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  1. @Bushito I'm kind of busy right now and I don't want to even pretend to know jack shit about VHL so I'm just gonna take a team of all back-end players for Calgary and rep the squad. Auto draft me from the bottom of Calgary's lineup--either that or I'll just take the bottom team in the league
  2. Guessing I only get 1 for this now... VHL (no M) +1
  3. It's no problem, totally understand. Happy to stick with @AndrewWarren13 and hopefully we can form a line together in Calgary, although our playing time may be slim for a bit
  4. No doubt we will #Calgary4Ever
  5. This was agreed to pre-game 7, right? @Bushito when can we expect our practice squad rings? lol
  6. The only German hockey player in the league?! We need to change that!
  7. Karl von Moltke Forward Points Assists