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    jack got a reaction from Tbeez99 in Photoshop Alternative   
    This is an in-browser Photoshop alternative. It has basically replicated all of Photoshop's features. You can even upload existing .psds. I'd recommend this over GIMP for sure. 
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    jack reacted to Motzaburger in VHLGFX S67 FINALS! FINALLY!   
    Shoutout to @jack for some sick graphics this competition. Congrats to the reigning champ for making it to the finals!
    @gorlab vs. @.sniffuM
    Each designer must make two (2)  pieces once again.
    First piece is a VHL mobile wallpaper, specifically for recruiting!
    -Size: 2436 x 1125
    - Must contain a player, the VHL logo, and recruitment text (e.g., "Join the VHL", or "Create your player today")
    Second piece is a free for all. Make something we haven't seen before and wow us all. 
    Show us your best work for this second piece as there are no requirements except that it is VHL/M related. 
    Please PM me with your submissions by next Sunday!

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    jack got a reaction from Motzaburger in VHLGFX S67 SEMIFINAL VOTING   
    bring it home b'y
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    jack reacted to .sniffuM in VHLGFX S67 SEMIFINAL VOTING   
    Fuck dude this one's tough. Both really good sets of graphics, B had the better player card imo but A's second graphic is the best of the round so I went with A.
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    jack reacted to gorlab in VHLGFX S67 SEMIFINAL VOTING   
    Fuck being a gentleman, I'm voting for myself.
    Good luck @jack -- You'll always be a winner in my eyes. 
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    jack reacted to studentized in A look at a potential Western Europe roster   
    Yes, I know it's still VHL playoffs. Why are we talking World Cup already? Easy write-up, that's why.
    In S66, Western Europe had 4 nations to choose from: Germany, France, Ireland, and the United Kingdom (technically already a collection of nations, but whatever). For S68 I think adding a few more countries to the list might make sense: Italy, Spain and/or Iceland would open up some more possibilities and make the team more competitive on a whole, especially defensively . Despite what I would like to see, for this write-up I will still assume nothing has changed from S66 and they will only have the four more typical western European nations to choose from.
    To have any chance in this tournament, Western Europe is going to need to rely on its stifling defence and a bit of scoring luck. They lack high end talent outside of McWolf and Finn Davison but could medal with some smart roster decisions, good line chemistry, and some of that SHTS magic. Here's a breakdown of a potential roster for them.
    Easy decisions here. Finn Davison and J.B Rift represent the best goalies of the past two VHL seasons. Stable, veteran leadership from your goalies goes a long way in any tournament, especially in single-game elimination ones. This is the unquestionable strength of the team.
    McWolf leads the way here and captains this ship. Picking a partner for him and the remaining D-pairing is where it gets more interesting. 
    Out of Ireland, two aging, regressing defensemen in Mulligan and Baxter would have once been easy picks. Now I think both have to be passed up on, unless the tournament opens up to allow a third pairing. They've had their chance in past world cups and there are plenty of equally talented, younger defencemen deserving of a chance.
    In France, you have Fontenette who plays a well-rounded, not super flashy style of game. I think he slots in well with just about anybody, so I'd stick him on the second pairing.
    Out of the U.K you get the remaining two guys; S68 rookie (and soon to be rookie of the year?) Lance Flowers and puck mover Codrick Past.
    Flowers proved he could match against the best of the best this year and still hold his own. I really like him paired with McWolf but that leaves a Past/Fontanette second pairing that I'm not as sure about. In any case, I think you can get two good D pairings somewhere out of those four guys. Just might take some tinkering.
    This is where it gets toughest for me. The three best eligible centres of the class all play a similar style; defence first, shoot second, pass third. Two of these guys are from Germany: Hans Gruber and Mark Gebauer. The other is Aston Martin from the UK. All of these guys are deserving of roster spots, but I think Martin and Gruber are the better candiates to take the draws for being slightly less one-dimensional. Gebauer should have no problem at wing, in fact, I like him better there.
    By far this is the weakest position group, emphasized by the fact that you need to two per line. Denver Wolfe makes the first pick easy, representing the best forward available for Western Europe to choose from. It falls off a cliff after him though, so I think you probably have to stick Gebauer up with him on that top line.
    The next best forwards West Europe has are two more S68 rookies; Irish winger Owen Nolan and UK centre Thorney Underyew. I've got the personal connection to Nolan, but to be honest I'm not sure how well he works without a pass first centre/opposite winger. Underyew plays a similar style which makes coming up with some good line chemistry all the more frustrating. Despite the possible lack of fit, I don't really see any alternatives outside of these two guys; the next best forwards are VHLMers who just don't have the experience desried.
