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  1. @Patpou22 I noticed you were still rockin' that Philly Reapers sig I made you last season. Here's an updated one for you to celebrate your first VHL goal for the Moscow Menace!
  2. Almost gave this one away but glad to escape with the W
  3. Huge win. Hope this trend continues.
  4. Close game for sure & low shot totals.
  5. I wonder if I’ll have to change this jersey render when @BladeMaiden gets her own VHL franchise
  6. @Psanchez55 whatever you did today do not change a thing
  7. Jubo07

    VHL GM Opening

    Jubo throwing his name in the ring; Joined as a player in S62 5 gold medals as GM at the international level (2xWC + 1 bronze / 3xWJC) 2 Founders Cups (1 as GM with Vegas S64 &1 as AGM with Philly S66) S64 VHLM GM of the Year Obviously activity/availability is not an issue (Julian Borwinn at 1161 TPE and counting) My 1 year VHLForum anniversary is August 4th Full list of accolades can be seen in my forum signature Thanks for your consideration.
  8. @uphillmoss Flashback's 2nd career shutout
  9. Jubo07


    You are very welcome. You have been quite active on site and I wanted to show my acknowledgement of your dedication to the VHL thus far. Keep it up!