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  1. We'll need actual designs too, would be nice if they weren't just logos on shirts.
  2. Both of you guys, enough. This is getting genuinely childish.
  3. he does this on purpose to get attention on the internet
  4. Did we ever implement the new bot names from a while back? I remember a special thread about it, but I don't remember how long ago it was.
  5. I had a Helsinki hat made, has garnered 0 comments. The reality of life is that nobody cares what you're wearing so long as it's not very blatantly weeb trash stuff or anything like that. If you have a collegiate/sports/generic looking design, just with some logos that are unfamiliar, they wont even think about it.
  6. This is the third post in the jersey initiative saga. For other completed teams, see the following: Malmo Nighthawks Seattle Bears Oh my god, he's back. It's been a little while, but I've finally found some down time and am really excited to get back into the swing of things in the VHL. A lot of people enjoyed some of the other posts in this series, and I've honestly been having a great time making it, so I see no reason to stop until every team is accounted for in one of these posts. Today, I'm revisiting an old team that I didn't exactly do my best on, which is especially unfortunate considering it's the team I've pledged my firstborn child to. That's right, this time we're re-visiting the Helsinki Titans to give them the proper jersey treatment. A lot of you probably weren't around for the most recent post in this saga, so I'll include a recap of my guidelines here. These are points that I feel are important to consider when selecting a jersey to represent a VHL franchise: Ease of access. I don't want to jump through hoops, here- I want everybody to be able to pick up a simple photo editing software and give it a reasonable go. This is especially important for world building and team building within the VHL, as consistent uniforms provide that extra little bit of immersion for our simulated hockey league. Distinction from NHL uniforms. If at all possible, I'd like to at least modify ONE color of the jersey so that it stands out from a basic NHL picture. If someone looks at a graphic and sees a Malmo player, and only upon closer inspection sees that I used the Buffalo jersey as a template, I consider it a victory. Special cases/Opportunity for event-based graphics. For example, Helsinki winning the cup was a huge motivation to switch to the St. Louis jerseys, because I can find pictures of players lifting the cup to represent our VHL team. So, I'd like to try and give most teams a jersey base that matches a cup winner, or something like that, just so people can stay consistent with it if they'd like. Some color schemes don't fall within reason, though, so I'm not going to try and stretch and warp a jersey idea JUST to meet this demand. Now that we're all caught up, it's time to start breaking down the Helsinki uniform redesign. Guillaume Fontenette @okocha5 focuses in on the puck while attempting to generate some offense for his team. Distinction Obviously, I decided to run with the St. Louis Blues as a template team for the Helsinki uniforms. The most recognizable change is the swap from yellow to silver, which is a retcon of the last time I announced a uniform change for Helsinki. While the light blue worked well enough with the overall look of the jerseys, I felt as if I robbed Helsinki of some of their incredibly rich history. For the longest time, the Titans have been the silver and blue. This update to their uniforms embraces that past, and makes for a cleaner looking style in my honest opinion. There's also one sliiiight change to the primary Blues blue color, which will be more noticeable on the away uniforms than the home. I decided to make it a slightly lighter shade to better match the logo, and by extension the overall branding of the team. This small change is what really separates the Helsinki design from the St. Louis one, which will hopefully classify it as its own distinct look. Captain Julian Borwinn @Jubo07 eyes an opposing player as he glides to the faceoff circle. Ease of Access/Recreating the Look Since the only drastic color change in the jersey is from yellow to blue, I consider this to be an easily recreate-able design. In order to achieve the look, I used a conditional hue/saturation tool to specifically target all of the yellow in the uniform, desaturated it entirely, and then changed the hue it was based on until I achieved the shade of gray I was looking for. At this point, I felt that the blue was too dark for the look I wanted to end up with, so I once again used the conditional hue/saturation tool to select all of the blue in the image. The saturation stayed at 100, but the hue was lowered just a tad so that the blues ended up looking more like the colors represented in the Titans' logo. The alternate jersey received only one change in color- the yellow to gray. This was accomplished in exactly the same way as before- the yellow was selected and desaturated, and adjusted until it looked like Helsinki silver. The blue in this uniform was not touched at all. At the end of the day, all you need to do in order to achieve this look is to play around with the conditional hue/saturation of the image, and then add/remove logos wherever necessary. It's a bit tricky at first, but with a little practice, I believe this can be easily accomplished. Goaltender Alexander Pepper @Sonnet shows off a retro look while making a routine stop. Special Cases/Event Graphics Of course, one of the driving motivators behind choosing the Blues as our template team was the fact that they won the Stanley Cup. Since their colors were so close to ours, and it was very easy to manipulate the uniforms into something that represented our team, it felt like a no-brainer to adopt them as a template. As such, we're able to stay consistent with our jersey theme when making championship graphics, such as the one below: Playoff MVP Alexander Pepper @Sonnet hoists the Continental Cup after sweeping the Vancouver Wolves. Conclusion Overall, I think the choice to revert back to the blue and silver was the right call for Helsinki. The choice of St. Louis as the template team checks all of my boxes for what makes a good VHL uniform, especially since it leaves us with the opportunity to promote alternate jerseys and celebrate big victories. Speaking of alternate jerseys, I only now realize that I didn't talk about the motivation for this design. I sought out one of the older Titans logos specifically for this reason because I wanted to pay homage to Helsinki's rich history and lineage. A lot of you may know that I've sort of obsessed over the history of the league (and specifically that of the Titans), even going to far as to update old, inactive threads and documents that logged stats for the all-time franchise leaders. I'm entirely enamored with the idea of cementing my own legacy within this franchise, but you can't expect history to respect you if you don't respect it first. As one of the VHL's founding teams, the Titans have hosted an uncountable number of all-time greats. This simpler jersey style with a throwback logo is meant to put that history on display, and immortalize the past of a team that has become one of the VHL's flagship brands. A plain overview of all three uniforms. And so, that concludes the newest addition to the jersey initiative. There are a few teams I'm considering next for some time in the spotlight, but I want to hear what you guys have to say. Which team should I do next? Transparent renders of all featured images: Forum signatures of all featured players: 1137 words in total, good for two weeks of a PT if I even decide to claim it.
  7. We're revisiting a team for the next Jersey Initiative post, but there might be a little teaser in there as well ;)

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      So another Helsinki design, but this time Pepper is naked?


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      @GustavMattias Spoiler tag it next time...

    3. GustavMattias
  8. Definitely questioning having numbers on both the shoulders AND the sleeves, but other than that this is clean AF