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  1. ColeMrtz21

    S63 LIVE Draft Class Rankings

    Nationalities, gotta see how those world juniors teams are shaping up
  2. ColeMrtz21

    What does Upgrading Each Attribute Do?

    Hm, what do goalie stats do? Better chance to stop a shot Better chance to stop a shot Better chance to stop a shot BETTER CHANCE TO STOP A SHOT
  3. ColeMrtz21

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    I just want to play, we could lose both games but the anticipation is killing me. PUT ME IN COACH! Halifax made it fun, we have two active starters so we both start, we switch out every couple of games. Aim for cap every week. It's not hard to do and it can be really enjoyable as well. My first "real" week I capped on Monday. I pass on reviews because I'm lazy though.
  4. ColeMrtz21

    Alex Pepper Presser

    1. With such an impressive start, do you think you will be able to maintain those numbers as the season goes on? 2. How do you expect your team to preform? Where in the standings will this performance land you? 3. Are you happy with how you've preformed these six games or do you think you could do better? 4. What pregame rituals do you go through? 5. You were the first goalie in the entire league to post a shutout this season, and against arguably one of the strongest teams in the league. How do you feel about this? 6. Speaking of, what do you think of your competition with the younger, faster, and significantly better looking goaltender Cole Mertz?
  5. ColeMrtz21

    GM 15: Las Vegas Aces vs. Halifax 21st

    I spoke before I checked lol, don't worry, you're just keeping it warm for me until I start again
  6. ColeMrtz21

    VHLM Power Rankings

    VHLM Weekly Article by: Riley Johnston After the first few VHLM games have passed, we take a look into which players have started off hot and where the best in the league are playing. The teams are then ranked based on the talent they have and Cup potential. 1. Las Vegas Aces LVA has a standout team, one of the deepest rosters in the league, and an All-Star goaltender in Alexander Pepper. Currently in second place, Vegas boasts an impressive 9 GA, the lowest in the league with the only contending team being the Halifax 21st. Vegas also has 10 players (including Pepper) over 50 Overall on their roster, and three players with 70+ Defense. They might not score a whole lot, but they have the prospects to do so and you sure as hell won't score on them. 2. Halifax 21st It was a tough choice between HFX and LVA, but at the end of the day I wouldn't be surprised for the finals to be between them. Halifax has one of the most active rosters in the league, and it shows. Nine players over 50 Overall, 2 active goaltenders, 2 of the leagues top 4 goalscorers, Karl von Moltke being second in the league in assists, and did I mention 4 of the top 5 rookies? The list goes on. Halifax currently holds the first place position in the league, and they can only go up from here. Vegas only just edged them out of the top ranked team as they are the deeper roster right now. 3. Saskatoon Wild Hear me out on this one. SSK is currently second to last in the standings, which doesn't look promising for the 3rd ranked team, but I have my reasoning. For starters, Saskatoon is only to Ottawa in goals for, and it's not a close race with any other team, with Halifax being 5 goals back. The Wild have one of the most potent player combos in the league with Ryuu Crimson and Dylan Nguyen, who by the way are both firmly planted in the top 10 points leaders. Crimson is second in the league for goals with 6 and Nguyen is third for assists with 8. This roster also boast Anderson LaVey and Burnt Toast, also in the top 10 for points. If SSK can come together defensively they will become one of the top teams in the league, no question. 4. Ottawa Lynx 10 players over 50 Overall, the top 2 players in the league for points, the league leader in goals. Ottawa seems like they should be higher, but they won't be. Ottawa is alarmingly mediocre, they have 2 standout players and a lot of generally good guys. There's no real holes but there's not a whole lot to be excited about. Chance Matthews is a phenom, Baxter can do it all, but everyone else falls kind of flat. Not to mention Kritikers, who should be one of the best in the league, is currently sitting in fourth out of the leagues tenders. That's bottom 50% for a goalie who's rated highest in the league. Ottawa will be good, no question, but they won't be anything to watch. 5. Yukon Rush Whoa. What? Yukon ISN'T the 6th ranked team? With the shallowest roster and Rhett Stoffiday/Victor in net, it is a bit of a shock, but Yukon has two prospects that make me excited and scared. Let's talk about Sidney Crosby and Ryan Kastelic. Crosby is a monster, and absolute machine. If you watched the first few games Crosby dominated every leaderboard he could slap his name on. Should he keep it up he'll be one of the best players in the league. Kastelic is a whole different beast. He's quietly maintained where Crosby faltered, staying on the leaderboards. Out of everything Kastelic is eligible for, he appears on 4/7 leaderboards. Kastelic and Crosby could be an elite defensive pairing, but they don't have a team to back them up. Time will tell just how good they turn out to be. 6. Oslo Storm Nothing to see in Oslo. 5 guys with 50+ Overall, their points leader is some 38 TPA player who's playing beyond capacity, the team just isn't any good. I'm sorry Oslo but draft picks will be your best players. The only thing you really have to look forward to this season is the end of it.
  7. ColeMrtz21

    GM 15: Las Vegas Aces vs. Halifax 21st

    I’ll be taking that spot back now @Sonnet
  8. ColeMrtz21

    VHLM Magazine Staff Recruitment

    Depends on what being editor entails, I’m open to the positions but I may not be able to fulfill some of the roles software wise
  9. After talking with @Victor and @McWolf, talks have emerged for a VHL Mag style project coming out for the VHLM. However, it's contingent on having enough staff as well as approval by someone with power in the forums moderation staff. Just to see if we could pull together enough people, anyone interested feel free to respond to this post stating what position you'd be interested in. There would be a Graphics team, a Writing team, and a few editors.
  10. ColeMrtz21

    GM 12: Halifax 21st vs. Las Vegas Aces

    Well this put a damper on coming out with the best % in the league
  11. If you gave job pay for this I would spend probably too much time writing articles for it @Victor since he asked for interested people
  12. ColeMrtz21

    S62 Group 6 Fantasy Draft

    Roger Sterling @Pandar
  13. ColeMrtz21

    S62 Group 6 Fantasy Draft

    @DaftRaincloud you get two picks because you missed your first one