    Gebauer @Sova - Martin @Sullvino - Wolfe @InstantRockstar
    Underyew @jack - Gruber @TheFlash - Nolan @studentized
    McWolf @McWolf - Flowers @CowboyinAmerica
    Fontenette @okocha5 - Past @Kylrad
    Davison @Poptart
    Rift @Devise
    It remains to be seen how the actual roster will shape up, but that is how I would do it (barring any extra countries being added to the candidate pool).
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    jack got a reaction from DollarAndADream in da ______ [1/2]   
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    jack got a reaction from Dil in dont click [1/2]   
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    jack got a reaction from .sniffuM in VHLGFX S67 Playoffs [R2] OrbitingDeath vs. .sniffuM   
    A went wild, that paint spilling/melting/fire effect is just on another level.
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    jack reacted to DoktorFunk in Seattle Bears Midseason Roster Rundown [1/2]   
    The Seattle Bears have been a surprise team in the VHL standings this season, in my opinion. Despite there not being any one rockstar player, the depth of their offense and defense has carried them pretty far. They definitely have a bright future ahead of them. But are all of their prospects growing as hoped? And how do they compare to their previous seasons? I am by no means a statistics guy, but let's take a look at each of their currently signed players and see how they’ve grown!
    We’ll start alphabetically with:
    Acyyyyyyd Burn (Totally a Bust)
    One of the Captains of the Bears, Burn has so far performed up to expectations and then some. Last year, Burn had 22 goals and 32 assists over 72 games. As of this writing, he has 9 goals and 17 assists over 27 games. If we project this to the end of the 72 game season, Burn should outperform how well he did last year by a few goals and points. His growth seems to be continuing to advance his scoring ability. Overall, he continues to be a first-line forward and a valuable member of the Bears.
    Ambrose Stark
    One of the top defensemen on the Bears, Stark has continued his steady performance. In Season 67, Stark had 12 goals and 31 assists over the full season. So far, he has 3 goals and 17 assists. He is definitely more of a scoring presence, although he might end with fewer goals, he should have more points overall. With 44 shots blocked, he should continue helping out goalie Rayz Funk when it comes to stopping the opposing team’s momentum.
    Berocka Sundqvist 
    The Thunda from Down Unda, Sundqvist has been an outstanding addition to the Bears. As one of the Season 68 rookies, Sundqvist doesn’t have any previous experience in the VHL, but was coming off of an astounding 100 point season in the VHLM. He has provided 13 goals and 12 assists so far for the Bears, and is one of their top scorers, a fact that hasn't been lost in his demeanor in the locker room recently. Expect to see Sundqvist on the ice a lot more as the season wears on. 
    Boone Jenton
    Jenton hasn’t been a presence at all on the ice this season, and thus can be ruled a bit of a disappointment for the Bears. After having 13 points in the previous season, his 0 points this year is a bit sad. As we will see further into the list, Seattle has a few players taking up bench space that aren’t quite producing as they should. One of the few players on Seattle that seems to have lost their fire for the game, Jenton probably won’t be on the Bears roster for much longer, and definitely not in a prominent role if so.
    Carles Puigdemont
    Similar to Boone Jenton, Puigdemont has lost a bit of his zeal for the game in Seattle, but has been far more effective. Currently sitting as one of the Top 2 defensemen for Seattle along with Hulk Hogan, Puigdemont has 4 goals and 13 assists over the season so far. This is very much in keeping with his last season where he had 11 goals and 25 assists. He has yet to really advance beyond his level though, so expect to see him drop down the lines as Hogan and Stark improve their game. 
    Henrik Zoiderberg
    One of the other rising and talented left wingers on the team, Zoiderberg has distinguished himself so far with outstanding games and performances. Zoiderberg has 20 points this season, with 9 goals and 11 assists. At this rate, he should FAR exceed last seasons 30 points. Zoiderberg happens to also be a very important figure on the team, as he is an active and excited member of the locker room, Zoiderberg should stick around on Seattle for a good amount of time. Why not Zoiderberg, indeed?
    Heavyweight Champion of the World, Hulk Hogan
    The champ is going strong, brother brother. Compared to his 43 points last year, Hogan has 2 goals and 22 assists, showing amazing growth so far. Not too bad for Seattle’s resident goon. Hogan should be a Hall of Fame defensive player if his career continues on the trajectory that it has taken. As long as he can stay off the juice and not get too steroided up that the VHL starts to question it, expect Hogan to be leg dropping goalies on Seattle for the rest of time, brother. 
