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  1. EASTERN CONFERENCE (A2) Boston Bruins vs. (WC2) Columbus Blue Jackets Winner: Boston # of Games: 7 (M2) New York Islanders vs.(WC1) Carolina Hurricanes Winner: NYI # of Games: 6 WESTERN CONFERENCE (C3) St. Louis Blues vs. (WC1) Dallas Stars Winner: Dallas # of Games: 6 (P2) San Jose Sharks vs. (WC2) Colorado Avalanche Winner: SJ # of Games: 7 
  2. Part I - Pick em' (Pick the correct winners of all three games for 2 TPE) Game 3 - Toronto Legion @ Helsinki Titans Game 4 -Toronto Legion @ Helsinki Titans Game 5 - Helsinki Titans @ Toronto Legion Part II - Predict the Score (Predict the correct score and winner of this game for 3 TPE) Game 5 - Toronto Legion @ Helsinki Titans 4-3 Toronto Part III - Player Predictions (Predict the correct player for each category, 1 TPE for each correct answer) Series leader in points: Julian Borwinn Series leader in goals: Vesto Slipher Series leader in assists: Julian Borwinn
  3. Two seasons into his career and Jesse Wilson is getting used to something. What that is is something very rarer but also some very special to him. In two seasons in his VHL career, Jesse Wilson has played in two VHL Continental Cup Championship finals. A big feat for a player who was drafted in the second round with no real potential from other General Managers. Wilson is really soaking up all he can and it is allowing him to gain some valuable experience. Jesse is hoping this year is a little different from the sweep last year. So far the Titans are off to a good start winning the first game of the series 2-1 in overtime. Wilson has scored two goals thus far in the playoffs and also has added 4 helpers and played some great defence as well. Helsinki still has their hands thick in the mud as they look to gain the upper hand and go back to the home rink with a 2-0 lead. Let's just hope this year they don't lose four straight games in the finals like they did last season.
  4. HEL G had to piss into a cup after this game for sure, not even speculation.
  5. Ask to watch Paul Blart after to learn about proper responsibilities while on the job
  6. User Name: monkeywrench15 Cup Winner: Tampa Bay Lightning EASTERN CONFERENCE (A1) Tampa Bay Lightning vs. (WC2) Columbus Blue Jackets Winner: Tampa Bay # of Games: 5 (A2) Boston Bruins vs. (A3) Toronto Maple Leafs Winner: Toronto # of Games: 7 (M1) Washington Capitals vs. (WC1) Carolina Hurricanes Winner: Washington # of Games: 6 (M2) New York Islanders vs. (M3) Pittsburgh Penguins Winner: Pittsburgh # of Games: 7 WESTERN CONFERENCE (C1) Nashville Predators vs. (WC1) Dallas Stars Winner: Nashville # of Games: 5 (C2) Winnipeg Jets vs. (C3) St. Louis Blues Winner: Winnipeg # of Games: 6 (P1) Calgary Flames vs. (WC2) Colorado Avalanche Winner: Calgary # of Games: 6 (P2) San Jose Sharks vs. (P3) Vegas Golden Knights Winner: San Jose # of Games: 6
  7. Jesse Wilson looks forward to Playoffs every year. It's a bit of a luxury if you make the postseason, but Wilson doesn't take it for granted. During his junior career he was a playoff legend and performed at a higher pace than anyone could've imagined. Wilson is looking to build off that and propel his career by turning it up a notch in the VHL playoffs for Helsinki. so far in his young career, the regular season has not been his friend. Luckily Wilson may get a chance to shine if he is selected in the upcoming Expansion draft and that is something he is looking forward to. That being said, he is hoping to help his teammates achieve greatness by going far in the VHL postseason. Wilson is hoping to lead from the back end and provide with solid breakouts from their own end. Jesse sees chemistry with Sidney Crosby and doesn't want to be buried down the depth chart again. He feels he has put in the work to be a first pairing defence man and that it should bode well come the off-season no matter what happens with the young Canadian born blue liner.