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  1. Someone tag Owen May and tell him good job!
  2. Excited to see this take off!
  3. I’m likely just as surprised as you are. i was expecting 10-3 TOR
  4. In the VHL you will be 220 TPE going against players with 500-1,000 TPE. I’m out “walking” my dog. Skimmed it - some interesting thoughts for sure - but I don’t see the TPE levels changing that much at all its to include everyone and to maybe represent more than once if you’re lucky enough. The purpose of the WJC is to give new members AND all lower TPE level players at chance at representing a country as the WC happens less and sometimes requires much higher TPE. Ill read when I get home but I always love members suggesting how to make things better. That’s what this whole entire site is about - everyone enjoying their time
  5. They were sweet. I also really like the Coyotes jerseys back in the day (or their current throwback ones).
  6. Yes but we’ve yet to lose to Moscow. I think its only natural we decide to blow a tire early. Typical Seattle!
  7. It seems as though my minor tweaks have ya catching L’s
  8. Above and Spreadsheet updated for S64 WJC.