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  1. @Hybrid1486 where art thou?
  2. Not a shot at you at all, just an observation as I have seen some comments regarding the lottery. The VHLM lottery means so little. Literally all players selected in the top two rounds (and really even round 3) will max out either early on or by midway into the season. If they fail to, that is on the GM for not creating a welcoming environment or doing their due-diligence before the draft. Sure having someone at 190 to start the season is a small advantage but at the end of the day its pretty pointless. In the off chance where you really need that #1 goalie I suppose there is come merit, but who takes a goalie that early anyway? This was another edition of Jubo thoughts brought to you by OverArmour.
  3. 1) After arguably the most successful rebuild in recent memory, you have given this franchise and its fans expectations of success. As of now, has everything gone to plan since puck drop this season? 2) With a collection of high draft picks this coming off-season; do you see the Reapers transitioning to yet another elite level roster in season 67?
  4. Jubo07

    WJC Predictions

    Gold: USA Silver: Europe Bronze: Canada MVP: Bert Meyers
  5. 1. How do you think the reapers are doing this season? Excellent...that being said we have lost a couple games that honestly we have no business losing. We have been tinkering with the lineup to find the right chemistries. 2. At this point and time who would you say our 2 biggest competitors are and why? Ottawa and Saskatoon for obvious reasons. Mexico City would be next in line but are no where near as deep to overtake Ott or Sask at this point. 3. The reapers are having a bake sale for charity, what are you baking? Peanut butter marshmallow squares. 4. What is the one thing that could make our LR better? Can I say nothing? The locker room is regularly active and just a great place to be. Blade has really built up an excellent discord. 5. Surprising workouts that have helped you up your game as a player! Been working on my defensive game which has resulted in stronger offensive output. There is certainly a lot to be said about being in the right position on the ice. 6. Your one piece of advice for a new member. Ask for advice from regular members before spending your TPE. There are several great build archetypes and dispersing your TPE randomly more often that not results in less than favourable results.
  6. Woah Frostbeard playing with a chip on his shoulder. Nice game Reapers! Surprisingly our first shutout of the season. @jblock3 Congrats on your first shutout