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  1. Jubo07

    Las Vegas Releases

    @Banackock @Beketov With the signing of Roll Fizzlebeef; Las Vegas releases LW Eyvindr Hallbjorn additionally, please remove Fabio Lucera from Vegas’ roster on the Index. Thank you.
  2. Jubo07

    GM 224: Toronto Legion vs. Helsinki Titans

    Borwinn 5 point game!
  3. Matches made in heaven are what all companies strive for. Leagues as rich in fan interaction as the VHL and VHLM require a dedicated group of developers to produce the best interactive in-your-living-room experience. The newly teased VHL 64 hits stores December 15th and will include a new exciting game mode; Brand Sponsorship. Select your favorite VHL associated brand and compete for hockey supremacy. UB Sports is a playable sponsorship brand in the game which hinted at a strengthened relationship with the professional and minor leagues. The VHL players association has extended UB Sports licensing rights for three additional installments. Rumors circled around the long running gaming franchise as two other large development firms were bidding for its rights. The multi-year deal was signed mid Monday afternoon. Each seasons game release will include new features and game modes allowing each and every gamer to dive deeper into the action. December 15 is just around the corner and pre-orders open tomorrow morning. As a pre-order bonus, UB Games is including a pack of five high quality hockey cards featuring your favorite professionals and promising prospects. The franchise's previous installment (VHL 63) will be available for 60% off during this weekends UB Games black Friday sale. The sale remains valid through to Sunday at 11:59pm.
  4. Jubo07

    VHL Pickem (S63W6)

    232 Riga 233 Seattle 234 Quebec 235 Toronto
  5. Jubo07

    Wahl of Gold

  6. Jubo07

    S63 Team Canada WJC - Roster

    Congrats everyone, we defended gold! Roctrion King with he huge OT winner to clinch it. Huge props to Asia and who should be the easy choice for tournament MVP; Alexander Pepper. Brick Wahl stops 21 of 22 shots in the victory. Canada remains on top of the hockey world!!! @Romaris @Cornflakers @oilmandan @Symmetrik @Quik @Peace @monkeywrench15 @LordTony @ChaceT @JohnnyT_77 @RyanZabby @Toast @joeyboucher1 @Lefty @BladeMaiden
  7. Jubo07

    S63 WJC Semi-Finals: World vs Canada

    Good show boys. Looks like Pepper stands between us and defending Gold.
  8. Jubo07

    S63 WJC Index

    Brick is a VHLM player though, who has jumped from 134 to 158 . Some players have stepped up their earning since the tourney began in order to strengthen their players potential for their nations. I kept a spreadsheet tracking my players (which I now learned was for nothing) so I could alter my lineup to reward players with more ice time. These sort of things need to be made public to players and GM's so we don't have a false sense of control/expectation. /rant
  9. Jubo07

    S63 WJC Index

    @Devise Why haven't TPE updates been pulled in since the tournament begun? For example; Brick Wahl, Dan Wilinsky, etc. have earned 20+ since the tourney even started.
  10. The season 63 World Juniors got underway earlier this week. Each nation has played their eight matches resulting in playoff seeds set in stone. With the round robin completed, let's take a look at how the nations fared; Canada was unstoppable at home but was less than stellar on the road with losses to Asia and World. Europe sees themselves as the 2nd seed winning five matches.The surprising team of the tournament; Asia, finished as the 3rd seed and will look to earn their way into the gold medal game. Playoffs The first match of the playoff round will see Team USA face Team World. USA won both matches vs Team World during the round robin stage. The winner will be rewarded with a semi-final match-up against Team Canada. The other semi-final will pit Team Europe against Team Asia. Team Europe trumped Asia in both of their matches during the round robin. From the start of the tournament the expectation was to see Canada and Europe face off for gold. However, with Canada uncharacteristically losing two matches in the round robin the picture has become unclear. Canada has seen excellent goal tending from both Weekes and Wahl; with Weekes producing stronger stats in a smaller sample size. It will be an interesting story line as to who starts in goal for the remainder of their gold medal defending run. Tournament management @Banackock @McWolf @BladeMaiden have done an excellent job ensuring the tournament was run smoothly to this point. The playoffs should be no exception as the hype will continue to be built throughout the site and on the various discord channels.
  11. Jubo07

    (S64) C - Carter Donald, TPE: 30

    @Goalieguy The Las Vegas Aces would like to acquire your services for the remainder of the season. $1.5million to start out on our 4th line with potential to move up based on your TPE earnings here on out. An offer will be sent to you through the player portal. Feel free to entertain other offers as other teams may also send offers your way.