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  1. I come looking for dogs, must be trained to do press conferences and engage active players in the lockeroom. Will teach how to use STHS and whatever else you may be interested in. Offer is outstanding to anyone who quotes and puts in their pitch.
  2. S72 Audit Goals No change Assists Michael Mac takes 1st Points Michael Mac takes 2nd +/- Bo Burrows takes 1st, JaredN takes 2nd, Shawn Glade III takes 3rd Penalty Minutes Bo Burrows takes 1st, Marshall James Frostbeard and Gavin Harris take 3rd Hits Marshall James Frostbeard takes 1st, Bo Burrows takes 2nd Shots Joseph Gainer takes 1st Shots Blocked No change Game Winners No change Wins Jacob Tonn takes 2nd Losses No change Overtime Losses Jacob Tonn takes 3rd Save Percentage Jacob Tonn takes 1st Goals Against Average Jacob Tonn takes 3rd Shutouts Jacob Tonn takes 3rd Goals Against No change Shots Against Jacob Tonn takes 3rd
  3. Press 2 electric boogaloo 1. It's been a tough stretch of games but it's what we signed up for. How do you feel about your personal preformances? 2. Miami and Houston are putting on a show at the front of the pack, who's the stronger team? 3. Halifax has gone a long stretch of games with no wins, when will the drought end? 4. Mississauga player Teriyaki Chicken has broken into the top 10 for shots blocked, how does their defensive play impact our game? 5. What lines, if any, would you like to see played? 6. I try to ask it once a season, if there was a Hounds fight club, who would be the one wearing the belt?
  4. Welcome to the VHL @SCEmporRostock! I noticed you have some friends in the league, if they are determining you end destination I completely understand, but if not I’d like to offer you TOP 6 MINUTES with the Mississauga Hounds. We have a huge community of staff and alumni who will happily answer any questions you may still have about the league. If this offer interests you, please quote this message and say “Accept”!
  5. Mississauga Hounds, my bad I guess I forgot literally the whole pitch lol
  6. Welcome back @jhatty8, I won’t waste your time with a long winded pitch but if you don’t mind missing the playoffs I’ve got some top line minutes for ya
  7. Hey there @BigZouzou, welcome to the VHL! My name is Cole, the General Manager of the Mississauga Hounds, and I’d like to extend an offer to you to join our squad. We aren’t exactly in a position to compete right now, but because of that I can offer you TOP LINE MINUTES alongside an incredibly helpful group of both staff and alumni to guide you through whatever processes you’ll need help with (although coming from one of our affiliate leagues, you probably won’t need too much). If this offer sounds good to you, simply quote it and say “Accept”! We’d love to have you on board.
  8. You would not believe the amount of wood I’m knocking on right now
  9. Welcome to the VHL @H0PPY75! My name is Cole, and I'm the GM of the Mississauga Hounds. We have one of the best lockeroom cultures in the league, and would love to welcome you into our family! We likely won't be competing this season, but on the bright side that means I can offer you FIRST LINE MINUTES on our squad. If this offer interests you, simply quote this and say "Accept"!
  10. The give me Fomba lmao I’m not winning the group anyways