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  1. Molholt

    Jaromir Jagr

    Artem Tretiak - Hand Speed
  2. Would be weird. I don't often make the VHL pro leagues, but when I do, good things happen. Between Jarkko, Max, and even short-lived Savage and now Tretiak - winning cups is easy.
  3. I already had one too. This shit is easy, right?
  4. Ah yes, forgetting how to goalie in the finals.
  5. lol it was 350 faced. smh. Edit: I suppose the backup took some though
  6. What is the record for shots against in a series? On this side of it it feels like that must've been it, ffs Warsaw, give a guy a break.
  7. Artem Tretiak (MAL), 52 saves from 53 shots - (0.981) Fuck outta here. On my back!
  8. This one game at a time business is for the birds btw
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