    John Frostbeard
    A mid-season acquisition from Calgary, Frostbeard has really found his own and settled in to be an amazing team player in Seattle. Beloved by his teammates, his is not just a nice locker room presence. Frostbeard has 28 points with 10 goals and 18 assists, half of his 56 points from last season in only 27 games. Frosty is expected to exceed his performance and be a very dominant presence on the ice. His kind, calm, and collected attitude lends itself well to the Seattle Bears locker room and he adds a lot to the team. 
    Kevin Low
    Consistently getting better and contributing to the team, albeit a quite player, Kevin Low has put up quite a few points for the Bears, and is looking to exceed his 38 point rookie season. He is constantly improving, so his performance improving shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Low has already taken more than half of the shots on net that he did last season, so expect a bunch more of those to find home. His numbers won’t stay Low for long.
    Maxim Kovalchuk
    The first line center for Seattle, and formally a Hall of Fame talented defensive player, Kovalchuk filled a hole in the Bears offense that was very needed. He put up 78 points for the Bears last season, and seems to be slowing down a little bit this season. This is to be expected, as Kovalchuk is sitting a little bit on the older side for players in the Victory Hockey League. Still, he’s filling a very necessary position on Seattle while it figures out what to do and where to look for it’s new center, which is an important question going forward for the Seattle Bears. 
    Scott Greene
    Speaking of the future of Seattle Bears centers, we come to Scott Greene, the second line center for the Bears. Greene had a decent first year for a rookie, putting up 53 points over 72 games. The Bears need a talented center, but Greene hasn’t been quite as impressive so far this year. He’ll need to step his game up, particularly in the face-off circle so that his team can keep possession of the puck more. A little more muscle on his frame should reap some rewards, so expect him to be hitting the gym a little bit more this season. Greene isn’t the perfect player, but even still, the future does look bright for Greene if he can address this issue.
    Shane Mars
    One of the great sad stories for the Bears, Mars just doesn’t have the same fire in his game that Seattle was hoping for when he was drafted in season 66. Not enough can be said about Shane Mars from two seasons ago. After coming off of an unbelievable rookie season, Mars put up 60 points for Seattle over 72 games. Not bad, but not what they were hoping for. He’s done very little for the Bears in season 68, and doesn’t look to be doing much more in the near future.
    Thorny Underyew
    Another one of the rookies for the Seattle Bears, Underyew has put up 8 points at the time of writing, and looks to keep contributing to the bottom six for Seattle. Overall, should be a good player going forward.
    Rayz Funk
    In my opinion, the backbone of the Seattle Bears and their star player, no offense to anyone else. Rookie of the Year winner and a franchise goalie for Seattle, Funk will absolutely be a Hall of Fame player in the future. The tough part is gauging his performance this year. His save percentage is looking better, and it’s actually the highest it’s ever been as of the writing of this article. He has half of the wins he had from last season, and if the team in front of him can stay consistent, he should be golden.

    This team has a very bright future ahead of it. I think this Seattle team could be one of the strongest teams in the Victory Hockey League, and if all of the players can stick around, they could be contenders for their entire careers. The issue is going to be addressing payment. All of the Season 67 draftees for Seattle have remained active and around, and have been constantly improving. Seattle isn’t going to have much cap space after season 69, so Banackock will need to take a hard look at the roster and see what pieces he can keep around. 
    @Acydburn @Banackock @berocka @HenrikZoiderberg @Rayzor_7 @jack @Smarch @FrostBeard @HulkHogan 
    Sorry if I missed everyone.
    1500+ words, claiming for the next three weeks
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    jack reacted to gorlab in VHLGFX S67 Playoffs [R2] jack vs. Bushito   
    yeesh this would have put any graphic in round 2 in a casket imo.
    Smart move, Bushito.
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    jack reacted to Motzaburger in VHLGFX S67 Playoffs [R2] jack vs. Bushito   
    That's why I liked picking a theme that made you fellas switch it up from the norm  more things to come next round! Keep it up boys
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    jack reacted to .sniffuM in VHLGFX S67 Playoffs [R2] jack vs. Bushito   
    It's insane how well everyone did on these, sucks that Bush didn't get one in but this one is great like everything else submitted.
