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  1. Hey hey hey, he got an assist this game as well!!! Good shit!
  2. 1) Does all that orange fur help you stay warm in Vancouver? 2) Do your eyes ever blink, are are they forever open, striking the fear of god into the other players on the ice? 3) Do you think your size gives you an advantage out on the ice? Do you think it would have helped you to be a better goalie, rather than a forward?
  3. Answer these six questions to be eligible for 2 TPE this week. 1) The trade deadline is coming up for the VHLM. Do you think the Bulls should buy, sell, or neither? 2) The playoff race is heating up, with nearly every team in the conversation for the bracket. What gives Houston an edge over other teams? 3) How do you feel about your own personal performance thus far? 4) How would you rate the Houston locker room, up until this point? 5) The World Junior Classic is coming up- what are you most looking forward to in regards to the tournament? 6) What does your player HAVE to have in the locker room at all times? A good luck charm? Snacks? @hockeyis66 @GlowyGoat @Grape @FacebookFighter @Radcow @Sogarn @SpartanGibbles @GustavMattias @Jake Levine @Kirby @Kuch9 @StaticShocked @Joe Gagnier @Bear @Samee @aleks @Yusuf Abdul-Latif @Birdman´╗┐
  4. Took a while to get that first shutout, but here we are
  5. Sonnet


  6. we lose vs bad teams we win vs halifax i dont know what to do with this roster
  7. Hey there, @Yusuf Abdul-Latif! I'm Sonnet, the general manager for one of the VHLM's expansion teams, the Houston Bulls! I have loads planned for this team in terms of both activity and performance, and we'd love to have you as a core member of our inaugural roster. As a new GM and a new team, my goal is to set the standard for how a VHLM team operates and presents itself. I try to get every player a jersey number and a banner that hangs in our locker room, some exclusive press conference questions each week to help tell the team's individual story, graphics and sigs for all of my players, and even all-time statkeeping so everyone has the chance to make Bulls history. We also host an active Discord channel, where most of us come to chat about the VHLM and anything in general, and stay up-to-date on new TPE opportunities! It's my goal to make Houston a flourishing team environment, and I'd love for you to be a part of it. I'd like to offer you a spot on our third forward line, with the potential to move up if you keep active and keep earning TPE! We're a tight-knit bunch here in Houston, and with our friendly locker room, I'm sure you'll be able to maximize your potential and become a key component in turning our dream of making history into a reality. So, what do you say? Would you like to be a part of history?
  8. why tag me? i said like one thing end of the day, i dont give a fuck