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    Julian Borwinn (8th overall selection VHLM S62)

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  1. Jubo07

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    2) We've also re-launched the VHL's Twitter account, and you can get 3 TPE for following the account and retweeting the recruitment tweet. Which social media platform do you think VHL should cover next? Instagram 5) Speaking of the 21st, they revealed their logo yesterday, what do you think of it? Glad to see they finally have a logo. Sorta resembles something you would see in the ECHL. Nothing that pops out at you on paper but certainly a clean, well detailed logo. 6) Finally, I'll be doing another Mock Draft in my weekly Draftee Rankings tomorrow, fill in the template below with who you think will go where in the first four picks! 1 (Helsinki Titans) - Julian Borwinn 2 (New York Americans) - Ryan Kastelic 3 (Toronto Legion) - Scott Shawinganen 4 (Riga Reign) - Joseph McWolf
  2. Jubo07

    TPE: Post on other websites

    Locanto - Nova Scotia
  3. Jubo07

    Jubo07’s Recruits

    Scott Shawinganen @Cornflakers reached 200 TPE +10 TPE Julian Borwinn
  4. Jubo07

    S62 VHLM Achievement Tracker

    Julian Borwinn Forward +\- rating Points
  5. Jubo07

    VHL Predict the score (S62W6)

    Bears 3-1
  6. Jubo07

    VHL Pickem (S62W6)

    Bears, Dynamo, Reign, Wranglers
  7. Jubo07

    LW - William Karlsson (YUK)

    Honestly it comes down to what the expanation is for the following rule in the recruitment thread. “Account creation spamming (aka creating multiple accounts or getting your co-workers to do so will result in recruiting bans)” The VHLM isn’t perfect of course and new recriuits should have an instant taste of league play so they have a greater likelyhood of staying active and i terested. That being said, recruiting a bunch of buddies all at once causes a problem and creates scenarios of persuasion for players to sign all with the same club. Last place or not it’s not ideal even if its just for part of a season.
  8. Jubo07

    RW - SK Thirumala (YUK)

    You could start right away completing point tasks each week and earning TPE to improve your player and be considered for selection in a higher round. Every new-comer starts with 30 TPE so you’ll have a bit of a head start on anyone new between now and then if you earn TPE.
  9. Jubo07

    C - Ryan Zabby (YUK)

    $1.5million to climb the ranks with Vegas. We are gearing up for a deep playoff run.
  10. Jubo07

    Jubo07’s Recruits

    @joeyboucher1 forgot to add you to my recruitment thread. Reply here confirming that I recruited you. Thanks!
  11. Jubo07

    LW - Jack Lockwood (LVA)

    $1.5million to play for Las Vegas and climb our ranks. We’re gearing up for a deep playoff run.