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  1. Jubo07

    NHLVE Draft Hub

    8. Stockholm Vikings - C - Berocka Sundqvist 9. Stockholm Vikings - RW - Glenn Simmonds @Nykonax
  2. --> Titans Off-Season Presser 3 <-- Answer 3 for 1 TPE, 6 for 2 TPE! 1) 6-4-0 record after week 1, are you pleased with the teams start? 2) Are you happy with your players performance so far this season? 3) Erik Summers fresh off a rookie start is leading all Titans in points. Why do you believe he has been so effective thus far? 4) Which club do you most look forward to facing? 5) Which TV series did you last binge? 6) Have you picked up any new hobbies during this period of isolation? @Jbeezy76 @McLovin @Wheaties @jRuutu @Spaz @Harpskii @Garrett @okochastar @Grape @Quik @Erik Summers @cody73 @Tbeez99 @Cusemode @MMFLEX @Gscx420 @quanack @Caboose30 @ng1291 @Bob Helminen @DrHexDex @Julian Dalvao
  3. Jubo07

    NHLVE Draft Hub

    its at the top of this thread
  4. Player name: LW - Pavlik Zettersyuk Attributes to update; +20 to DF (50 to 70) +20 to SK (50 to 70) +20 to SC (50 to 70)
  5. Strong performance. @Quik and @Spaz with the shootout touch.
  6. Beat Moscow, lose to a 13 shots by Davos. Classic Simon.
  7. Tried to find the lobby for a solid 10 minutes, nothing came up
  8. 1. Helsinki Titans , Jared Spaz 1 (Erik Draven 3) at 10:43 @Spaz Congrats on your first career goal and multi-point game!
  9. @McLovin showing off his shootout prowess
  10. Fun fact; Clayton Park has a lower overall than β-SEA G
  11. Hey @st4rface It looks like you accepted your contract with Mississauga 10 hours ago which was actually after the first day of sims was completed. @Berocka I am guessing will message the commish to have you added to his lines for todays or tomorrows sims. Does not appear to be any foul committed here by your GM as you were not officially on his team when the league files were generated and ultimately when sims were made. Hopefully that clears things up. Good luck this season.