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    jack got a reaction from Motzaburger in VHLGFX S67 Playoffs [R2] jack vs. Bushito   
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    jack reacted to Banackock in GM 106: Seattle Bears vs. New York Americans   
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    jack reacted to STZ in brocklouth   
    Remember: All S69 Players can claim one of these if hit 150 TPE! READ HERE
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    jack got a reaction from Tate in da ______ [1/2]   
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    @Acydburn @Motzaburger @monkeywrench15
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    @Acydburn @Motzaburger @monkeywrench15
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    jack got a reaction from Motzaburger in hi my name is [1/2]   
    @Acydburn @Motzaburger @monkeywrench15
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    @Acydburn @Motzaburger @monkeywrench15
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    jack reacted to STZ in Recruitment Graphic   
    Feel free to use this if you are making a recruitment post or whatever:

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    jack reacted to DangerGolding in VHLGFX S67 Playoffs [Round 1]   
    shh don't ruin my plan

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    jack reacted to Acydburn in Da Bearz   
    Da Bearz
    So, it’s a new week and we all have to complete our TPE tasks, I don’t really feel like doing a graphic (I’m also at work). Instead, with 9 games played in the season lets take a look at how the Seattle Bears are doing in each category.
    We can start with the easiest option, goalie. The starter is currently Rayz Funk who has started 6 out of 9 and has a record of 4-2-0. He currently sits at a Save percentage of .931 and 2.16 GAA, with 1 shut out 13 goals against and 189 saves attempted. This ranks Funk at 3rd in the league for Save Percentage and 5th for Goals Against Average (minimum of 4 games).
    Let’s take a look at one of the two overall points leaders for the bears, John Frostbeard. In 9 games he has 9 points with 5 goals and 4 assists. He currently sits a +/- of -3, 2 penalty minutes, 15 hits, 33 shots, 6 shots blocked and has an average minutes per game of 29.28 the 2nd most on the team. He also has the second highest shooting percentage on the team with 15.15% and his points per20 minutes is .68. His 5 goals ranks him at 12th in the league and 4 assists has him at 42nd in the league. His is tied with Acyd Burn for most power play points and tied with Burn and Stark for power play assists.
    The other player tied with Frostbeard is Ambrose Stark with 9 points. While Frostbeard has a mix of goals and assists Ambrose is more of a helper with 8 assists and 1 goal. He has a +/- of 5  which is the team lead for +/-. He also has 4 penalty minutes, 17 hits, 22 shots, a shooting percentage of 4.55, with 22 shots blocked which is the team lead,  and an average minutes per game with 28.44. He has 3 Power Play assists and a points per 20 minutes of .70.
    Berocka Sundqvist is currently tied with Frostbeard at 5 goals but Sundqvist is 2 assists shy of Frostbeads 4. He has 5 goals, 2 assists for 7 points with a +/- of 3 17 PIM, 30 Hits which is the team leader, 41 shots, a shooting percentage of 12.20% with 4 shots blocked and an average minutes per game of 23.13. His points per 20 minutes is close to Frostbeard’s with .67. He leads the team with 3 power play goals.
    For most penalty minutes we have the undisputed VHL champion in Hulk Hogan, while he has the Most PIM he still is an active contributor to the team with 7 assists, 15 hits, 9 shots, and 15 shots blocked with an average minutes per game of 28.97.
    When it comes to the most shots Acyd Burn leads the Bears with 48 shots but only a 6.25% shooting percentage. He has managed 3 goals and 5 assists for 8 points in 9 games. He also leads the team in points per 20 minutes with .81. He has 2 penatly minutes 7 hits, 2 shots blocked and average minutes per game of 21.95. He is tied with Frostbeard for most power play assists and power play points.
    For shooting percentage, we have a clear winner on the bears with Shane Mars. He is at 20% shooting while maintaining 1 goal in 9 games and average minutes per game of 4.33.
    For most minutes played we have Maxim Kovalchuk with 267 minutes and an average minutes per game of 29.70. Kovalchuk is the first line center and eats a lot of minutes for the team and contributes. He has 5 points, 3 goals and 2 assists. 2 of those points come from the power play with 1 power play goal and one power play assist.
    This is not to take away from any of the other players on the team as 12 players on the team has found themselves on the score sheet. While others may not find themselves in the spotlight they play a crucial role for the bears. Whether it be a PK specialist, Face Off Specialist, Power Play specialist, all Bears contribute to the team.

    @Rayzor_7 @Banackock @HenrikZoiderberg @jack @FrostBeard @HulkHogan @Smarch @berocka @Spade18 @DoktorFunk @FakeJenton @Eudaldkp