopes. Nathan N quickly made the hearts of any team world fan beat a bit quicker by giving them a 1:0 advantage after just four minutes, but this lasted only for so long as USA was able to convert a power play to tie the game and the teams left the ice with the game being tied. Team World and USA were battling each other to take the lead in the second period and Team world was able to edge out the lead when Piotr Jerwa sends the puck flying into the net of Team USA and allowed team World to head into the locker room with high hopes. Team USA was now forced to try everything to score and tie the game but Nathan N was able to capitalize on the empty net and scored the last goal of the season making the win perfect for team world. Piotr Jerwa has been having a great tournament being 3rd in goals scored and 5th in total points and he might be leading team world to a miracle run that no one saw coming.
  4. Sova

    Ottawas Developement

    After winning the championship last year Ottawa new they had to rely on their new recruits since many of their former star players got called up to the majors and this shows in the standings with Ottawa being second last in the league with only twentytwo wins. On the other side of the same coin, this also promises Ottawa a great future since many of their prospects have been developing at a great pace and have been starting to make some noise in the VHML. First of course is Elias Dahlberg who is playing out of his mind topping the league in scoring and one of the players with the most assists. Elias sure is one of the brightest stars the VHML has to offer at the moment and he is a substantial reason for Ottawas hopes. Finn Davidson is also shaping up to become a future top goalie and has been steadily working on his fundamentals. The two centres Chance Mathews and Mark Gebauer are also cornerstones of the Ottawa offence and if they pick up the pace to match Elias Dahlberg then maybe Ottawa might suddenly become a force to be reckoned with.
  5. Sova

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1) I posted up the first Mock Draft for the Season 64 Draft, of the players who were not predicted to be selected in the first two rounds, which player do you think has the most chance of moving up into being selected in the top two rounds when the next Mock Draft is done? Pat Svoba has what it takes to be a surprisingly early pick. 2) The TPE milestone required to automatically be promoted to the VHL for the following season is 200 TPE. i) (If you're below 200 TPE) How long do you think it will take you to reach that milestone? I think it will take me around one more season 3) The World Juniors rosters were announced last week, which team do you think will be the favourite to win the tournament? Europe because there is a lot of talent and I enjoy to root for the underdog 4) We're getting close to the week of the Mid-Season PT week, where if you submit a PT that fits the theme, you will earn substantially more TPE. Last season's theme was covering other members players, what theme would you like to see for this seasons PT? I think something funny like trash talk or articles that bring some storylines between members to light etc. would be nice 5) From your time in the league, if you could give any advice to a new member entering the league, what would it be? Dont enter a day after the draft. 6) We have a one off VHL All-Star game every season that uses the NHL series as a sim engine and is live-streamed. Would you be interested in seeing a similar game done for the VHLM and what do you think your chances would be of making a VHLM All-Star roster? I would love to see something like this for the VHLM and I think gebauers chances would be quite high because of his TPE and Goals scored.
  6. Sova

    VHL Predict the score (S63W4)

    3-1 Calgary
  7. Sova

    VHL Pickem (S63W4)

    144 Quebec City Meute 145 Toronto Legion  146 Calgary Wranglers 147 Helsinki Titans
  8. Sova

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1) I'll be doing my first Mock Draft for the Season 64 Draft this coming week. Based on the VHL season so far, which team do you think will hold the first overall pick in that draft? The New York Americans 2) There's been a lot of VHLM trades happening recently, are you surprised by how many trades there have been this early in the season? Its my first season so i cant really compare it to anything else. 3) About a third of the way through the season, who would you say has been the VHLM's MVP? Elias Dahlberg 4) Which other VHLM player would you consider to be your closest rival? Elias Dahlberg but in a nice friendly way since I wish I was out scoring him at least. 5) Play the role of GM of your team, who is the one player on another VHLM franchise that you try to bring in? Brick Wahl, I think Ottawa could use a prospect goalie and I think Brick is just an awesome player. 6) How do you feel about your current TPE levels? Pretty good could be 72 points higher though
  9. Sova

    MacKinnon [1/2]

    Review: The composition in this Graphic is great with the stick of the player underlining the letters. Also, the choice to use two different choices is paying off in this graphic because it makes this whole thing look even better. The background is the perfect finishing touch being simple while still being nice to look at all in all this is a great graphic.
  10. Sova

    Kastelic graphic [1/2]

    Review: Slightly different still a great graphic. I like the simpler background you chose allowing the player and the letters to pop more. The font is really nice and a great fit for this kind of graphic.