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  1. Damnnn. One of my first for @701 ???
  2. Awesome - both worthy causes that help/effect so much.
  3. Edmonton Oilers

    1. gregreg


      *2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs 

  4. It was a good one short but so sweet!
  5. I don’t think I really have to do one of these as I got a full week from donations but I need that magical number of Bana Blabs to keep climbing! Back to work for me this week and onto a 10 day shift (what it always is). I don’t know what’s going on but ever since I think Saturday or Sunday the hearing in my right ear has been pretty weird. Kinda like I’m under water or like it’s blocked or something. Weird. Concerning. Lots been going on in VHL and regular season is GOING! LETS GO! Bears suck. We were in last place. Chicago is now in last place. I’d imagine after this sim Seattle
  6. Banackock

    SEA/HSK; S79

    900 TPA? Sub-600, S73, and Poptart hasn’t been incredibly active. There’s a trade coming later. This is to trade 3M of salary.
  7. What did you have for breakfast? 

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    2. Banackock


      @FrostBeard we were pretty close this AM.. 2 egg sandwich with tomato and cheese, 4 turkey sausages, apple cinnamon tea with honey and a banana 👀

    3. FrostBeard


      @BanackockLove everything there except Bananas, sadly, can't eat them :( 

    4. JardyB10


      HA! Frostbeard can't even eat bananas, what a cuck.


      I had Corn Pops.

  8. Not good to hear… you made a beast of a player.. sucks to hear interest has been lost.. Seattle always starts slow. Way too early to tell!
  9. NBA is/was super easy to win with. Betsway had one where “___ won by ___” and 21 obviously was the most appealing win and you could hit it somewhat frequently!
  10. F - Red Lite (NYA) @Ricer13 we're all home
  11. Goodbye weekend and days off.