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    S62 Mid-Season PT Special!

    Graphic Mikka Pajari
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    Mikka Pajari

    Could you link me it pls
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    VHL Pickem (S62W5)

    Wranglers Legion Dynamo Meute
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    VHL Predict the score (S62W5)

    Dynamo 4-2
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    Mikka Pajari

    I have revoked it and claimed it as bonus!
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    WJC Stats?

    Hey I've been playing in the World Juniors Season 62 and been having fun. We've won the Gold medal and was a heck of a game. I was thinking that maybe we should have WJC stats in our player page to follow each of our players. Like for me for example after a couple of games I lost track of how many goals I had. I think it would be also a good idea to have in our Awards the gold medal from the team you where representing. This would be good for either the players to get pride and even the VHL general managers to get a little glimpses of how every rookie is playing under pressure. Gm's could look for certain players they want and also see how they pay against other good players. Feel free down below on how you feel and even explaining why. Thank you.
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    Mikka Pajari

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    VHLM Pickem (S62W4)

    162 Las Vegas Aces 163 Ottawa Lynx 164 Las Vegas Aces 165 Halifax 21st
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    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1) We're now a few games into the regular season, what are your thoughts on how your team has done to this point of the season? He wasn't been performing a lot but he is really happy to be on a winning team. 2) What are your thoughts on your own performances? Im not happy with my performance as of late but I've have to play harder and not be afraid to get into those dirty areas. 3) What's been your favourite game to this point of the season? I think playing against Yukon because that is one of the teams that really was pushing to sign me. 4) With the World Juniors being announced to return this season, how excited are you at the prospect of potentially representing your country? Very happy to be representing team Canada and just being a part of a tournament which you the player represent your country is just amazing. 5) We're currently working on creating a more up to date video tutorial to help people around the site, if there's anything you're currently unclear of or something that took you a while to pick up that you'd like to see mentioned in the tutorial, what would it be? Yes to show where the games are at and being able to understand all of those criterias in the link. I had lots of trouble at the beginning of the season finding it. 6) I do a tag for you when I post new press conference questions, would you like that whenever a new point task opportunity arises? Yes
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    Anthony Dabarno Bio [2/2]

    Oh my bad... I'll add words