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  1. Zach Parechkin DollarAndADream 3 S48 S49 S50 Max Molholt Molholt 3 S48 S49 S50 LeAndre St. Pierre atw2592 3 S48 S49 S50 World B. Free stevo 3 S48 S49 S50
  2. Molholt

    Cup-winning goals

    How many of these did it as the last shot they ever took? Jarkooooooooooooooooooooo
  3. Molholt

    S60 Group 3 Fantasy Draft

    I don't know any of these players.
  4. Molholt

    S60 Group 3 Fantasy Draft

    Kiaskov and Reinholdt
  5. Molholt

    S60 Group 3 Fantasy Draft

    Ko Kane @Bring Back Player 2 (Tri)
  6. Molholt

    [TC] S60 Toronto Legion

    World B. Free Hockey School +5 Strength, +5 Defense
  7. Molholt

    S60 Group 3 Fantasy Draft

    Shawn Gretzky @Kendrick
  8. Molholt

    S60 Group 3 Fantasy Draft

    Casey Jones @Bring Back Player 2 (Tri)
  9. Molholt

    [S60] Toronto Legion Finances

  10. Molholt

    S59 Brett Slobodzian Trophy Voting

    I voted for DeGrath because I hate boubabi. Oh and because I believe Degrath's season as a goalie was really good. So please don't ban me Sterling lol. Also, despite any member bias, the better player is going to win out in an award like this anyway, so being upset that not everyone voted for you is silly - Cornerstone is clearly going to win the award, and if he's still going to win the award given the outbursts in this thread, then clearly a member's status isn't going to hold any player back from winning, now or in the future. (should maybe have some regulations since I pay no attention and have a vote)
  11. Molholt

    S60 Salary Brackets + Salary Cap

    Yeah, I really don't know why it wasn't already being used universally lol. It seems obvious.
  12. Molholt

    Season 50 Trades Pt2 [1/2]

    Yup, I did, obviously.
  13. Molholt

    S60 Salary Brackets + Salary Cap

    We use APE in the SBA. Same concept, and been using it since about S8 there (I believe), when people started to depreciate. It also doesn't matter But if you do care - Camo announced we were using it officially on January 1, 2015. I see it mentioned here in November of '15 (not sure if something was lost on the site changing at some point?)