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  1. @JigglyGumballs
  2. You joke, but I've campaigned for removing job pay for a while now.
  3. F - Pistil Stamen D - Tom Eagles @bigAL
  4. F - Gunnar Odinsson D - Matty Socks @bigAL
  5. Guy Lambert just signed and is not on my roster yet. I can put a bot in his spot though
  6. Basically this. Their roster has about the same makeup as the Dragons' now, so I think I put them both in that 6-10 range of middling contenders, but nothing frightening.
  7. Definitely very weighted to last season lol LAS being so far back despite taking a huge step forward WAR being so high up despite having the worst starter in the league
  8. Quick and easy one today. C - Groovy Dood @bigAL A - Brian Strong Jr. @Wheaties A - Kristof Welch @Juice With Al stepping into a commish role, we decided to seek out a replacement in the AGM slot as well. Thanks to all applicants for the interest, but it's @osens that will be co-leading the Dragons franchise with me for the next few years. Eno out, toodle loo!
  9. I was really hoping that you'd double down and say that BPAing is better than a list anyways.
  10. F - Groovy Dood F - F - D - D - G - @bigAL
  11. Enorama


  12. Enorama

    LDN/SEA; S79

    Damn those 16 minutes of exclusive negotiation rights on Adrienne
  13. Player Information Username: Enorama Player Name: Ryan Vidot Recruited From: Returning Age: 21 Position: D Height: 65 in. Weight: 140 lbs. Birthplace: Seychelles Player Page @VHLM GM
  14. Great for a beginner, keep at it
  15. For the first time in nearly ten seasons, I need to open the AGM search up to the public as our little Al is all grown up and is spreading his wings. Primary duties include helping with LR activity, writing the weekly press conference questions, being there for me to bounce ideas off of, and being open to take over lines or draft duties if real life conflicts momentarily on either one for me. For the record, my former AGMs now consist of 1 VHL commissioner, 1 VHLM commissioner, and 2 VHL GMs. Are you next? Comment in this thread or shoot me a DM with the