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  1. Jubo07

    HSK/RIG; S76

    This was strictly a cap move. @Wreckeningwishing you best and hope to see you back in the community soon. Thanks for the quick talks @hedgehog337
  2. The LR was rock'n last night throughout the ceremony. Could not ask for a better AGM in @BladeMaiden and for a better group of roster members, prospects and alumni. Lets carry that level of hype into S76!
  3. 1.) Rookies, rookies everywhere... no seriously we have like 6 Kate Upton, Dan Dan,Victor Foles, Vick Fairchild, Gustav Hjalmarsson and Case Crosby. Vets say hi to our amazing rookies and give them your best VHL advice. Rookies tell us who you are most excited to play with. Answer: This is going to be a fun season and we are elated to have all six rookies on board. Lets go make some noise! 2.) Considering the draft is coming up, who do you think @Jubo07 and @BladeMaiden should have their eyes on in the draft and why? Answer: This information is captured in a sealed document in
  4. Thanks @Emi Added to my sig
  5. Lets say a player wants to stay down one more season, and is nearing the 250 TPE cap. But...they happen to have prediction TPE that is auto added to their player which puts them over 250 TPE, or they accidentally claim something that would mathematically place them over 250. Or even something like they wish to claim practice facility, but cant collect the full 10. Instead of having someone with admin access have to go back and reverse claims to get players under cap, a useful feature could be added to everyone's player page. A button they must activate(once in their career) in order to
  6. Nice work here. The jersey colors on the San Diego player are a bit off-putting but I will say the logo swaps are for the most part well done. Seeing Zetterberg in anything but Red is so weird, but that jersey swap was excellent. Looking forward to seeing more of these in the future, 8/10
  7. There is a serious lack of graphics including logo swaps, so I was pleasantly surprised to find one when trying to write a review. The color work here is great. If I could offer a bit of advice, I think some shadow work around the player would have made him pop a bit more, but you did add some lighter color in the background that does a good job of this. The text is a bit lackluster but it works well enough here. Good job overall, 7.5/10
  8. 2.) Pie or cake? with ice cream or without? hmmmmm 4.) Vacation days lol. Good to clear the mind. 5.) Someone smiling back at me, its infectious 6.) Peanut butter cookies 7.) If they would ever consider wearing socks in sandals. 8.) Somehow I manage, by Michael G. Scott
  9. The Helsinki Titans S76 roster will welcome six prospects into the fold. The Titans project to have a favorable balance between veteran players and rookies to groom into future stars of the league. With @BladeMaidenon board for her first full season as the Titans AGM, the Titans are setup for success in more ways than one. Returning Core Center - Ola Vikingstad @Dil Center - Valtteri Vaakanainen RW - Patrik Laine @PatrikLaine LW - Bob Helminen @Big Bob D - Spencer Elsby @Spence King D - Erik Summers @Erik Summers D - Emi Rune @Emi G - Zamboni Driver @Tape-to-Tape
  10. @MMFLEX@GreenGato@Suzuki14@OscarTheSwagDude @McLovin@Wreckening
  11. 1) We're so close to the playoffs and clinched the European division. What's been the key to our success this season. Continuous improvement from every player. Everyone is dialed in and committed to the run. 2) Due to it being the season of giving what's one gift you'd give to @BladeMaiden or @Jubo07? I'd give Blade keys to the locker room 3) What's on your Holiday playlist? I'll go top five movie list on this one; Elf, Home Alone, The Grinch, The Santa Clause, Muppets Christmas Carol 4) What is something that you love about this time of year? (Can b