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  1. this trio has been together since Vegas in the VHLM. very fitting for them to be the three names up here
  2. ill get the will for PTs one of these days today is not that day
  3. pepper and losing in the finals, name a better fucking duo.
  4. I fully intend to keep it going, just taking a few weeks to get settled into school. Been moving into my dorm, dealing with more post-surgery stuff, so it's been at the bottom of my list. I'm out of media spots/graphics to claim though, so we might very likely get a new entry this week.
  5. So, as a former expansion GM myself (albeit for a different league), I thought it might be fitting to throw down some of my thought process as I looked to establish the Houston Bulls. Now, the approach to building a good VHLM team is far different from that of a VHL team, but I think some of these points still hold valid through the transition. Now, enough talking- here are some of the main points I think of when starting a team from the ground up. 1) Branding Now, anyone who has ever seen a post of mine knows how important this is to me. The number one thing I wanted when I first joined the league was to be a part of a team. I'm the kind of guy that wears logos with pride, and it makes me so much more invested in the league when I have someone to share that pride with. Thus, as the leader of a team, I think it's incredibly important to make your team look like a prime destination to play. You want to hit the ground running by being presentable and involved, and giving your team some sort of a unique identity that sets it apart from the crowd. Get a slogan, get some hyped up graphics, give the boys a goal song to rally under. Really, as a player, just give me some kind of a reason to care about my team over any others. 2) History So some of you may know, but this season I took on the job of updating the Titans all-time stats from s48 all the way up to s66. This is something I don't think a lot of people think about, but as a player that's more than happy about the banner I'm playing under, this kind of a thing is incredibly important. I, personally, adore chasing titles like "winningest goalie in Titans history," or "first Helsinki Shaw winner in 40+ seasons." To me, its an incredibly underlooked measure of success within a sim league. Yes, the primary goal is to win awards and cups, but I just as much would love to go down as one of the most impactful members of my organization. This is one thing I really prioritized with the Houston Bulls- I wanted to set the standard early and show that this was a team that honored its most electric players. If you check out the Houston Bulls section of the forums (team forums like this are underutilized generally, IMO), I made absolute sure to set a standard for future rosters. I'm actually quite proud of this one, because other VHLM teams seemed to take note of what I'd set up and started to follow suit once they gained entry into the league. Overall, team history is something that I think gets criminally undervalued, and as a player I want every opportunity to make my name synonymous with the all-time greats. Looks like I kind of got carried away and wrote a media spot rather than a quik .com article, but this is something I still feel very passionate about in the VHL. GMs new and old- make your brands and organizations stand out. Give me a reason to sign with your team. Give me a reason to be proud of where I play, and some way to measure my career throughout the course of my eight seasons. Really, make your team something a little more than a classification for my player. Make it a home.