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  1. This rivalry is starting to feel pretty one-sided.
  2. Nikky Flip has hit the big 100.
  3. @Joobles has reached 50 TPE
  4. 1) Since it's not been too long since you've joined the league, what are thoughts on the league so far as a whole? I'm continuously impressed by the amount of effort that goes into keeping it running so smoothly. It's a ton of fun and I have a few people's hard work to thank for that. 2) Are there any areas in the league that you would like to see a change/improvement? I think working towards more portal integration is a goal with merit. Otherwise, I think it would be fun to introduce a degree of variability and award bonus TPE for simulating well outside of achievement tracker. 3) The VHLM Newsletter launched earlier this week, did you read it and was it helpful to you? I read anything that comes from Tagger to me, it's almost always useful. I will continue to read. 4) What are your aims this season in the VHLM? To win a championship and score tons of goals. 5) With the teams starting to take shape, who do you consider to be the favourite for the VHLM Founders Cup? Excluding us, I like Ottawa's chances. 6b) What do you think of your current VHLM team? (If you were selected in the VHLM Draft) Big fan of my teammates and management, so I would say I think highly of Halifax and am thrilled to play for them.
  5. I got to this late, so I'm not sure what's still up for grabs, but I'm down to write or edit.
  6. Hey guys, dad had a heart attack, haven't been home for more than a few hours the past couple days. I'll take a look at this tonight.
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    I've got Rhett DeGrath after work.