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    Practice Facility (December 10th to December 16th)

    jesse wilson - halifax
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    Season 64 Recruitment Drive

  3. monkeywrench15

    wilson looks to helsinki

    After a very solid vclm career Jesse Wilson will be making his helsinki titans debut next year and hopefully he will have something to brag about with his friends. the young defender who was drafted in the second round a year ago by the titans, is looking to make some progress as a rookie. wilson had a very good career with the halifax 21st and the ottawa lynx and in limited games in one and a half seasons he actually had some great numbers from the blue line. wilson is hoping to turn that success into professional success with the titans. known as a two-way defensemen, wilson actually showed some great offensive prowess this past season with the halifax squad. wilson might be on the power play for the titans next season if the coaches decide that his game will allow for such minutes. known as a sturdy canadian kid, wilson looks up to players like scott stevens and adam foote as his idols for how he wants to play the game. have the sturdiness of adam foote and the hard hitting style of scott stevens. it will be an adjustment for wilson to go over to helsinki and play in front of a fanbase he has never seen before.
  4. monkeywrench15

    Halifax 21st Press Conference

    1. Do you feel like you underachieved this playoffs? i feel as a team we did but we were also in tough. we had some bright moments this season but as a team we couldn't come together and stop the puck from going into our net. 2. What are your thoughts on the Saskatoon series? Thought that we let in too many goals to count and that was the death of our playoff series 3. Did you view yourselves as the favourites before the start of the Semi-Finals? i did but that was more so because of the way we went into the playoffs on a high note. i thought we had a ton of momentum and that ended up stalling out very quickly. 4. What are going to be the Halifax objectives for next season? probably to best this years performance. i won't be in halfax but i will be visiting from time to time to cheer on the guys when i can. 5. What are your thoughts on S64 Dispersal Draft prospect Carles Puigdemont? his name is hard to pronounce so there is that. i think he's a good player and will probably be a good professional player in the future.
  5. monkeywrench15

    S63 Finals Fantasy Zone

    Part I - Pick em' (Pick the correct winners of all three games for 2 TPE) Game 5 - Calgary Wranglers @ Riga Reign Game 6 - Riga Reign @ Calgary Wranglers No Game Game 7 - Calgary Wranglers @ Riga Reign No Game Part II - Predict the Score (Predict the correct score and winner of this game for 3 TPE) Game 5 - Calgary Wranglers @ Riga Reign Riga 3-2 Part III - Player Predictions (Predict the correct player for each category, 1 TPE for each correct answer) Series leader in points: Jack Shephard Series leader in goals: Jack Shephard Series leader in assists: Jack Shephard
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    2018-2019 NHL Discussion

    i think ep is the guy who is a rookie? i think most could get 15-20 with him, he is pretty exciting from the highlights ive seen
  7. monkeywrench15

    Semi-Finals 2, GM 5: Halifax 21st vs. Saskatoon Wild

    i like that it drags out. allows me more time to collect tpe for the majors as well
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    S63 VHLM Achievement Tracker

    defenseman - jesse wilson shots blocked and points
  9. monkeywrench15

    vhlm playoffs

    Jesse Wilson is preparing for the VHLM playoffs and is getting ready for a showdown with the saskatoon wild. a canadian matchup that is sure to have a very captivated audience and it might go down to the wire. we already have results from game one and game two. halifax came out flat in their first game but ended up storming back from a 7-1 deficit to win 8-7 in overtime. the offence was on full display with both squads but saskatoon was not happy that they let a lead that big go to waste. in game two saskatoon came out very angry and took it to halifax to the tune of a 4-0 shutout win. it appears halifax is in tough if saskatoon can score at will and halifax will need to block shots and stop some of the saskatoon snipers if they want to succeed. jesse wilson said that he wasn't impressed with his teams performance in both games and know that giving up 11 goals in 2 games is not preferred. the next step in a stop in halifax for two more games before going back to saskatoon for a fifth game. halifax is hoping to get a split in their home building at the very least.
  10. monkeywrench15

    Helsinki Titans Press Conference

    1. i usually get my shopping down early so i can enjoy the festivities in peace without having to worry about what to get certain people. 2. i see it from both sides. i think a player earns the right as per the collective bargaining agreement to go to restricted free agency. that being said you also have to prove your worth it. he better hope he performs well or he will be booed by the fanbase. 3. i would get a gift for pepper our goalie because he is going to carry the load over the next phase of this retooling franchises uprising. 4. boat. in halifax i get to travel right into the harbour on a boat, it's awesome! 5. NF - Lie. he is a rapper born down the road from eminem in detroit and he is amazing 6. it would be a chair made of recycled plastic because im all about the low carbon footprint
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    Practice Facility (December 3rd - December 9th)

    wilson on halifax
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    my next team

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    halifax going the distance

    halifax has clinched a playoff position and that means that jesse wilson will get a chance to see what he can do in the postseason again. last season he played in the postseason with the ottawa lynx and actually had a productive playoffs. now with an entirely new team he is hoping that playoff mojo can continue. Ottawa also made the postseason this year so it will be interesting if the halifax squad can maybe face his former squad. ottawa was rebuilding and traded jesse wilson to halifax near the start of the regular season this year. wilson and his teammate nathan mackinnon are both in the top five in vclm scoring this season and both are hoping they can do some damage when it comes to the playoffs. wilson is currently tied for most assists in the regular season and did have a big lead in that category until late when former teammate Chance Matthews tied Wilson's number.