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  1. I'm going to have to say yes, and I think it needs to be pretty drastic. Even if we make it so that only comments with substance are worth an entry, the current spam comments won't need to change at all in order to stay eligible. As an example, the worst offenders of the spam comments just look at the sim and write a short summary about what happened. They don't really spark discussion, make an insightful comment about what's going on, or really say anything worth noting. It seems like a common template of "here's who won, here's which players showed up, here's what the losing team needs to change next game." Instead of people engaging with the league and talking openly about the results, they just show up to write a summary like it's an extra PT. So if we want to set some sort of standard for spam (or maybe a better word is "frequent" comments), I thin we need to really sit down and talk about what really counts as useful or engaging. But of course, this is just my two cents- putting it out there just in case some people have noticed a similar pattern.
  2. Sonnet

    Issue IV

    @Enorama The Pepper vs Mertz article takes me back, that rivalry gave me the energy to be the best there ever was I miss Cole 💔
  3. Pepper, s66 update with an "A" on his helmet to represent the alternate captaincy.
  4. Updated Pepper for s66 Renders, featuring the "A" on his helmet for the alternate captaincy
  5. @Kuch9 take 2, with the new number. Claiming for a later week
  6. @Kuch9 again, with the new number. Claiming for a later date New player render
  7. @RunnerBert11, claiming at a later date Player render, for convenience and use elsewhere
  8. @RunnerBert11, claiming for a later date
  9. Helsinki Titans Press Conference Week Ending 5/26 1) Our defense has been unstoppable, but our offense has been hit or miss. What do you think is the key to success on the offensive side of the puck? 2) All-star votes will no doubt start showing up in a few weeks. Who's your early Helsinki favorite for the nod? 3) What does your ideal Helsinki alternate jersey look like? 4) We've been able to maintain our spot at the top of the standings. How do you like our chances for the Victory Cup, for the best overall record in the league? 5) What is your player usually doing during their day off? 6) Who have been some of your favorite line mates so far this year? @BarzalGoat @Quik @Jubo07 @SidTheKid87 @monkeywrench15 @Sonnet @Sohva @Galdoblame @Kuch9 @BluObieZ @RunnerBert11 @aleks @MexicanCow123 @okocha5 @Jables @jblock3 @Tophdaddy @TsarPeter @Beketov
  10. @SidTheKid87, claiming on a later date
  11. @SidTheKid87, claiming on a later date. Player renders and background version:
  12. I'm wondering why they even staff me tbh