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  1. Sonnet

    VHL GM Opening

    I might as well put my name in there, would be a cool chance to build from the ground up. Taught @GustavMattias everything he knows
  2. Newcomer man here with big interest in league history So why is Vasteras such a forbidden location?
  3. An honorable bout First star because of SoG though 👀
  4. All for Helsinki (obviously): Skater: Niko Savela Elias Laakso Goalie: Justus Korhonen
  5. nah i think brands are currently where they belong
  6. I've seen/heard of Django, but haven't toyed around with either it or Python. Sounds like you built an API for the backend, though, that you're accessing with jQuery AJAX requests? I can definitely see Bootstrap though- knowing it exists has ruined so many websites for me because I can point out the elements.
  7. What are you coding in? Took up a web dev internship this summer, so I've learned a little bit of a lot of different elements of webpages and such. Figured some time down the line I might offer to help with the Portal if I was familiar with the tech/help was needed.
  8. In just the VHL, the US holds 2 of 10 teams (and one is New York, so it hardly counts), 2 of 5 in North America. If the idea is to expand to NA, I think it should be American to even up the NA imbalance.
  9. Somewhere in the US, we're pretty under-represented in the grand scope of things. My vote would probably be for Milwaukee, WI. GMing a team sounds interesting, I've been thinking about how cool it would be to have a second player, and to be able to look at things with more of a long-term approach.
  10. Starting to think about the next team to cover in the jersey initiative project. Who do you want to see?

  11. As I've been updating the all-time spreadsheets for Helsinki, I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that some of Moon's franchise records will be untouchable. Shutouts for sure are not something I can catch up to, wins might be close but it depends on how well we do in future seasons. That said, Moon never won a Shaw. It would be nice to, at the very least, enter the conversation.