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  1. ColeMrtz21

    Issue III

    Issue IV will be our today, sorry for the delay I’ve been dealing with some stuff at home
  2. ColeMrtz21

    Alex Pepper Interview

    That penalty was so early in the season too I remember that
  3. ColeMrtz21

    Alex Pepper Interview

    I was going to say something about the sweep comment @Sonnet but I’m more pissed that I only have 2 penalty minutes
  4. ColeMrtz21

    Alex Pepper Interview

    Heard you been talkin shit boy
  5. ColeMrtz21

    Alex Pepper Interview

    Someone remind me to listen to this when I get off work
  6. ColeMrtz21

    Have we lost all diversity?

    Veteran leadership
  7. ColeMrtz21

    VHLM Newsletter - Seventh Edition

    @Tagger throwing some love out here with suggesting to follow the magazine forum, love you buddy
  8. ColeMrtz21

    GM 209: Halifax 21st vs. Las Vegas Aces

    Maybe if I comment here people will think we simmed
  9. ColeMrtz21

    S63 LIVE VHLM Draft Class Rankings

    Shawinganen isn’t eligible anymore @Tagger, past 200 TPE
  10. ColeMrtz21

    Issue III

    We love you barzy
  11. Hey go read that magazine that we write every week

  12. ColeMrtz21

    Issue III

    Issue III VHLM believes in the fong.
  13. Guess I've been slackin
  14. How did Pepper earn so much TPE so quickly holy hell I've been capping and everything
  15. ColeMrtz21

    S62 VHLM Achievement Tracker

    Cole Mertz Goaltender