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  1. Is this tampering --edit to mention that X was an aging 3rd round pick and definitely not a super prospect
  2. 1. I think we started with an 8 or 9/10 and then slowed down to a 6 or so, which is pretty normal 2. Oh man, you're really putting us on the spot here... How about Luke Thornton? Best forward on the worst team in the NA conference should always be in trade conversations, right? 3. I think that Boston definitely paid a little less than I expected for them, and of course this keeps the "other Anders" Bjokr in the East. 4. THE NEW YORK ISLANDERS BABYYYYYYYYYY Palmieri, Zajac, & Coburn for depth and fun? Legggo stanley! 5. I think we should name the kitten Parker, because i
  3. 1. I do think Taylor Hall will be traded, but I have no idea where. He's not going to the Leafs though, that would be nuts 2. Yes unfortunately, I let the chocolate get the best of me and have been doing cardio all week lol 3. Call it recency bias, but cadbery cream eggs are great 4. I think rowing is probably against the current 5. St. Bernard which is a great winter dog mascot and then name it Peter, for alliteration 6. Rocket League is my game, or at least the one i play the most
  4. 1. I think we have a good group of guys who really fit well together. We obviously aren't top in TPE, but I think we're top in heart! 2. Well, if you've ever had a bottle of water that was actually vodka, you might know where I'm going with this, but if not, you'll learn one day 3. I remember Taco Bell buying the liberty bell, that was pretty good.... live mas! 4. I've bought easter chocolate twice this week and I don't celebrate Easter lol 5. I think we should prank the captain Landry, but don't let him know I told ya 6. Fishy looks more orange than gold, but the dete
  5. Vote Lefty Have any requests for my sheriffin’ tonight! Deputy Barzy ready and able !
  6. I think in a game without a jailor (I think Eagles is likely jester play or some sort of coven/mafia) having everyone reveal only works if there’s some solid town coming out in groups, which I hadn’t seen yet
  7. Hey so I’m sheriff and I’ve only found inno so far N1: omg N2: Ptyrell which is ironic, I’m more than happy to prove tonight
  8. Eagles vs. OMG Squid vs. Whale Toronto vs. Themselves tale as old as time
  9. I didn't vote him if you go back and check, I just want my $13
  10. If I had a dollar for every fake role claim Eagles made on day 1, I'd have like $17 and this is ToS 18 lol, but I'm sure AS ALWAYS he has a good reason
  11. Livin’ in a Wawa Paradise