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  1. I feel like George Costanza after eating a slice of mango
  2. 1) Once again, the Titans are off to a slow start, offensively. Do you have any concerns moving forward? With little cap space and a possible need for depth there could be a reason for concern. I'm sure management will evaluate after the next 5-10 games. This team has been in win-now mode since season 64 and we do not plan to slow down. 2) How much do you enjoy being on Helsinki? Is there anything in the city, in particular, that makes you happy coming to the rink? Helsinki has become a second home. The people are very friendly. Transitioning from Canada to Finland was as seamless as I could have hoped for. 3) Have you undertaken any philanthropic endeavors in your time in the VHL? If so, what cause are you supporting? If not, what is a cause you could see yourself supporting? Borwinn has donated his time to raising funds for minor league hockey in Finland. They have an excellent program which is very apparent when viewed on the world stage at international competition. 4) What game do you have marked on your calendar, that you are most looking forward to? Why? Win 12 of the playoffs. Always the goal. 5) Have you seen any good movies lately? What would be your top recommendation? I recently re-watched "A Knights Tale". Really brings me back to my childhood. Excellent flick. R.I.P Heath Ledger. 6) If you could ask a question for the team press conference, what would it be? What was your last part time job before making it to the big leagues?
  3. Reports say Borwinn's supply of (the now defunct) Jolt Juice has depleted. His favorite flavor "Cloudy with a chance of pain" was like his side-kick on the bench. Stay tuned as he becomes familiarized with an industry standard sports drink.
  4. Excited to wear the C for this historic franchise. Several top S63 draftees continuing to represent Helsinki both on and off the ice.
  5. It would seem the Moscow Menace have finally found the goalie of their future. Since joining the VHL in season 65 the Moscow Menace have experienced a revolving door between the pipes. Chase, Roger Sterling, Justin Cole, Owen May managed a combined 78 wins in 216 games for the young franchise. Perhaps the least stellar stat is the 3.61 goals against they averaged on any given night (Keeping in mind that being a expansion team will require time and patience). In comes Raymond Bernard; a 20 year old out of the United States who had a dream start to his minor league career which lasted just the one season. Bernard achieved 41 wins in 49 appearances with the Ottawa Lynx before adding another 9 wins in 10 contests on his way to a Founder's Cup. He went into the S68 draft as a wild card among the likes of fellow net-minders Guy, Ross, Flashback and Grimaldi. Though a small sample size, the Moscow Menace appear to have hit the jackpot with Raymond Bernard. He has only appeared in two contests but boasts a 2-0-0 record with a 2.50 GAA and 0.917 save percentage. Bernard is a hard worker on and off the ice and appears to be exactly the goalie Moscow has been looking to head their future. Time will tell but I'd place a strong bet on this one. @Mr_Hatter
  6. F - Julian Borwinn F - Kronos Bailey F - Mikko Aaltonen D - Leph Twinger D - Jagger Philliefan G - Brick Wahl Team is complete @DMaximus