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  3. World Jrs disappointment to Glory. Trepanier got invited to the try outs for Team Canada, Unfortunately it was a short stay. He was cut due to the roster being full and was not at par with the rest of his team mates. Chace didn’t get a chance to really show his worth and therefore was cut on the first round of cuts, In disappointment he practiced harder the upcoming days because he knew he had a shot with team world, apparently where everyone’s sloppy seconds go. He then grew the attention of the GM for team worlds and found himself a top the team playing first line for them. The first game has just passed and Trepanier came out just swinging with a knockout performance with one goal and three assist. Media circled him after the game and praised him after the recent performance and questioned him on were the motivation came from. Trepanier replied I had something to prove to Team Canada that it was a mistake letting me go and I plan on making them regret it every game. When questioned about the gm of Team Canada Trepanier commented that he feels he did what was right for team and there is nothing more I can do to change that, all he can focus on is working harder and becoming a better player to make the team next time around. Team world expressed pleasure in the first game of Trepanier now have set their bar high on his future performance and hope that he can continue to produce numbers to help them proceed and be successful in the tournament. Coming off a good upcoming with the Lynx who have turned their team around and now sit in second just behind Halifax. Trepanier and Teammate Mcwolfe who are both having a great start with Team World and helping the Lynx to new heights only see themselves becoming better and bigger parts of their teams. With all the talk going around the league of who’s going to win the tournament and who’s going to win the cup these young players can only hope to bring as much success to their team and help them win the glory, while helping their teammates become better in the process also. Team Worlds have some big challenges coming up in the next few games where the teams will see their true competition for the tournament. The world juniors is he stage where all the young and upcoming talent go to prove their worth and improve their stock value for the upcoming draft, Most prospects should already be receiving questions from VHL GMs and will certainly get more spot light because of this tournament so VHL GMs keep your eyes peeled this is where you could possibly find the steal of the next draft class and have yourself a surprise franchise player in the works. With that I would like to thank the league for bring back the Juniors it will bring a new level of entertainment and challenges to everyone and so much fun and expectations for the players to improve their game and want to become better.