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  1. Still waiting to be reached out to in regards to my application.
  2. I volunteer as tribute.
  3. Still can't get my name out of your mouth, no surprise there. Move on buddy.
  4. Seems like a first round selection isn't happening for Tretiak.
  5. I was on a playoff team and dealt to a bottom of the barrel team at the deadline
  6. Scouting Report Artem Tretiak is a goalie that currently plays for the Houston Bulls in the Victory Hockey League Minor system. Tretiak was drafted 50th overall in the Season 74 VHLM draft by the Yukon Rush. This was after playing out the previous season for the Saskatoon Wild, who picked him up on waivers after joining the VHLM. Tretiak saw no ice time for the Wild in his first season, focusing mostly on recovery and in getting in playing shape once again. The Wild were helpful in that respect, but then he was drafted and headed off to Yukon. For the Rush,
  7. 7B2887689L4707738 5 TPE and Doubles
  8. Tretiak to Join VHL Artem Tretiak, the Russia goalie, has entered the Victory Hockey League Minors, reads the ticker at the bottom of the screen. ESPN reports that the 35 year old veteran is taking his talents to the Victory Hockey League, finally leaving his native home and declaring for a more worldwide hockey experience. Friends, family, analysts and experts all agree, "It's about time." That's the overwhelming sentiment for fans of Tretiak, who has played for a decade and a half in Russia throughout his career. Though he will be seen as a new face, a rookie, even a
  9. If there is cash involved, send it over. I don't care about the starts.