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  1. @Da Trifecta @Kendrick and @BluObieZ all active in a single thread will keep things going for quite some time.
  2. 1. It feels like it should be but it doesn’t seem all that bad, we’re kind of running out of time to test lines so if a change is made it needs to be changed now. 2. Give VSN to @FrostBeard and let him fix it. He knows what’s up. 3. BOLD prediction, Guy Saskamoose pulls away and takes it all. 4. I think it’s due to depth but still looks wack. 5. Doesn’t matter we’re winning th cup baybee. 6. Overthrowing Gustav.
  3. ColeMrtz

    S63 Redraft

    With theme week starting up as "League History", I thought there was no more fitting way to encompass this theme than to look back on the S63 draft class, the draft class I started in. This draft class sparked some of the best players in today's VHL, and held an abundance of star power. Looking back at the draft now, perhaps it should have panned out more like this. FIRST OVERALL Was: Ryan Kastellic Is: Ryan Kastellic (1) There was only one other person who could compete with Kastellic for first overall, but the (now) centerman looms ever so taller when you consider he spent the majority of his career playing defense. Kastellic has been at least PPG for the entirety of his VHL career, and sits atop the class for current TPE. A dominant force, Kastellic's unreal speed and control of the game has propelled him to one of the most prominent players in the VHL, and has hoisted both the Founder's Cup and Continental Cup once a piece. SECOND OVERALL Was: Joseph McWolf Is: Julian Borwinn (3) Borwinn edges out McWolf for the second overall spot with higher TPE and about 100 more points through his illustrious career with Helsinki. Borwinn is a dominant scorer and a strong lockeroom presence, and only faltered just under PPG once in S64 with 71 points in 72 games. Borwinn's dangerous offense has brought him to a draft class high of 510 points. With a somewhat more polished career than Kastellic, Borwinn has earned himself the Kevin Brooks, Mike Szatkowski, Scotty Campbell, Dustin Funk, Brett Slobodzian, and the Continental Cup all in a single season (and the Stolzschweiger in S63). As much as this cabinet may argue the case for Borwinn's ascension, Kastellic's consistent offensive capacity from the defensive end of the ice in the age of emerging 2-way defensemen pushes him to the top. THIRD OVERALL Was: Julian Borwinn Is: Joseph McWolf (2) Thus far we haven't seen much shuffling in the draft order, and it's not overly difficult to see why. The top 3 were just that, the top 3. While McWolf might not top the charts for production, with only 2 seasons over PPG, he's easily the best of the more defensive minded players available in the draft class. McWolf would go on to prove his defensive prowess, with 2 Sterling Labatte trophies to his name as well as the Alexander Valiq and a Founder's Cup he won in Ottawa with first overall selection Ryan Kastellic. McWolf has not, however, lifted a Continental Cup, playing with the Americans during Riga's cup winning season before reuniting with former teammate Ryan Kastellic in Riga with hopes of finally obtaining that dream. FOURTH OVERALL Was: Sidney Crosby Is: Alexander Pepper (10) There's still plenty of strong players on the board at this point, but I'd be wrong to leave one of the greatest goaltenders in recent memory any lower than this. Pepper has been unreal throughout his career in Helsinki, consistently hovering around the .920 SV% and keeping his GAA under 2.5 generally (with the exception of his rookie season). His efforts won him the Benoit Devereux in a HIGHLY CONTESTED race during his VHLM tenure as well as the Daisuke Kanou, Aidan Shaw, and a Continental Cup in the Titan's S66 run. Pepper's control and finesse defines his game. FIFTH OVERALL Was: Tzuyu Is: Tzuyu (5) What's not to love about a 2 time Continental Cup winning, PPG, speedy defenseman (or rather defensewoman)? Although Tzuyu's lower TPE hurts their draft stock in this situation, their track record in Toronto is exceptional, posting a career low 57 points their rookie season. This trend was short lived as Tzuyu went on to average ~77 points a season from the blueline, and earned herself the Alexander Valiq for her efforts. Tzuyu's incredible regular season performance carried over to their playoff game as well, continuing the trend of going over PPG, with 33 points in 31 games. SIXTH OVERALL Was: Scott Shawninganen Is: Dan Willinsky (7) Willinsky has been a solid core player for virtually his entire career, generally bouncing around the 60 point mark. However these past 2 seasons Willinsky has skyrocketed into stardom, with 164 points through 138 games. His strong-armed puck control