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  1. Banackock

    Official Regulations on Tampering

    It’s the effort that we greatly appreciate. Thank you for your service!
  2. Banackock

    S64 Regular Season Index

    Garrop still missing from the line up... @Will I'm sending in lines without him. Where a CPU is, is where garrop should be
  3. Banackock

    S64 Regular Season Index

    Ditto, oi. SIM TONIGHT or BUST.
  4. Banackock

    S64 Regular Season Index

    @Will Mulligan is on the Bears. He's Quebec I think.
  5. Banackock

    Hunter Hearst Helmsley -> HFX

  6. Banackock

    Oslo GM Change

    Best of luck.
  7. Banackock

    Practice Facility (January 21st - January 28th)

  8. Banackock

    [S64] Player Store and Balances

    Player Name: Maxim Kovalchuk VHL/VHLM Team: SEATTLE BEARS Cash you have: 14.5M Purchase Name: FREE WEEK Cost of Purchase: 3M Cash Left: 11.5M
  9. Banackock

    HSK/QUE: S64

    I was meh on it and didn’t think of him receiving assets for Charm. 100% he shouldn’t be allowed to QUE next season lol.
  10. Banackock

    SEA/QUE: S64

    Good to go. Thanks, gents.
  11. Banackock

    SEA/QUE: S64

    @JG10 sent it over on portal, buddy. Dust them skates off! Lets go baby!!!
  12. Banackock

    SEA/QUE: S64

    @Will @Beketov @Quik Please add Gucci Garrop @JG10 to the sim and roster etc.