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  1. Cornflakers

    2018 Holiday Bonus!

    2 *<|:)
  2. s63 vhl tracker?

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    2. Quik


      those aren't trackers though, they're literally experience points (awarded during off-season) and training camp, which is during pre-season...

    3. Sonnet


      Season isn't over

    4. Cornflakers


      jesus, shortest season followed by longest playoffs >< my bad

  3. Cornflakers

    Scott Shawinganen Press Conference

    @Jubo07 1) Which non Canadian NHL franchise do you have a soft spot for? - The columbus blue jackets have been a fav of mine since the rick nash / pascal leclaire era 2) Name the top 3 cartoons from your childhood. - spiderman - arthur? - pokemon @oilmandan Who will win the VHL championship this year? - probably gabriel mcallisters thing Who is the biggest rival to NYA in the VHL? - probably the helsinki titans cause jubo? Any idea what two players the Americans will get in the first round? - shmlayshar smorginshmon Is there any VHL job youd like to have? - i don't even like working the job I have in real life ...
  4. Cornflakers

    Season 64 Recruitment Drive

  5. Cornflakers

    [S63] Player Store and Balances

    Player Name: Scott ShawinganenVHL Team: New York Americans Cash you have: $5,750,000 Purchase Name: Experience Points (10 points) Cost of Purchase: $3,000,000 Cash Left: $2,750,000
  6. Cornflakers

    [S63] Player Store and Balances

    can i buy stuff @Quik ?? where do i check my moneys? i want the 10 experience points what's that mean, 10 points to any category?
  7. Cornflakers

    Scott Shawinganen Press Conference

    1. Absolutely, PPG is where it's at, just need some defence, gm dont trade those picks plz 2. I wish we did, we'd have more to prove, but we aren't "the worst" on paper so - 3. Easily @oilmandan 4. Not so much a joke, but when we band together as a team, we say "no man is an ismond" 5. God, that would be a dream, but I guess we have the world cup to look forward to, ley go Canada! 6. Cornflakers has been my moniker since I bought a ps3 slim w/ gran turismo and needed a name, looked around my dorm room at a family size box of cornflake cereal, cornflake was taken, so +rs was the next logical step.
  8. Cornflakers

    Scott Shawinganen Press Conference

    need more questions @Enorama @DollarAndADream @Beketov @Jubo07 @hedgehog337 @jRuutu @oilmandan @Quik
  9. Cornflakers

    Scott Shawinganen Press Conference

    Best part is @Enorama is no where near us and we can watch PG14 movies because of it.
  10. Cornflakers

    Scott Shawinganen Press Conference

    ask me one more question you cuck cause @Enorama is a nazi