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  1. Kisshan

    Oslo Storm GM (VHLM)

    I mean i am way too knew but ill just throwmy name in there once again
  2. Kisshan

    Player Store Manager

    I would love to do this but am not sure if u guys will let me do this as it would be my first job since i got no experience yet.
  3. Kisshan

    S62 VHLM Achievement Tracker

    Kisshan Shan Forward Points Assists
  4. Kisshan

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1) This week, we've had a Mid-Season PT Theme bonus, where you got 10 extra TPE for making a PT about another player in the league. What theme would you like to be used next season? I really enjoyed this week’s, maybe like a theme based on upcoming draftees next time? 2) We've also re-launched the VHL's Twitter account, and you can get 3 TPE for following the account and retweeting the recruitment tweet. Which social media platform do you think VHL should cover next? I feel like we can maybe actually brand on Youtube as it is really easy to get famous and sponsored. Side note: Let’s try and make an app?! 3) Four of the five playoff places in the VHLM have been decided, the remaining teams to battle it out for the last place in the playoffs are the Rush and the Wild. The Rush are three points behind the Wild, but the Rush have a game more to play and the two teams play each other twice before the season's end. Who do you think will make the playoffs? I feel like the Saskatoon wild will be the ones edging out. 4) At the top of the table, it's a battle between the 21st and the Aces. The 21st are two points ahead of the Aces and the two teams play each other one more time before the end of the season. Who do you think will top the table come the end of the season? With Halfiax’s great run and great team, it shrely has to be them. 5) Speaking of the 21st, they revealed their logo yesterday, what do you think of it? I really like it, a new addition to the league and it came out well! 6) Finally, I'll be doing another Mock Draft in my weekly Draftee Rankings tomorrow, fill in the template below with who you think will go where in the first four picks! 1 (Helsinki Titans) - Ryan Kastelic 2 (New York Americans) - Julian Borwinn 3 (Toronto Legion) - Tzuyu 4 (Riga Reign) - Joseph McWolf
  5. Kisshan


    I rate it man😍
  6. Kisshan

    VHL Predict the score (S62W5)

    4-2 Dynamo
  7. Kisshan

    VHL Pickem (S62W5)

    Wranglers Legion Dynamo NY
  8. Kisshan

    TPE: Post on other websites

    wow my failt it posted so many times for some reason
  9. Kisshan

    TPE: Post on other websites
  10. Kisshan

    S62 Gold Medal Game: Asia vs. Canada

    Woww gg, great run for Asia anyways! Congrats Canada!
  11. Kisshan

    First-Generation Bonus

    +10 Kisshan Shan, I am 2 tpe away from 100 and i have 3 pending updates that will probably be approved.