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  1. +4 for Stoffiday (Still not feeling well)
  2. Stoffiday

    GM 132: Oslo Storm vs. Yukon Rush

  3. Stoffiday

    Practice Facility (November 12 - November 18th)

    +2 for Stoffiday please.
  4. Stoffiday

    Rhett Stoffiday Presser

    Reporter 1: What's your favourite NHL Team? I'm a huge Vegas Golden Knights fan, but I also love the Nashville Predators. Reporter 2: Mr. Stoffiday, do you have any pre-game rituals? I eat biscuits and gravy before every game. Reporter 3: Any goals you want to achieve in the VHL? I'd just like to have a long and fruitful career. I dont have any huge goals yet. Reporter 1 (4th question): Going back to my earlier question, who's your favourite NHL Player? Martin Brodeur. Reporter 4 (5th question): Rhett, is it okay for me to call you Rhett? And is there a specific reason you wear number 35? I wear number 35 because it's my wife's birthday! Reporter 1 (6th question): Who is your favourite VHL player? Norris Stopko.
  5. Can our next expansion team be called the Tombstone Piledrivers? 

    1. BOOM™


      Sorry, the Steve Irwin Stingrays already have first refusal. 

    2. Stoffiday


      Lawd, that's a tough one to follow. 

    3. Sonnet
  6. Stoffiday

    Team Asia Faces Unexpected Trouble

    #FreePepper #BeAPepper #1OA @Sonnet
  7. Stoffiday

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1) The season has kicked off now, how do you feel about your team's performance to this point of the season? We’re second overall and have one of the best teams in the VHLM! I’m so proud of our progress! 2) What would you say has been your best performance in a game so far this season? It was the Yukon Rush vs. Saskatoon Wild game back in October. I got a shutout that game and stopped every single puck. My team put up two unanswered goals, and we showed the world what we’re made of!! 3) For some of you this will have been your first week of experience with the sim, what are your thoughts on the sim engine thus far? I’m an old veteran, so I love the sim very much. It’s one of the most intuitive simulators i’ve ever seen! I’ve become rather spoiled by it! 4) If you could bring in a brand new point task for the VHL, what would it be? I’m fond of the ones we have. Perhaps a reward for shutouts? Not sure. 5) The World Juniors cup will be happening in the near future, how likely do you think you'll be to representing your country? I sincerely hope so! I’d love to represent the USA in the World Juniors!! 6) Of all the logos in the VHLM, which one would you consider your favourite and why? That’s an easy one! My favorite is the Big R for the Yukon Rush! It’s my favorite because it embodies the flying wings and the “rushing” vibe tremendously! I just love it.
  8. Stoffiday

    S63 WJC Team USA Roster

    WHOO!!! USA USA USA!!!!!
  9. Stoffiday

    GM 70: Oslo Storm vs. Yukon Rush

    That was a tough one boys, we'll get em next time!
  10. Stoffiday

    Pain 101 - 50

    I'm fond of this! Thanks for making all these.
  11. So proud of my Yukon team! Ya'll are making this my most fun season yet!!

  12. Stoffiday

    Please God, Let's Fix Reviewing

    This is a great idea! I think simplifying ANYTHING makes it more enticing to potential future simmers, and helps the veterans to work more efficiently. You doing the math has really put it in perspective, and your proposed plan is efficient, and gives adequate rewards for the work put in! Kudos!
  13. Stoffiday

    Stepping Into the Locker Room: Saskatoon

    This is awesome!!! This is exactly what I love to see in a article! Kudos!!
  14. Stoffiday

    Welfare / Pension (October 29th - November 4th)

    +4 for Stoffiday please.