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    Halifax 21st GM Change

    We appreciate the time, effort and dedication @ShawnGlade has given to the league since the start of his career. While he is moving up to the big leagues to GM, a replacement is needed for Halifax in the VHLM. Shawn brought to me, essentially a shorter list of guys who he would recommend. A decision has been made! Congratulations to @McWolf, who will become Head GM of the Halifax 21st the moment the S63 VHLM playoffs end. In the meantime, he will be joining Shawn and the 21st as an assistant, and to get a new hand on team properly. Thanks! @VHLM Commissioner @VHLM GM @Commissioner
  2. Banackock

    S64 WJC Uncapped TPE Opportunity

    Anything for you.
  3. Banackock

    S64 WJC Uncapped TPE Opportunity

    @Members So no one misses out on some easy, minor TPEzzzz.
  4. Banackock

    New Saskatoon Wild GM (VHLM)

    Hello, While not an easy move, I have decided to remove @Dtayl at this time from his position as GM of the Saskatoon Wild. While I appreciate his efforts and time given during his tenure and understand his real life situation, I have to always uphold what's best for the league. Long story short, we gave it a try and now must move forward. Best wishes to you and maybe see you back behind the reigns one day. With that being said, effective immediately, @Peace will be taking over as interim GM for Saskatoon until the conclusion of playoffs, to which he will be extended the opportunity to continue on or step down from the position. Thanks for your understanding and good luck to both parties moving forward, @VHLM Commissioner @VHLM GM @Commissioner
  5. Banackock

    New Saskatoon Wild GM (VHLM)

    We can say, after the conclusion of last playoffs .
  6. Banackock

    Las Vegas Releases

  7. Banackock

    Las Vegas Releases

    For the purpose of getting under the waiver claim cap (player is inactive). Fabio Lucera @VHLM GM Player can not be claimed due to inactivity and there are no inactive FA's. In a case where he returns, he'd be an active free agent. Each VHLM team is capped at 1 active FA. Thanks guys!
  8. Banackock

    Fylo Gibbles -> LVA

    GOT EM
  9. Banackock

    Derek Bohne -> LVA

  10. Banackock

    S64 WJC Discussion Thread

    Congrats to those hired.
  11. Banackock

    Feeling the Itch to GM Again

  12. Banackock

    Feeling the Itch to GM Again

    an itch to be active again would be a good start imo. hehe
  13. Banackock

    Leave of Absence Pension

    I don't even think that small enough would be worth it and if it were higher, you'd have members leaving and joining under a new name tbh. See the point of the idea, don't think it should really be adapted to the league imo.
  14. Banackock

    GM 97: New York Americans vs. Seattle Bears

    Woah, close one.
  15. Banackock

    Hiring S64 WJC GMs

    Good luck to everyone applying. It's a fun experience for any new members looking to gain some managing/STHS experience
  16. Banackock

    SSK/OSL: S64

  17. World... Juniors... COMING SOON. 


    Who plays? Who GM's? All this and more coming your way... SOON



  18. Banackock

    Keaton Louth Rule

    Less needed imo in VHLM, but I’ll give it thought. We have 7263728 things and discussions going. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here and get overwhelmed. One thing at a time so things are proper and we have limited to zero issues.