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  1. Its nice when STHS gives the better team a W. Can get used to this.
  2. 170 Calgary Wranglers 171 Seattle Bears 172 Riga Reign 173 Helsinki Titans
  3. 1. The Aces have dropped below Halifax in the standings. Has this gotten the team fired up to start performing better? How have you seen this on the ice? After a blistering 5-0 start to the season the talent levels among the top teams started to level out and we started to fall behind. We caught wind of teams starting to discuss trades and we decided it was in our best interest to move in and make a couple trades to bolster the lineup. 2. Some new guys have signed with the team recently, how have you worked the new guys into the chemistry and atmosphere of the team? Team chemistries will come when toying with the lines a tad here and these. Once we get our new lineup rolling we will be a winning threat every night. Our active discord provides a valuable open environment to the veteran and new members of the club to mesh together. 3. Since I asked you guys some questions last week, you've gone 6-6-0 in your last 12. How do you impact this performance and try to better the team to try and go above .500? See answer for #1. With the trades we made we are more than confident we will have a very successful remainder of the season. 4. Was the early season streak out-of-character or do you think you could get back into the winning swing of things soon? After last seasons Aces squad, the streak was no surprise to anyone. We are certainly going to get back to winning streaks and hopefully a few longer ones than just the five. 5. Have there been any huge surprises with how the season is going overall? Have there been any surprising results from any teams on the standings? We are lower in the standings than expected. Hard to really project anything against STHS. Most surprising so far has been Ottawa's rise up from the bottom of the standings. 6. Finally, what are some of your favorite things to do around town when you're not at the rink? Tossing a disc at the disc golf park or hitting the actual golf course for some traditional golf.
  4. Jubo07

    LVA/PHI: S65

    @Banackock @Beketov
  5. Jubo07

    LVA/PHI: S65

    Condition: Mutual agreement between Jubo07 and Blademaiden regarding Paddywagons season 66 status. If Paddywagon remains in the VHLM in season 66, Vegas returns him to Philly for a 5th round pick in either the season 66 or 67 draft.
  6. Jubo07

    Wild AGM.

    another recommendation and member of The Aces. He has been very active on here and Discord. Eager to learn and to gain job responsibility.
  7. Aaltonen making a quik transition with his new linemates
  8. Applying yet again for Canada. Yet I will understand if our tourney execs wish to give someone else a shot.
  9. Jubo07

    Wild AGM.

    Uphillmoss has been a very active member both here and on Discord. He has shown quik learning ability and determination to be the best member he can. Highly recommended.