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  1. jack

    Ottawa's Season

    This has been my most memorable season I’ve ever had in the league. Great job @Acydburn for putting the team together and also thanks to @HulkHogan for helping out and being a good dude in the LR. And the season isn’t over yet!
  2. @enigmatic you have brought honour to your family.
  3. 1. The race for 3rd in the S68 is heating up. What do you think gives you an edge over the others in your draft class? 2. There are two expansion franchises that will participate in this season's draft. Would you prefer to join an establish club, or to grow with one of the new teams? 3. Have there been any teams contacting you leading into the draft? Is there anything specific that attracts you to certain teams over others? 4. What has been most surprising so far for you in S67 in the VHLM? 5. Houston has had an interesting season, being the "worst" of the good teams (large gap of wins between Houston and San Diego). What do you think of Houston's chances heading into the playoffs? 6. It seems certain that Downey will make the jump to the VHL for S68. What was your favourite part of your VHLM career? 7. The US wasn't able to bring home a medal at this year's WJC. Is there anything you would have changed in hindsight? 8. What was it like to be involved in the management process so early in your career? 9. If you could pick one thing to change about the VHL, what would it be? 10. What's your favourite pre-game meal? @JeffD