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  1. Sonnet

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1) I think a teammate collaboration could work, in the future. Pick a teammate, and base your weekly media spot on a collaboration between the two. Whether someone joins a podcast, or you write about a joint practice/night out or something, I think it could be interesting. 2) I can't speak for everyone, but Twitter is the only social media I regularly use. I think it would be hard to expand to others- I just don't see too many people flocking to something like Facebook or Instagram, 3) I'm a little late on this one, since the season just recently concluded, but I still would have given it to Saskatoon. The Rush had to beat both LV and HFX to move on, which is a nearly impossible task overall. 4) Maybe a bit biased, but I think Las Vegas can rise up and eventually overtake the 21st in the finals. They have a great defense and a good amount of explosive scorers; it'll be close, but I think they can do it. 5) I think it's clean- it's no Aces logo, but...;) 6) HEL- Ryan Kastelic NY- Julian Borwinn TOR- Tzuyu RIG- Joseph McWolf
  2. Sonnet

    Alex Pepper Interview

    ah fuck, he's on to me
  3. Sonnet

    Settling for Silver

    This season’s World Junior Championship event concluded recently with Team Canada taking the gold medal in a 6-5 win over Team Asia. It was a close, high scoring affair, but the hockey capital of the world defended its title on the big stage. For Asia’s volunteer goaltender, Alex Pepper, there seemed to be little positive to say. “That’s not how any of us wanted it to end,” he commented, moments after the medal ceremony. “We played such a hard-fought game, and I honestly feel like I let a lot of our guys down. If one or two of those pucks didn’t get past me, we could’ve closed it.” Despite the outcome of the gold medal game, Team Asia still claims 2nd place in the tournament, which is higher than most predictions would have had them. “Yeah, you wouldn’t think that an Asian team could host such an incredible hockey presence. They’ve got a lot of talented kids, and it’s been a privilege to compete alongside them.” Pepper now turns his focus to the season 62 playoffs, where he hopes to step up his game and claim 1st, this time.
  4. Sonnet

    Stoffiday Presser

    1) Going into this offseason, what are some parts of your game that you think you could improve on? 2) With the playoffs on the horizon, is there any team specifically that you'd like to see win the Founder's Cup? 3) What was your favorite experience from your first VHLM season? 4) Do you have anything to say to the Yukon fans that followed you throughout the season? 5) VHL scouts should be glossing through the prospects list pretty soon, in preparation for the draft. What do you bring to a team that would make your name worth calling, up on the big stage?
  5. Sonnet

    [S62] Player Store and Balances

    Ignore this post I done goofed
  6. Sonnet

    Alex Pepper Presser

    New week new questions! VHLM playoffs around the corner...
  7. Sonnet

    S62 VHLM Achievement Tracker

    Alexander Pepper Goalie WINS/5 (49/5 = 9.8, either 9 or 10 TPE) 40 Games Started = 5 TPE Save % Sub 0.900 = 2TPE Shutouts = 3 TPE per SO = 10*3 = 30 TPE Total: 46 or 47 TPE Shame that you're going to cap me at 20
  8. Sonnet

    S62 VHLM Achievement Tracker

    Alexander Pepper Goalie All stats applicable
  9. Aces’ starting goaltender Alexander Pepper is starting to heat up as playoffs draw closer, seemingly stepping up his game as if the Founder’s Cup depended on it. His sudden surge in performance is one of many for the Las Vegas Aces, who are now only 2 points behind the Halifax 21st after their hot stretch. Passing the 10 shutout mark is a remarkable feat for the young goaltender, who sits well above Krikiters within that category. We had a quick word with Pepper after his tenth to get some of his thoughts on the milestone. “It’s something you don’t really think about until you get there,” he commented. “You just try to get out there and leave it all on the ice, day in and day out. I’ve had a lot of good help all season, and now it feels like we’re clicking better than ever.” With Pepper and Krikiters locked into in an intense battle for the VHLM’s goalie of the year award, Pepper’s amount of shutouts could push him just ahead in the race. The two have been neck and neck in save percentage and GAA throughout the entire season, but Pepper’s ability to consistently keep zeroes on the board could be the deciding factor in who ends the year on top.
  10. Sonnet

    S62 Trivia Week 4 Results

    Just a heads up, in the email it gave me the full post (answers and winners included). Not sure why it happened but just letting you know
  11. Sonnet

    Alex Pepper Presser

    You and Kriketers are in an intense battle for top VHLM goalie this season. Do you think you'll end up on top by season's end? I definitely hope so. We've both been pretty resilient as the season has gone on, but I hope I can eek him out by the time it's all said and done. It might even come down to our guys up front- we don't tend to allow a lot of quality shots, and that might give me the edge. Are your Aces good enough to make a serious playoff run against Halifax this season? Absolutely. Our skaters can put a lot of points on the board if you slip up even a little bit on D. Plus, they have Mertz in net, and that's exactly what you want to hear if you're a goal scorer. What pulled you towards becoming a goalie? I guess I've always just been a defensive kind of guy, y'know? I've never been a flashy, "look at me" kind of guy, so the unsung hero of the crease just sort of fit that mindset. What has been your favorite moment in the league this season (in game, on the boards, anything VHL/VHLM related)? That first shutout vs Halifax, for sure. If I remember right, they hadn't even lost a game when we showed up and kept them off of the board. That was the moment where I thought- okay, I'm good enough to be here. Have you considered having a child and naming them Saul Tan Pepper? I don't think I could ever punish my kid like that, wouldn't be able to sleep at night!
  12. Sonnet

    VHL Predict the score (S62W5)

    4-2 Dynamo
  13. Sonnet

    VHL Pickem (S62W5)

    Wranglers Legion Dynamo Meute
  14. The results of this poll will be used for an upcoming VHLM magazine article.