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    Issue III

    Issue III VHLM believes in the fong.
  2. ColeMrtz21

    Issue III

    Issue IV will be our today, sorry for the delay I’ve been dealing with some stuff at home
  3. After several unfortunate incidents, the VHLM The Magazine Writing Team has been reduced to three members. We are looking for ACTIVE, RELIABLE members to apply to write for the magazine. Job pay replaces doing a Media Spot and grants 7 Capped TPE instead of 6. Current staff include: EDITORS/Myself, BarzalGoat, WRITING TEAM/McWolf, OilMandan, DaftRaincloud, GRAPHICS/SidTheKid, Enorama
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    Alex Pepper Interview

    That penalty was so early in the season too I remember that
  5. ColeMrtz21

    Alex Pepper Interview

    I was going to say something about the sweep comment @Sonnet but I’m more pissed that I only have 2 penalty minutes
  6. ColeMrtz21

    Alex Pepper Interview

    Heard you been talkin shit boy
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    Alex Pepper Interview

    Someone remind me to listen to this when I get off work
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    Have we lost all diversity?

    Veteran leadership
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    VHLM Newsletter - Seventh Edition

    @Tagger throwing some love out here with suggesting to follow the magazine forum, love you buddy
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    GM 209: Halifax 21st vs. Las Vegas Aces

    Maybe if I comment here people will think we simmed
  11. ColeMrtz21

    S63 LIVE VHLM Draft Class Rankings

    Shawinganen isn’t eligible anymore @Tagger, past 200 TPE
  12. ColeMrtz21

    Issue III

    We love you barzy
  13. Hey go read that magazine that we write every week

  14. Guess I've been slackin
  15. How did Pepper earn so much TPE so quickly holy hell I've been capping and everything
  16. ColeMrtz21

    S62 VHLM Achievement Tracker

    Cole Mertz Goaltender
  17. ColeMrtz21

    GM 209: Halifax 21st vs. Las Vegas Aces

    Goaltending battle of the century
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    Issue II

    Issue II Sorry it's later in the day we been busy
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    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1. Despite an overall disappointing showing on Team World, I’m excited for next season. Next season I should be a safe bet for Team USA starter and if my numbers from this year show anything I think I could make a run at WJC HOF by then end of my third season of eligibility. 2. Peace. He joined late so he’ll definitely go lower however he also has already passed the 90 TPE milestone. I think we’ll see a lot out of him. 5. None whatsoever. The VHL isn’t all that interesting when everyone you’re playing with is in the VHLM, especially since the VHLM has more active players it seems.
  21. ColeMrtz21

    WJC Closing Ceremony

    I’m getting the WJC HOF if it kills me, I’ve got two seasons to cement that spot
  22. ColeMrtz21

    GM 165: Halifax 21st vs. Oslo Storm

    Wow I suck
  23. ColeMrtz21

    S62 Bronze Medal Game: World vs. USA

    I already did, I thought we were playing the USA but the shots look like Canada
  24. ColeMrtz21

    Halifax 21st's Press Conference

    1. We’re at the point in the season where it’s less of an if and more of a when, we have a stacked roster and lead the league in most every category. Ottawa and Vegas are no easy teams mind you, but I think we can take them. 2. Far beyond where anyone expected, or at least I expected. That fact that we’re the first team to clinch a playoff berth shows how far we’ve come. 5. Hard fight between Miracle and Goon, but I have to pick Goon just because you can watch that again and again and never be bored of it. “PICK NUMBER 69, ITS HILARIOUS!”