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  1. Reviewing I like this graphic a lot. I like logo swapping and the background blending with the player is nice work. You clearly have talent and it is on display here. I would give this a 10/10.
  2. Driver is on vacation enjoying another off season before he gets back to work for his 5th season with the Helsinki Titans. During vacation he will have time to collect his thoughts and come back refreshed and ready to dominate. Zamboni had 38 wins in season 76, it was a career high total and same with his 5 shutouts. We had a chance to speak with Driver before he left for his vacation. He had the following to say, "It is an honour playing for Helsinki and I will continue to play here as long as they wish to keep me around. This is my home and my team mates are like my second family. For right
  3. With the helsinki season officially over, I dedicate my graphic this week to a career titan who has played his final game in the VHL. Erik Summers was a stud for us and especially in front of my goalie. Thank you @Erik Summers we will miss you on the blue line.
  4. The playoffs starting this week with the wildcard games between Prague - Riga and Seattle - Calgary. With those best of 5 series done the Helsinki Titans will now start their first round series against the Warsaw Predators. Warsaw only finished 2 points behind Moscow. Warsaw has been an impressive expansion team that has shown improvement each season and now they are a top contender. They scored the most goals in the league and are equally great on the road or at home. Helsinki had another great season finishing 42-23-7 and are going to give it their all to make another run at the cup. Ola Vi
  5. Reviewing This is an appealing graphic. I do like the way the left shoulder blends in with the background. The brightness is high and there isnt a logo swap on the helmet where the canucks logo is. Score of 8.5/10
  6. it will be fun to see a new goalie come in to the Titans pro roster. Gibson is developing well. Personally I welcome the added pressure to keep Driver motivated as he reaches depreciation seasons. @Caboose30
  7. @gorlab I want to personally thank you for bringing this to the public eye. Even if the obvious isn’t acted on by the blue team, live simming was mentioned and this is a big big must for a sim league. If you don't have the time to live sim then you should not be a simmer.
  8. I liked what I did with my graphic for Green Gaming two weeks ago so I decided to make a new one for Driver to use as my signature
  9. 1- I am all raw skill so I dont need cyber enhancement 2- more issues 3- yes and I welcome the challenge 4- no for sure not 5- yes Helsinki is well represented on the forum and the discord 6- no I dont see how that would work
  10. Reviewing Blade I like this one a lot. You have made a pleasing flow through the graphic as well as fun touches like the luggage tag and stamps. This was a fun way to achieve the theme week. We look forward to having you pass through Finland on your travels. Rating 10/10.
  11. 1- it is a cool idea to get more people involved 2- Everyone on the team has been a pal. They all deserve something. 3- https://thehockey411.com/2018/02/17/ranking-the-top-10-nhl-valentines-day-cards/amp/ 4- it is up to the couple to chose to celebrate it or not 5- no, nothing special 6- I will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
  12. vacation time for a goalie is extra sweet. Time to heal the bruises and focus the mind.
  13. 1- the third one but they are all nice in their own ways 2- I want to make sure all of the Titans and ex titans have a spot on the island if they want 3- A goalie school show with guest appearances by VHL and minor league goalies 4- Can my zipped up bag of goalie equipment count as one item? That would make it to easy I think. 5- Exactly what Jubo and Blade do. That is how it is done. I may be bias but there is not a better duo than them. 6- I dont know too much about the Harry Potter series. I know Ravenclaw is a thing so lets go with that
  14. It is simple. Helisnki is red hot and does not look like they will slow down any time soon. The Titans are full of offensive and defensive weapons, and to go with that they have goaltending that can gain them another advantage each night. It is exciting for sure and the locker room has been pumped up all season. With the new faces we welcomes there was uncertainty how the roster would play out on the ice. Those questions have been answered. There has been instant chemistry on all lines and the defensive pairings are playing as good as ever. Another week is a head for the VHL and that means mor