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  1. Your team sucks and so do you as a person. Cheers mate.
  2. Malmo Seattle Malmo Malmo 3-2 Points: Matt Thompson Goals: Matt Thompson Assists: Ryan Sullivan Jr. PIM: Jerry Garcia Series-winning goal: John Frostbeard
  3. Penalty one minute in. This is how you set the tone.
  4. It's actually kinda ludicrous to think the person at the top should know everyone below. I work super hard, so the president of the US should know me! Bek's priorities are frankly above you, and for him to accomplish the things the league needs, that structure has to be in place. In the SBA, we have 44 teams, 24 of which are development teams - I don't know or keep up with the members there at all. If they stayed active and made it to the SBA, and then started to have relevant game performances, while I was the simmer for 21 seasons - THEN I might start to notice them. Otherwise, it was my job to sim, not know people. I pay the bills, I ensure the league is up and running for members like you, I develop new systems for members like you, but that doesn't mean I have to have a personal relation with YOU, or any you. There are hundreds of members who can do that, and dozens of staff too. It's not on the owner, or a commissioner, or the simmer, to know each individual member - even if they are active. As I said before, you say you have other points, but most of this is looking like "Beketov doesn't pay enough attention to me," which really just isn't his job. It's also pretty easy from the outside looking in. Ask @Doc Holliday how he felt about my job and my performance of it before and now after he has become a commissioner, a role he's only had for a season or two. I don't think you ever truly realize what it does to you to be in that role without being in it. I think I saw someone in here say that the quickest way to go inactive is to become a commissioner, and ain't that the damn truth.
  5. "I am highly active and worthy of your interaction, it's you who needs to see that." Wow.
  6. Please don't search instances of admins telling people to fuck off on the SBA discord... 😬 I found the offense on the VHL discord and it was incredibly tame. I know you have more points than that, as evidenced by how long this has been going on and how long-winded everyone is, but I just think that point is silly. Especially since people consider the SBA too strict ha. You can all fuck off!