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  1. 58. Can you believe we've asked another 60+ PC questions this year? I'm a stallion season after season, hey? Wow great job boss man. I can't believe another season is in the books. Uhtred doesn't have that many left. 59. What are your thoughts on @TXC returning to the league? It's great news and hope we are teammates again one day 61. The World Juniors for the VHL are coming up. Who are you rooting for and why? Europe since uhtred is an alumni. 62. What are your thoughts on the Bears season? It was shit, we should ha
  2. 47. What are your quarantine plans for Christmas? Had a small dinner with the in-laws. Only did one gathering and much smaller due to focus. 48. What do you want for Christmas? Money and some form of alcohol and i ended up getting both 49. What did you get someone for Christmas? Got my wife some bath relaxation supplies so she can unwind from dealing with work and our baby. 50. What are some things you like about Christmas? The food and spending time with family which didn't really happen this year with covid. Also
  3. @fishy is the ranking correct for group 21? The point totals don't match the ranking
  4. 35. Your player was recently in the news. What for? Probably for archaeologist finding some ancient artifacts from his lands in bebbanburg. There's alot of important moments back in the middle ages. 36. What's something you're looking forward to? I am looking forward to Christmas eventhough it will be very different this year. At least the office is still closed so will enjoy that time off. 37. 2020 has had it's challenges. What are some good things that have happened for you? The birth of my son. Most people hate 2020 but he make
  5. Uhtred is now creeping up on a career point per game pace. As of today's uhtred has 338 points in 340 games which puts him just 2 points shy of a point per game. Uhtred can reach that mark if he has a couple few multii point games in the near future. With 67 points in 52 games uhtred has been scoring 1.29 points per game. If uhtred maintains that scoring pace he should expect to see his career points per game hit 1 in about 8 games. That said he could do it in the next two games by scoring 4 points. With such a strong forward group in Seattle this season uhtred point totals are off his
  6. Thanks @Banackock for the donation but I still wanted to make a donation. In the spirit of giving if anyone wants to use this for the donation let me know and will edit this post. claiming 2 uncapped tpe full free week raffle tickets
  7. 26. Have you bought any Christmas presents yet? If so, what are some? Yes, well my wife got gifts for our niece and nephew. Still need to get something for my wife. Open to suggestions 27. What are your thoughts on your players play so far this season? He's playing about as well as expected. Was hoping to be in the top 10 in scoring and so far so good 28. Why did the Bears cool down? Because to win a Cup we apparently need to have a slow period. In the past they would be the beginning of the season but now it's mid season
  8. 7. @gregreg was traded to Toronto. When he got there he did the most Canadian thing ever. What did he do? As its the holidays now he went to Swiss chalet for dinner to get the festive special with a poutine while drinking a Canadian (horrible beer but on theme). He hit up Tim Hortons for a double double on the way home and then grabbed donuts at San Remo bakery, the best donuts in the city. 9. What is something that makes you happy? When the bears win games and cups. Uhtred playing well is great but the W's are what matters 10. What is something you