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  1. Much rejoicing for having a jailor
  2. A fellow Islanders fan and fellow player named Xavier? I had to post, welcome to the community
  3. Maybe accidentally blunder a few pieces to me the next time we play chess too
  4. This isn't Lamb's FA spot this is mine!
  5. Days after his team's heartbreaking loss Continental Cup finals loss, Xavier leFlamant plans on exploring all of his options in regards to where he will end up next season.* Due to strict tampering procedures in the league, X hasn't been in contact with any team other than his current one, where the door is still being left open for a new contract. He's looking for a shorter term deal of 1-2 years to really see if he has the ability to take the next step. X was able to set career highs across the board with the Dragons this season, and has definitely been able to prove the doubters wrong, movi
  6. Let's go! Time for DC's shot at the cup
  7. Well this would sure be a waste of a bullet..... and your game .... I'd advise against shooting TI with a vig
  8. Ty for voting off of me, who should I invest tonight then @JorgTheGoat03?
  9. Does my N3 even matter at this point? I copied the wrong night's will. N3: Flex: Sheriff, Executioner, or Werewolf.
  10. So here's my lame invest results, nothing good lol N1: Jorg Spy, Blackmailer, or Jailor. N2: BigAl Escort, Transporter, Consort, or Hypnotist.
  11. I want to CC as TI but I think this is easy enough to VOTE JIGGLY