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  1. 1. I tried saying this last year but no one got on board. Two words, RAIN DANCE 2. Clearly not hard enough, but if we keep sliding, I might start working on my beer pong instead 3. Why can't we beat them, we are older and wiser, that means we should be beating them. Those are my thoughts. 4. Honestly, no but i can be surprised if we manage to turn it around in the next week or two. 5. CHINESE food, like no joke i just got back to nyc and got my favorite general tso's combo sunday night and it was delightful 6. to score more goals, duh
  2. @Spartan who am I voting for ?? Why would we vote ferk who is part of the suicide pact
  3. See y’all in the dead chat tomorrow
  4. Lol oops I knew that I should’ve corrected you ....
  5. Group suicide pact is such a fun twist to finding the TT
  6. They attacked me and nyko healed
  7. We could have 5 people visit you, lynch probably devise, don’t let jailor exe and then lynch you and jailor exe omg ... unless someone doesn’t visit you and we can safely lynch then
  8. Ferk - tracker Devise - Medium Barzal - lookout eagles - doctor nyko - doctor omg - survivor rj - vet spartan - jailor z16 - sheriff
  9. G - Jaxx Hextail skipping @Jbeezy76 who can take their last player whenever @PatrikLaine you’re up