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  1. The S74 VHL entry draft held just over a week ago saw many promising players find new homes in the VHL. Helsinki's playbook was quickly realized by onlookers as they took to the podium announcing only defenseman in their draft positions. With a plethora of forwards and young goaltenders to shore up the future, the Titans looked at their depth chart and focused solely on what was needed for seasons to come. While having a strong defensive core of Erik Summers (S69), Seabass Perrin (S68), Spencer Elsby (S72), Tony Bolonee (S68), Helsinki had no D prospects to speak of and hope to have addressed
  2. --> Titans S74 <-- For week ending Sept 27th Answer 3 for 1 TPE or 6 for 2 TPE! 1) 6-3-0 after week one. How are you feeling about our start? 2) Our goals against numbers are not where they need to be. What do you think we need to do to fix this trend? 3) Who wins the Stanley Cup (Dallas or Tampa) and how many games doe sit take? 4) If we had a bobble-head night who would you you like to see get their own figure? 5) What works best in your opinion; load up on star power up front or have several strong players and a deeper overall roster? 6) If you were la
  3. Being the only one who needs to pick a goalie, I'll go ahead and pick; F - Chad Magnum F - Jim Bob F - Jungkok D - Condor Adrienne D - Roque Davis G - Jacques Lafontaine
  4. F - Chad Magnum F - Jim Bob F - Jungkok D - Condor Adrienne D - Roque Davis G - @Banackock
  5. @Mrpenguin30notches his first career win in his first start!
  6. F - Chad Magnum F - F - D - Condor Adrienne D - Roque Davis G - @Banackock
  7. After a breakthrough season 73, the Titans are hopeful they can continue to find success and return to another cup final in season 74. Over the last few days the Titans held a team-wide vote for team captaincy. It was another tight battle from start to finish, and in the end the results were separated by only a single vote. The Titans locker room continues to be an amazing place to be a part of, and this is owed to every member of the roster, not just the three names listed below. Titans pride runs true throughout our hockey club. The Titans are proud to announce their electe
  8. --> Titans S73 Off-Season <-- For week ending Sept 20th Answer 3 for 1 TPE or 6 for 2 TPE! 1) Off-season is well underway, what are you focusing on improving? 2) We acquired Seabass Perrin from UFA. What do you think his greatest benefit will be to the team? 3) Zamboni Driver is prepped to be the new starter. How exciting is it to have a young goalie on board for the long-haul? 4) Three rookies (Laine, Sens, Harvey) will make their debut this season. What is your best words of advice for them? And for the rookies answering; what is your biggest strength you b
  9. Best of luck with New York @Brrbisbrr!
  10. @Josh Please make change portal side. Thank you.
  11. Thank you for your time in Helsinki and best of luck going forward