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  1. Shhh you’re S61 I didn’t want to look you up
  2. I’m sorry but WHO had that shit down? Because it sure as hell want you. edit: I retract my original statement I misread what you had said... I’m very tired
  3. I'm not saying it ended up as a bad pick, I just was surprised to see it
  4. So after rising from the dead to come back into the VHL, I decided I should catch up on how some of my favorite VHLM stars are doing in their rookie seasons. I also wanted to see who was drafted to Davos with me because I missed the draft. So, here's some big VHLM names and how they're holding up one season later. 1. Ryan Kastellic @Enorama was easily one of the best defensemen out of the VHLM last season and I did a lot of work with him when I was here. He went to the Riga Reign first overall and the team currently sits atop the VHL with a 12-2-3 record. Kastellic looks to be in the same form from the VHLM with 7 points in 17 games, although his -6 looks a little shaky. However, Riga can't be upset with this pick and Ryan has shown to be a solid addition overall to their backend thus far. 2. Joseph McWolf @McWolf is just another one of those guys who you always have a positive interaction with. He also happened to go second overall to the New York Americans, who have had significantly less fortune, sitting just one spot off the bottom. McWolf may be what one calls a forward playing defense, with 12 points in 16 games but a crippling -22. I'm just gonna blame STHS for this one because this don't add up chief. 3. Sidney Crosby @SidTheKid87 look I love this guy but HOW DID YOU GO FOURTH OVERALL I'M SORRY BUT WHO LET THIS HAPPEN HELSINKI EXPLAIN. Like the kids good, real good, dominated in the minors, but fourth seems mad high. Similar to McWolf however, although he's looking a little better, 13 points in 17 games but only -13. Helsinki also isn't doing too hot sitting only one place above the Americans but there may be a reason for that. The reason being 4. Alexander Pepper @Sonnet come on now guys, you took this guy? Sievski McGee over here? This is why you're tanking. Actually though the league looks dominated by strong goaltending this year and Pepper, despite being low on the leaderboards, is still posting pretty strong numbers. His .912 save percentage makes the Helsinki defense look embarrassing (sorry sid) when you see he still averages 3.62 GA. Also I can't give him as much shit anymore as he has 300 some TPE... dammit... 5. Rhett Stoffiday @pierogituxedo (uhhhh @ broke) Rhett I've always thought was a nice guy, and through a complex series of transactions, he ended up in Davos with me. He's improved greatly since I've last been here, as has most everyone, and is one of the top goalies in the VHLM right now. Can't take the Deverux from me though, buddy, that's mine this year. 6. Tyler Smith @DrHexDex sad day, Hex went inactive before I did, and he hasn't come back. Kind of sucks as I loved playing with him and he was really involved when he was here, but sometimes people gotta dip. So now he rides the pine in Halifax. Rip.
  5. Why am I getting called over to games where two teams that don’t matter are playing?
  6. Cole Mertz Available cash: 1.5 Mil The First Generation: - .5 Mil Remaining cash: 1 Mil
  7. Oh that’s cute, how long have you two been together? Knew you couldn’t take me on your own eh?
  8. Hey don’t call me a bust, we out here grinding TPE
  9. Hey boys, been a minute. I was kind of a hypocrite for getting on people for disappearing with no communication but life gets in the way sometimes. I’ve had a lot to sort out in a short period of time and how my imaginary goaltender was performing wasn’t exactly my top priority. I want to apologize to everyone on the magazine because you guys are great and put in a lot of work on that, but I can’t put the time commitment to it anymore. I’ll try to come back to the league though, I just needed to drop this for a while. I lost and uncle, almost lost a brother, so as you could imagine I wanted things sorted before I came back. Once again I apologize to everyone I ended up screwing over by vanishing but I’m back for now. This league was honestly really fun and it sucked to have to leave it especially knowing how great a lot of you guys are but I promise I’ll be around here for a while now. Also I don’t remember the word count for articles so this is like 200 words if it’s supposed to be 250 then rip. #bringbackthepeppervmertzbeef
  10. And then there’s me who was never on the rush
  11. That’s what I get for going for a young team

  13. “Although his player does have plenty of time on his hands only playing half of his teams games” brutal
  14. VHLM Magazine will be out in two weeks this time because we’re putting crazy content in it for the playoffs and draft
  15. Watch out everyone else, we’ve got shooters out here
  16. Maybe I’m just an idiot but doesn’t this aspect of randomness kind of lend to some realism? If the team with the best guys won every time the sim wouldn’t be that exciting, but if the underdogs get lucky here or there it certainly makes things more interesting. I mean it doesn’t happen often but every once in a while the WC makes the finals in real life too.
  17. That’s a rough way to kick off your series damn, I came in here looking for a split contest
  18. ColeMrtz21

    Issue IV

    Issue IV Sorry for the delay we should be back to normal now.
  19. Issue IV will be our today, sorry for the delay I’ve been dealing with some stuff at home
  20. That penalty was so early in the season too I remember that
  21. I was going to say something about the sweep comment @Sonnet but I’m more pissed that I only have 2 penalty minutes
  22. Someone remind me to listen to this when I get off work