paired with lethal speed have finally found their footings together and as such propels Willinsky past other active candidates. Aside from his Founder's Cup with the all too familiar Ottawa squad, Willinsky earned himself the Scott Boulet award in S67 to further establish his legitimacy as a high end forward. SEVENTH OVERALL Was: Dan Willinsky Is: Rylan Peace (12) There's an argument to be made for Peace to make this list before Willinsky, and if you're really pushing it he might compete with Tzuyu, but Peace's somewhat hollow career sits him beneath the aforementioned players. Peace is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, putting up over 50 goals in S65 and routinely breaking the PPG mark (excluding his rookie season). Despite all this, Peace has had a rather confusing career. After spending 2 seasons in the VHLM, Peace bounced from Riga to Davos and finally to Toronto, but was left empty handed at every stop. There's no doubting the offensive capability of Peace, but the shoot first centerman simply has not left the mark on the league that the other players have. EIGHTH OVERALL Was: Jose Gonzalez Is: Jesse Wilson (13) Despite only going PPG once in his career, Wilson has quite the collection to show for it. A Founder's and Continental Cup that you're likely sick of hearing by now, as well as the Ryan Sullivan and Vladmir Boomchenko awards from his VHLM tenure. Outside of the S66 run where everyone on Toronto should've been tested for PEDs apparently, Wilson has shown he's a reliable player staying consistent though his separate stages within his career NINTH OVERALL Was: Mountain Thunderfist Is: Sydney Crosby (4) At this point we're panning out to players who have been astoundingly mediocre. Continental Cup in S66 with Helsinki, which he contributed heavily to with 14 points through their 9 game playoff run. However outside of S66 Crosby has been a solid player, not really a star but not a poor player either. Just, decent. TENTH OVERALL Was: Alexander Pepper Is: Jorgon Weyed Won the Matt Bentz in S63, otherwise a slightly worse career than Sydney Crosby. Astoundingly average. Everyone else from the top 2 rounds went inactive or retired, however it's worth noting that Randoms went 24th overall in this draft, and actively sits among the leagues elite as a pure goal scorer. 1100 words EXACTLY, fuckin COUNT EM Theme week
  4. For the week of the 20th: 1. With lines in a current state of malleability, what's one thing in particular you'd like to see tried? 2. We currently sit 9 points behind Toronto with 9 games left to be played, 3 of ours being played against the expansion teams. Are we still in the running? 3. Our defensively minded players have made an impact on the league leaderboards for the defensive side of the game, who do you see stepping up for our offensive core? 4. If we can't overtake Toronto in the standings, which prospects do you want to see added to our program? 5. Nearing the end of the season, are there any standouts around the league that come as a surprise? 6. What's your goal for next season?
  5. if that is what you have to do glowy ily
  6. Sauga has has an impressive season thus far, coming into the league looking like the underdogs and now harboring one of the best rosters in the league on paper. However the team (and its individual players) are seeking to shatter franchise records, and shatter may well be an understatement. Here's a look at how the S68 Mississauga Hounds stack up against their previous franchise records. SKATERS Goals Before: 1. Callum MacElroy (53)--S66 2. Cody Smith (45)--S66 3. Dan Gles (34)--S66 Projected: 1. Jerry Wang (~75) -S68 2. Balentine Kidd (~60)-S68 3.Callum MacElroy (53)-S66* The team-dubbed Kidd's Wang line has been explosive for the Hounds thus far this season. At the 47 game mark they have a combined 162 points, and 75 goals. There is however a caveat to this projection, and that caveat is the best defenseman in the league, Brock Louth. Louth has 28 goals and 70 points thus far, making him a highly possible candidate for number 3 on the Hounds single season goals leaders. Assists Before: 1. Hulk Hogan (77)--S66 2. Dan Gles (62)--S66 3. Callum MacElroy (54)--S66 Projected: 1. Balentine Kidd (~90)-S68 2. Finnegan MacBurn (~80)-S68 3. Brock Louth (~80)-S68 An absurdly high amount of Hounds players are on pace for well over 100 points, and it shows in the assists category, where Kidd, MacBurn, and Louth have all already passed the 40 assist mark. 2 of the 3 are in the top 10 league-wide while Louth is 1 assist out of the running at the moment. At this pace the single season assists records will be completely wiped with members of the S68 squad. Points Before: 1. Callum MacElroy (107)--S66 2. Dan Gles (96)--S66 3. Hulk Hogan (94)--S66 Projected: 1. Balentine Kidd (~150)-S68 2. Jerry Wang (~150)-S68 3. Brock Louth (~130)-S68 So remember when we were talking about how many players were on pace to surpass 100 points? They pass that mark and then blow it out of the water. MacElroy could slide all the way down to 6 all-time. He'll likely only fall to 5th but it's absurd nonetheless that in one season 4 players could surpass an all-time record, regardless of how young the Hounds are in the league. Plus/Minus (+/-) Before: 1. Callum MacElroy (+40)--S66 2. Berocka Sundqvist (+34)--S66 3. Dan Gles (+32)--S66 Okay projecting +/- is too much work for me to want to do right now, but actively Balentine Kidd would take that 1st spot without playing another game, and odds are that number will climb. Wang has already surpassed Berocka Sundqvist, although as an offensively minded player his +/- could fluctuate wildly. 3rd on the active roster is Guy Saskamoose, who very well could push his way onto the list as a true rookie. Penalty Minutes Before: 1. Jacob Perry (122)--S67 2. Hulk Hogan (118)--S66 3. Danny DeYeeto (97)--S66 Projected: 1. Jacob Perry (122)-S67 2. Hulk Hogan (118)-S66 3. Brock Louth (~95*)-S68 Louth is the only active Hound with a shot at breaching the PIMs single season record list. He sits at 52 PIMs after 49 games played. It is unlikely that he pushes Danny DeYeeto off the board here, but if anyone from S68 is going to make a dent on this record, it will be him. Hits Before: 1. Jacob Perry (186)--S67 2. Hulk Hogan (181)--S66 3. Cody Smith (172)--S66 Projected: 1. Brock Louth (~190)-S68 2. Jacob Perry (186)--S67 3. Hulk Hogan (181)--S66 This list is much more feasible for Louth to break into. Louth actively sits at 113 hits through this season, and that number will only continue to climb. He may not make number 1, but I can confidently say Brock Louth will find his was into the top 3 of all-time. Shots? (Gustav why do you have shot records.) Before: 1. Callum MacElroy (486)--S66 2. Cody Smith (356)--S66 3. Dan Gles (292)--S66 Projected: 1. Callum MacElroy (486)-S66 2. Jerry Wang (~480)-S68 3. Balentine Kidd (~475)-S68 They shoot a lot, nice. This is a stupid record. Shots Blocked Before: 1. Hulk Hogan (128)--S66 2. Jacob Perry (106)--S67 3. Vuuna Haaka (80)--S67 Projected: 1. Brock Louth (~155)-S68 2. Hulk Hogan (128)-S66 3. Finnegan MacBurn (~120)-S68 Louth was expected to be a dangerous force when he entered the league, and has shown his mettle across the board, whether it be with offensive production or defensive prowess. He establishes himself again in the shot blocking category, blowing Hogan's previous record of 128 out of the water and setting a new bar for future Hounds. MacBurn comes close to upsetting the reigning champ as well, but falls just short. His numbers are nothing to shake a finger at however, with 120 blocked shots still being a very impressive mark to hit. Game Winning Goals Before: 1. Callum MacElroy (11)--S66 T2. Cody Smith (6)--S66 T2. Scott Greene (6)--S66 Projected: 1. Jerry Wang (~20)-S68 2. Callum MacElroy (11)-S66 3. Brock Louth (~8)-S68 MacElroy's 11 GWG's from S66 was an impressive bar to set, and Wang's absurd season sets to destroy that mark. With 10 game winners so far, Jerry Wang has been able to bury the puck when it mattered all season long, securing 1/3 of the Hound's wins this season. Louth is actively tied with left winger Patrik Tallinder for GWGs, but Louth's substantially higher production pushes him into the more likely candidate. I would go into goalie stats but the Hounds have had a goalie carousel this season, with Lukas Schweitzer, Nicolas Fomba, and Aleksandr Aleksandrov all stepping up to the plate at various points throughout the season. This makes it seem unlikely that any of them would take a record from one of the previous holders. If I'm mistaken someone feel free to correct me and I'll have .com content. 951 words EDIT: I made this article based on an 82 game season because I'm big stupid
  7. Wow okay I’ll go fuck myself then
  8. I see you've decided to stick with unreasonably small logos
  9. 1. It should, but we've been on a pretty mediocre stint lately so who knows. 2. I'd imagine Lahtinen as he'll be coming in with the most TPE. 3. Abuse of officials. 4. Brock Louth, they have ties for some strange and totally unknown reason. 5. BETTER, MORE GOALS, MOAR POINTS, GIVE ME AN AWARD DAMMIT. 6. Allow me to explain to you why the DETROIT RED WINGS will go 82-0-0 and win the PRESIDENTS TROPHY. -Anthony Mantha is on pace for 280+ points -Tyler Bertuzzi is an ELITE TALENT -The Larkin, Tuzzi, Mantha line is the most dangerous line in all of hockey -Filip Hronek is filthy and I love him -Filpulla is home -STEVIE Y IS HOME
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