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  1. Ngl, this is exactly how it would go down. 10/10 reporting
  2. VHLM GM Application megathread is now live, click here for the link


  3. Following the example set by the VHL, this thread is in place to accept all bids for a future VHLM GM position. If either of these positions interest you, please leave a reply in this thread that includes your desired position as well as a small pitch to explain why you would be a good fit. Your name will be added to a running list here in the OP, and can be removed at any time upon request. As a reminder, your duty as a VHLM GM is to welcome new members into the league, create an engaging environment within your team locker rooms, and help develop said members into outstanding players/members of the community. Remember, the VHLM is about retainment over competition; winning games and championships is nice, but at the end of the day our job is to help turn newer members into VHL players that can stand on their own. Also borrowing from the initial VHL thread, we feel that this point is very important toward building a strong community for newer members to join in on: Applicants must not have received any significant infractions (>12 hour discord mutes, PT bans, etc.) within the past 6 months. Any infractions received will result in removal from the list, and a need to re-apply once the "cool off" period of 6 months, from the time of the infraction, expires. Members removed from the list will not be re-added without re-applying. Lastly, this thread is not run on a "first come, first serve" basis. As always, hiring is up to the discretion of the VHLM Commissioners. Please refrain from replying with recommendations of other members, only post if you're applying for yourself. VHLM GM Applications:
  4. For @Grape Maybe I'll make a Filo one for @tfong
  5. Looks like rory covered the main questions- the games are simmed and presented as such: You don't need to be online for sims, they're done automatically once your player joins a roster. You basically earn points to update your player's attributes, and of course better attributes equal better performance. These points (TPE) are awarded in exchange for tasks that typically involve writing or creating graphics.
  6. Welcome to the VHL, @Blazzer! I'm Sonnet, General Manager of the Houston Bulls organization. I'll be honest- the Bulls right now can't promise an appearance in the playoffs or a strong cup-contending roster, but we can offer something that some of the top teams can't. The current season is coming to a close, and a lot of teams are finding themselves full to the brim with players. Forwards especially have been having a rough time getting meaningful minutes on certain squads, but the Bulls are able to offer a more prominent role on the team so you can start your career off on the right foot. At the moment, Houston is a smaller, tight-knit group that's focused on making the most with what we have. Our primary goal at the moment is giving newer players a chance to shine, improving their draft stock and starting their careers off on the right foot. The team's communication is primarily done through our own Discord server, where a number of people can be accessed at a moment's notice. This includes myself, a number of Houston alumni, and VHL General Managers that can answer any questions you might have about the league or about your player. Right now, the Houston Bulls are prepared to offer you a spot on our second forward line, along with considerable time on special teams units. To accept our offer, simply quote this post and say "Accepted" to let us know that you'd like to be a part of the red rampage. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! We're looking forward to making you the newest member of the Herd!
  7. For @JigglyGumballs!
  8. Oh shit, it's too late to sign up? Been out all week, missed the deadline. Fuck
  9. Far better than the last dark theme. Probably going to stick with white though since I'm so used to it at this point.
  10. Since it's no longer my pfp, I have to make sure I rep the Davos commission somehow.
  11. Hey, Eno! If you want to pour on the ice time, Houston has spots on the first line available. We're doing our best to win as many games as we can before the season ends, and drinking in the meantime. It's also been a good while since the last time we were able to chat. Would love to have you as a part of my last roster as the Houston GM.
  12. Hey Grape! Obviously I'm stepping down as GM at the end of this season, but if you're in for half a season of anime shitposting fun (we have a few in the HOU LR as it is), then you're more than welcome to join us and make this final stretch a fun one.
  13. Hi Reno! You're certainly welcome in Houston if you want to pile on some minutes!