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    News Manager

    I will apply for this
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    S63 Group 9 Fantasy Draft

    V. Smirnov @Frank
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    VHL Endorsement Contracts S63

    I accept my deal
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    Helsinki Titans Press Conference

    1. I'm going to be in the vclm for the season, but i look forward to playing my former team in the ottawa lynx. i don't have scores to settle as management is largely the same and they always took care of me. the fans were great there as well. 2. In the off-season I like to go fishing on the lake with my dad who is a big fly fisher. I got into the hobby/sport a few years ago as its very calm on the water and its a good thing to get away with. 3. I love to chow down on some spaghetti because it fuels me for big contests. plus who can go wrong with momma's homemade marinara sauce? 4. I don't have many but maybe my oddest one is putting hand lotion on my stick tape. It allows me to slide my hands and rotate them more when shooting. Its strange, I know. 5. Not really. I like to let them sleep because im a man who enjoys his sleep and wouldn't want to see someone else wake up when they hadn't planned on it. 6. i haven't yet but i plan on doing so soon with one of them if they get back to me
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    draft day excitement

    Jesse wilson was as happy as a clam the day the Helsinki Titans selected him int he second round. On friday Wilson was given his marching orders, by that we mean he was marching his way to helsinki to meet the team and become their newest second round talent. wilson's stock has been rising since he took part in mid season workouts and scouts were happy with what they saw. Helsinki gave the green light to their management staff to draft the young canadian in the second round of the most recent vhl entry draft. Wilson has a lot of promise but also has a lot of work to do to become a solid vhl player in the future. Wilson is a hockey player through in through and will look to bring helsinki what they figured they got when they selected him. Wilson is a defensemen with a good two-way game and something that teams can always find room for. Jesse said after the draft that he feels he was a steal and will prove that he is worthy of a first round selection, something he missed narrowly. The Titans have informed Wilson that to help his development he will be in the VHLM's this season again.
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    Players: Seeking Endorsement

    I am looking
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    S63 Group 9 Fantasy Draft

    Podrick Cast @Frank @alecbama
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    S62 VHL Award Ceremony

    crazy there could've been some clean sweeps. congrats to the winners
  9. monkeywrench15

    Helsinki Titans Press Conference

    1. I personally do not know enough about the landscape to have an opinion. i'm sure the general manager felt it was something his team could gain from. 2. i think they are very well put together and are building for a good future. i cant wait to add to the talent they already have. 3. i dont know all my teammates yet but knowing i will be in the vhlm means i have to wait to make the vhl. 4. yes i hope to lead the defensemen in scoring in the vhlm this year and hopefully be a good player for the titans next season. 5. first purchase ws buying my mom a new car. she has been driving the same acura for about 15 years now. 6. id love to go to stockholm, i know its in a rival country but it would be cool to go to a place thats also very hockey crazy.
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    S62 World Cup Predictions!

    Worst: Mercs Bronze: USA Silver: Canada Gold: World
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    [S62] Player Store and Balances

    Player Name: jesse wilson VHL Team: ottawa Cash you have: 1 million Purchase Name: 3 experience point Cost of Purchase: 1 million Cash Left: 0
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    S63 VHFL Sign ups

  13. monkeywrench15

    [TC] S63 Helsinki Titans

    +10 to jesse wilson