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  1. Ruggiero10

    (S63) LW - Marcus Ruggiero, TPE: 30

    Nope just learning as I go
  2. Ruggiero10

    LW - Marcus Ruggiero (YUK)

    I will be accepting Yukon’s offer. Honoured and excited to play!
  3. Ruggiero10

    (S63) LW - Marcus Ruggiero, TPE: 30

    Through TacTicHD’s YouTube video at the beginning
  4. Ruggiero10

    [S62] Toronto Legion

    Hola amigos
  5. Player Information Username: Ruggiero10 Player Name: Marcus Ruggiero Recruited By: Age: 17 Position: LW Height: 70 in. Weight: 150 lbs. Birthplace: Canada Player Page