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  1. BarzalGoat

    GM 189: Helsinki Titans vs. HC Davos Dynamo

    That's assist #30!
  2. BarzalGoat

    GM 143: Saskatoon Wild vs. Yukon Rush

    20G for Bailey 40A for Zabby 1 Happy GM
  3. BarzalGoat

    GM 126: Ottawa Lynx vs. Yukon Rush

    Can't decide whether I'm more excited about @Kisshan having a 2nd period hatty, or only allowing 8 shots all game
  4. BarzalGoat

    GM 129: Yukon Rush vs. Ottawa Lynx

    I disagree with the results of this game
  5. BarzalGoat

    GM 132: Oslo Storm vs. Yukon Rush

    This is how the game was meant to be played, take notes
  6. BarzalGoat

    Helsinki On the Road

    It's called hazing, look it up
  7. BarzalGoat

    GM 121: Yukon Rush vs. Oslo Storm

    Like this if you know the real Olso
  8. BarzalGoat

    GM 118: Las Vegas Aces vs. Yukon Rush

    Very nice !
  9. BarzalGoat

    GM 151: Calgary Wranglers vs. Helsinki Titans

    Nice game
  10. BarzalGoat

    GM 115: Yukon Rush vs. Oslo Storm

    Nice little game for Kronos, sucks we couldn't pull out the full 3 points here though
  11. BarzalGoat

    GM 112: Oslo Storm vs. Yukon Rush

    Good to see the reserves win us a game out there...