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  1. Kisshan

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1) The season has kicked off now, how do you feel about your team's performance to this point of the season? Honestly super great! We've got a strong chance this year of making it all the way and the team is just looking great 2) What would you say has been your best performance in a game so far this season? I really do not want to highlight one performance from myself, just trying to get the games rolling and providing as much as I can for the team. 3) For some of you this will have been your first week of experience with the sim, what are your thoughts on the sim engine thus far? To be quite honest, really confused on how Nathan Mackinnon is killing it even though my attributes are much more widespread and more distributed than his. I’m not complaining though since we’re honestly doing great and the sim is in our favour. 4) If you could bring in a brand new point task for the VHL, what would it be? TO TYPE THE WORD KISSHAN AND GET 100 TPE, sounds good to me 5) The World Juniors cup will be happening in the near future, how likely do you think you'll be to representing your country? I think I have a really good chance of representing my country, but we have lost some really good players form S62 but I will try my best to help my team out in every way possible. 6) Of all the logos in the VHLM, which one would you consider your favourite and why? Yukon Rush like for real, I like bright colours and also the design is just amazing.
  2. Kisshan

    GM 4: Yukon Rush vs. Oslo Storm

    @BarzalGoatTOO EASY OUT HERE😂😂
  3. Kisshan

    VHL Endorsement Contracts S63

  4. Kisshan

    S63 VHFL Sign ups

    down if there is still a spot
  5. Kisshan

    S62 World Cup Predictions!

    Worst Team: Mercs Bronze Medal: World Silver Medal: USA Gold Medal: Canada
  6. Kisshan

    [TC] S63 - Riga Reign