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  1. Bout time Thompson starts playing in playoffs
  2. Always a good read! LOVE these kinds of articles and wish we seen more of them. Good shit - can't wait for Part 4.
  3. 3 VHLM Commissioner 2 VHL GM 1 WJC Runner (I only claim 1 to be nice, should be atleast 2 so if you give me that god bless).
  4. Banackock

    Ottawa GM Hired!

    I mean, if you say the first one out loud, sounds bad ass. Like Spiderman's next Villain he faces off against. Shoots Acyd from his ckock
  5. Banackock

    Ottawa GM Hired!

    Ottawa Lynx NEW GM! As always, tough choice. Lots of good candidates, but with the off-season quickly approaching, we wanted to give the new GM as much time to get settled, review the rules and league and get comfortable with their new role. This member is fairly new to the league, but everyone starts out this way and since he's joined, he's really made a strong impression on myself and the rest of the league. He's been in talks for recent roles prior and at this point, he edges out the competition and earns himself the gig. @Acydburn Best of luck moving forward in your new role and thank you to everyone who applied for the position. I know it may feel as though we snub, snub snuuuub you but it's not the case. If ever you have questions, please feel free to message us. @VHLM Commissioner