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    Helsinki Titans Press Conference

    1) Try to get things done at the beginning of the month, but usually have like one last minute gift. 2) The players have a limited career and should use their leverage for the best deal. I dont get why the Nylander deal took so long, was what was expected 6.5-7. 3) I;d give a gift to Pepper for all the wins he stole for us. I dont have any VHL player to give coal to but if Tom Wilson were a VHLer he'd definitely get it. 4) Public Transit so I can be like whoever it was on the Capitals that took the subway to the Cup Finals game. 5) Tequila by Dan and Shay. My wife and bridesmaids kept signing it at our wedding in October and they keep snap chatting each other singing it so its stuck on repeat in my head. 6) Mesh Highback Desk Chair
  2. leafsman

    Helsinki Titans Press Conference

    1) Plan on working on strength and the Defense 2) 200 Assists 3) I will go with Soccer with football as a close second. I'm going with soccer as I'm a Toronto FC season ticket holder and love going to games. 4) I've tried a bunch of food from different cultures so Id say Morrocan as it seems like a cuisine i'd like. 5) Dont play it until after remembrance day in Canada. 6) The Last Kingdom, which takes place in England during the Viking era. I love reading historical fiction and this series is based on my favourite series.
  3. leafsman

    Helsinki Titans Press Conference

    1) Riga Reign, Hope they do as a former member I wish them the best. 2) Gabriel Mcallister is having a dominant season , should win the socring title with his lead and has a great shot at the goals title. 3) Riga, again hope they do well. 4) Kind off, bought a TV a couple weeks ago and its now on sale even more. Best Buy said they will match any price adjustments until January. 5) Havent looked into the roster much but go Ubuyalot 6) Since Riga will win the Championship, It will be Podrick Cast who gets it done for them.
  4. Ubuyalot Games is one of the teams who will be competing in the upcoming Sponsor Shield Tournament and here is a quick look at the roster Forwards Ubuyalot Games roster which is quite thin up front in terms of depth at this time. The team has signed just 7 forwards to go along with 5 defenseman and 2 Goalies. The team will be looking to round out the roster soon. The teams top endorsement of $3 million slot went to Jasper Canmore who is having a great season and is second in the VHL in scoring. Ubuyalot will be hoping that high quality forwards will make up for the lack of depth up front currently. The biggest bargain in the Sponsors shield is leading scorer forward Gabriel McAllister of seattle who has graciously taken a zero dollar endorsement to lead Ubuyalot. McAllister currently has a 13 point lead in the scoring title over Canmore and is also leading the league in goals by 1. The third member of the top line is expected to be Edwin Preencarnacion. Edwin is currently 4th in the league in goals and 9th in scoring. Ubuyalot’s top line on paper is a dominant force. You have the league's top two scorers who will make it difficult for the opponents to shut down. Defense Ubuyalot’s top pairing on D is expected to be Mats Johnsson and Luc-Pierre Lespineau-Lebrunette although Jacob Smith is having a better season than Lespineau-Lebrunette and that recent form may elevate him to the top pairing. Whichever Dman is not on the top pairing will most likely be paired with the giant Lew Bronstein. Bronstein is a towering 6’8 and will provide an intimidating presence on the blue line. The final defenseman on the roster is rookie Paolo Nano. Nano is coming off an excellent performance with Team Europe in the World Junior Tourney and will be looking to take that form into the Sponsors Shield Tournament. Nano was traded from Riga to Helsinki earlier in the VHL season and that has lead to an increased role. Nano is now playing on the top pairing and that has allowed him to gain confidence to put up a first team all star performance in the WJC. Nano will look to build upon that success with Ubualot. As Nano will likely be the teams 5th defenseman, he will likely see a significant drop in Ice time from Helsinki. Goalies Norris Stopko from the Calgary Wranglers will be manning the pipes for Ubuyalot. He will be taking a 916 save percentage to go along with a 2.3 GAA into the tournament. Hes an experienced veteran playing in his seventh season. Ubuyalot will lean on that experience to provide a brick wall in the crease to mitigate any issues with the forward depth. He will be backed up by Brick Wahl who ranks 4th in the VHLM in save percentage. Outlook Ubuyalot looks to have an excellent top line that will be very difficult for opposing teams to handle. The lack of depth upfront currently on the team may be its achilles heel. The second forward line only has one VHL player in it and will likely struggle to score. The defense however is where the team has some depth with all 5 Defenseman playing in the VHL this season. It will be interesting to see if the elite talent on the top line will more than makeup for the lack of depth.
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    I'd like to apply
  6. leafsman

    S63 WJC Game 2: Europe vs USA

    best game of my career points wise
  7. leafsman

    GM 126: Helsinki Titans vs. Toronto Legion

    so much for the increased ice time. Wonder if thats the first career fight