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  1. Mark Gebauer - F Dan Baillie - D @rjfryman
  2. 1. With a new season comes hope! What are your expectations for the 66th season of the VHL. I hope for some close games when the playoffs come around. 2. What is a personal goal you'd like to achieve this year? I really want to reach 100 points but I doubt this is going to be the season 3. What is a team goal you'd like to see the boys accomplish? I hope we can make it past 10 wins that would be a step in the right direction. 4. Share an experience you've had with the folks from Moscow, what are some similarities and differences? I speak some Russian and have been there a couple of times and the parties were always fantastic. 5. If your new to the team, what excited you the most when you were drafted/traded or signed to Moscow? If you're not new, is there someone who's new to the squad you're interested in playing with? We got a lot of great new players recently I am looking forward to be sharing the ice with any of them. 6. If you could pick a goal song for the Menace, what would it be and why? Rasputin from Boney M. 100%
  3. G - Tristan Iseult F- Elias Dahlberg @rjfryman
  4. Robert Malenko - D Sebastian Ironside -F @rjfryman
  5. 1. What is more important to you your team or personal success 2. What NHL player would you be most similar too? 3. Does your player have any rituals or superstitions? 4. What is your personal goal for the coming season? 5. Do you have a favourite VHL Team? 6. Who is your favourite teammate? 7. What is a strength of your game? 8. What will you try to work on? 9. Do you think you'll win a cup? 10. If you were not a Center what would you play?
  6. I think it would be fun and I was really hyped when I actually saw my player score in the all star game
  7. Any thoughts on the VHL Expansion? Nope I don't I rather focus on my player and the vhl once I am back in the vhlm I might play for one of them.What trips do you have planned in the offseason? I want to go to St. Petersburg and HelsinkiDoes your player have any pregame routines? Drink some water its important to stay hydrated.
  8. 1. How is your time in the league so far? 2. Are you looking forward to the VHL? 3. Any favorite players? 4. What Nhl player is your player like? 5. Championship win or all star?