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    Quick thing, not really that worth talking about but it's better than not saying anything at all. Been leaving VHL servers, honestly if you've been watching my .com articles lately this shouldn't be a surprise. For the moment at the very least, I'm done with the VHL. I don't have the energy nor interest to read through BoG posts and provide input. I haven't been in moods to say anything useful in locker rooms, or general chat for that matter. I'm frustrated with the idea that there's like one build in STHS and we're all just sitting around hoping that our pl
  2. It was posted a few days ago as another concept except purple last time
  3. If you took this quote and slapped Quik's profile picture next to it, I would be 100% convinced that he typed it himself
  4. Well, poor timing. I talked about VHLE stuff on a recent podcast already, and immediately after the theme week turns out to be based entirely around it. By this point I have nothing creative to say or add to the conversation, so instead I'm just going to outline some of my random thoughts as if anybody cares about them. From a league perspective, I think it makes a lot of sense. I know the conversation is constantly centering around expansion, and people like to just wildly suggest it every time we get a bunch of new players, but I'm not one to ignore the experiences of people who
  5. 1) Branding ideas are always fun. Kinda sucks that there's a theme week about it after I revealed some thoughts about it on a podcast, but I'm really not excited to write about something I actively don't care about as a player. 2) I think we're right around where we hoped to be, always a part of the conversation. Nothing will matter until playoffs hit, so if we can get there, that's all that matters. 3) My biggest pet peeve is just how...we'll say "passionate" people get about certain aspects of the league. Everyone is a commissioner in their own eyes. The only thing I
  6. Transaction ID: 20655761492245345 Doubles Week 5 Uncapped TPE 1M Player Store
  8. 1) Ham, turkey, salami, pepperoni. Top with jalapeno, mustard, mayo. Use your bread of choice, I personally prefer a fresh sub roll/hoagie roll. 2) Warsaw, for that post-cup finals rivalry. Plus, I think they'd be one of the few teams mature enough to handle a rivalry properly. 3) That would be fun, I'm not sure what we'd play or watch though. I'd be biased and make it more of an anime night, but I don't know how well that'd go over. 4) Man I don't wanna be in charge of anything anymore tbh, I just want to lay back and do my best. 5) I haven't really been paying enough atte
  9. Between my 3rd VHL recreate and PBE, I'm gonna need to budget for more Rin artwork...

    1. GustavMattias
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      Sorry kids, we don't have money for college, but hey look at my new Rin commission!

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      "Rin is best girl" is all the education one needs in life

  10. That is one snazzy suit, Mr. General Manager
  11. I've talked a lot about the idea of next season introducing my 3rd player. A good part of me is excited to get ready to do something new- see some new teams, go under a new name, craft out a new identity. But in all honesty, all of the excitement that comes with making a new player is for purely cosmetic reasons. See, that "identity" keyword is very limited in terms of what it means in the VHL. By "identity" I mean name and name only. I get to write some articles and career PTs about this new person, who they are and what they have to do with hockey. If I'm so creativel
  12. Clean, good shape, good colors, I like
  13. 1) Burn it all down- Phoenix are supposed to rise from ashes anyway 2) Find the one thing you want to do and just do it. Graphics, Media Spots, and Podcasts are all open prompt- be as creative as you can be. 3) The Bern Royals! I really love that logo as a potential jersey crest, would love to see it in action. 4) Comment withheld, I don't need to be bringing more people into crazy drama threads. 5) The first line, easily. Mingle has been tearing it up, looks like he's settling into his new "Captain" role very nicely. 6) Let it slide of course, there's no reason to get
  14. I think there's a good concept here, but it's super "New England Patriots" to me. That's actually what I mistook it for before I looked a little closer. Something really just isn't doing it for me, and I think it has to do with the 3/4 perspective on the face. I see what the goal was, but it just looks more awkward the more I focus on it. That scrunched part of the hat at the top just kills it for me. The illuminated part of the face doesn't help- it looks proportioned for a flat, 2D logo upon first glance to me, if that makes sense? Like I see white face, interpret it as a flat lo
  15. Professional's guide on how to properly chirp in a sim league