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  1. We are good to go man. I don't think we ever had any personal grudges, maybe some disagreements; but nothing that would change my views of you as a good father and individual.
  2. Yes, I am stoked on being on your team again!
  3. If only they allowed me too. I guess they could re-assign my player to that profile? @Beketov how does that work?
  4. That's right, I'd never leave you hanging for long!
  5. Yeah I meant Sandro. I went back and looked at stats and the only stat I think he beat me in was shutouts and I can recall it being about 4-5 between us
  6. Lucky you. King was better then Clegane and got voted worse than him in one of the polls
  7. Kohler left out again, Not looking good. Congrats to both guys!
  8. Yeah I had 8 jobs as well, but not sure if it was updated at all
  9. Everyone has my deepest apologies, except this man. JK, Hi Smarchy!
  10. We worked together a short while ago with players. It might have been when I was going into FA and you were as well with Tyson Kohler. I enjoyed that and you are an incredible writer as well
  11. Yeah the end of that run was stressful and tensions could be cut with a knife. Safe to say that's behind us and this league
  12. I think it was the fact Cologne/Quebec was hit hard with an expansion thing very well linked to the Grizzlies and Raptors not getting low picks.