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  1. McWolf

    GM 160: New York Americans vs. Quebec City Meute

    Ayyy nice game boys
  2. McWolf

    (S65) RW - Brian Strong, TPE: 30

    Welcome in the league, @Wheaties !
  3. McWolf

    (S65) C - Tyler Brown, TPE: 30

    Welcome in the league, @tyler brown. Let me know if you need anything!
  4. McWolf

    GM 125: Saskatoon Wild vs. Halifax 21st

    That's nice.
  5. McWolf

    GM 148: Riga Reign vs. New York Americans

    Can we stop playing Riga now?
  6. McWolf

    Live S65 Draft Rankings

    Slow and steady wins the race
  7. McWolf

    Oh my god

    Agreed. Updaters gotta take one more minute to make sure the claims are valid before approving
  8. McWolf

    GM 119: Oslo Storm vs. Halifax 21st

    What a return! Glad to have you back, Moose!
  9. McWolf

    Live S65 Draft Rankings

    TPE change since the last update: Goonie +10 TPE Lightningyamasha +9 TPE Bonzaijoe +8 TPE eaglesfan036 +6 TPE Sharkstrong +6 TPE jacobaa19 +6 TPE FBR +5 TPE Sogarn +5 TPE Antone10 +4 TPE Bonaventure +4 TPE TacticalHammer +2 TPE BluObieZ +2 TPE Eudaldkp +1 TPE Fire Hakstol +1 TPE Kuch9 +1 TPE SpartanGibbles +1 TPE
  10. McWolf

    GM 116: Halifax 21st vs. Ottawa Lynx

    sorry about the lines @diamond_ace, I guess they asked the engine to do them following the trades and it put a lot of inactives over lesser actives (Smith > Chase for starters). We're correcting them for the next sim.
  11. McWolf

    LVA/HFX: S64

    I'll take Josh Wilson and Billy Kimber back, they are still active on the site and have no idea why they were in my scratches. Pretty sure I had them in the last lines I sent. I'll correct that ASAP.
  12. McWolf

    Halifax releases

    Cedrik Galiardi Harold McTaggart Hadrian Melbourn (waiver claim from this season, so I should have one more waiver claim now, right?)