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  1. 1) What is your favorite holiday? Without a doubt Christmas 2) Are you a coffee person, tea person, or neither? Coffee, drink Nespresso mostly. 3) Do you think it's easier to build a team via the draft or via free agency? The draft is probably best as it's cheaper and free agents may want to win so you have to build through the draft first. 4) Do you have any podcast recommendations? I don't really listen to them but my wife has been into calm down with Erin Andrews and Carissa Thompson and it's good if you're a football fan 5) Why is Helsinki the best team in the VHL? Have good group of young players and prospects from the past draft so as a rookie it will be great to grow with them. 6) Why is Helsinki the worst team in the VHL? I don't think we are the worse but the reason would be that we don't have enough experience yet but it will com
  2. He's been selected already by dollarandadream
  3. It's been over 12 hours. @Bulduray_1 pick when you can. @Telksteryou're on the clock
  4. Well, everyone's favorite AGM is sick. Would you rather be bedridden for a day and then be fine, or be kinda sick for a full week? In bed for a full day sleeping than suffering for a week. 2) What is your go-to comfort food and/or activity while you are sick? Watching something on tv and if I feel too crapy but on sports talk radio and drift in and out of sleep. 3) What is your least favorite symptom to have while sick? Post nasal drip sucks as it makes it harder to sleep and therefore harder to get better 4) Are you a board game person? What's your favorite? My favourite would be risk although rarely play that one anymore. With covid haven't played games in awhile . 5) Looking forward to the draft, Helsinki is looking pretty stacked at picks. What do you think the priorities should be? Some offense I'd say mostly and maybe another dman. We got a good goalie last year. 6) Now that there is another league (VHLE), do you think the VHL draft has more or less meaning? I don't think it's changed much just means guys will get here a season or two later than before
  5. Alessandro Nano had a great season last year as he won the first ever VHLE cup with the Vasteras Iron Eagles and silver medal at the world Juniors with Europe. "The goal is to win the cup every season and it feels amazing to have won the first ever VHLE championship. All that matters is that we won the cup but I think I had a good season. " Alessandro scored 12 goals and 53 assists which placed him 10th among defenseman. Nano is more of a physical defenseman than a scoring one so he must be happy with that. As for the physical side he lead the league in penalty minutes with a whopping 250 which was 60 higher than the next player. Nano finished fifth in hits with 303 which lead the iron Eagles. With a successful VHLE career in the rearview mirror Nano focus is now on the VHL with th Helsinki Titans. Helsinki looks to have a great future as the held the top two picks this season plus a third first rounder. Nano will be joining the titans with his iron Eagles goalie Xavier boobery. Nano hopes the two can have a successful career together with the titans.
  6. @MrMonkey has been skipped twice so now DQ. F-Taro Tsujimoto @diamond_ace
  7. @MrMonkey pick when you can. @Bulduray_1 you're up
  8. 1. @diamond_ace F - Duncan Idaho F - Asher Reinhart F - Robert Bouchard D - Artair McCloud D - Nathan Powers G - Thadius Sales 2. @leafsman (GM) F - Taro Tsujimoto F - Cabe McJake F - Druss Deathwalker D- Battre Sandstrom D- Tui Sova G- Kunibuni UnGuri 3. @telkster (late entrant) F - Aloe Dear F - Gunnar Odinsson F - Brendan Telker D - Hard Markinson D - Scotty Kaberle G - Papa Emeritus 4. @Bulduray_1 F - That Dude F - Jivere Zolnek F - Jerome Reinhart D - Reylynn Reinhart D - Robin Galante Nilsson G - Jacob Carson 5. @DollarAndADream F - Henry Tucker F - Tyler Reinhart F - Christian Mingle D - Kristof Welch D - Tom Eagles G - Artem Tretiak 6. @MubbleFubbles F - Pistil Stamen F - Phil The Rock Johnson F - Dominic Gobeil D - Aurelien Moreau D - Zeedayno Chara G - Rara Rasputin
  9. I'm in and can manage again
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