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  1. ColeMrtz21

    S62 Team Mercenaries

    And then there’s me who was never on the rush
  2. ColeMrtz21

    S62 Group 6 Fantasy Draft

    That’s what I get for going for a young team

    1. Spade18


      see you there!

  4. ColeMrtz21

    Dan Wilinsky post season press conference

    “Although his player does have plenty of time on his hands only playing half of his teams games” brutal
  5. ColeMrtz21

    VHLM Newsletter - Eighth Edition

    VHLM Magazine will be out in two weeks this time because we’re putting crazy content in it for the playoffs and draft
  6. ColeMrtz21

    Semi-Finals GM 4: Saskatoon vs. Halifax

    Clean sweep
  7. ColeMrtz21

    Semi-Finals GM 3: Saskatoon vs. Halifax

    Watch out everyone else, we’ve got shooters out here
  8. ColeMrtz21

    Have we Exhausted V1?

    Maybe I’m just an idiot but doesn’t this aspect of randomness kind of lend to some realism? If the team with the best guys won every time the sim wouldn’t be that exciting, but if the underdogs get lucky here or there it certainly makes things more interesting. I mean it doesn’t happen often but every once in a while the WC makes the finals in real life too.
  9. ColeMrtz21

    Semi-Finals GM 2: Vegas vs. Ottawa

    That’s a rough way to kick off your series damn, I came in here looking for a split contest
  10. ColeMrtz21

    Issue IV

    Issue IV Sorry for the delay we should be back to normal now.
  11. ColeMrtz21

    Issue III

    Issue IV will be our today, sorry for the delay I’ve been dealing with some stuff at home
  12. ColeMrtz21

    Alex Pepper Interview

    That penalty was so early in the season too I remember that
  13. ColeMrtz21

    Alex Pepper Interview

    I was going to say something about the sweep comment @Sonnet but I’m more pissed that I only have 2 penalty minutes
  14. ColeMrtz21

    Alex Pepper Interview

    Heard you been talkin shit boy
  15. ColeMrtz21

    Alex Pepper Interview

    Someone remind me to listen to this when I get off work