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  1. 1. I'm going to be purchasing a house in Halifax, where I will retire after next season. I hope to get a staff position with the 21st at some point in the future. 2. Dil has always been my biggest rival, although he's been way more active than me in the last 3 or so seasons, so definitely him. 3. Not really that surprising. All the teams were already pretty much set up to either contend or rebuild, and no one had much to offer at this point in the season. 4. We allow the most shots each game I suppose. He has more experience this season as well, which helps. 5. I think we should get players that will help us be good in the future, but not guys that are over half done with their careers. We don't want to clog up cap space for nothing. 6. Green beans.
  2. That's the attitude lol! Live fast, die young.
  3. oh rip, i was too busy rewatching lotr to see the post sooner
  4. As AGM of the VHL, I vote for fonziGG. Thank for considering my suggestion.
  5. 1. We keep beating New York and really nobody else. What's the deal with that? It's the curse of Elias Dahlberg. New York should have picked him over RSJr. 2. Just recently I announced that I'd be bringing in Proto as AGM, to help keep our locker room active and to teach him some stuff about running a team. Thoughts? Should I have hired someone else or did I make the right decision? I am not active enough to know who is who anymore, but I trust you to make the right decision. He's probably a great AGM. 3. What was your first season in the VHL and what memory from that season stands out to you the most? My first season on the site was S63, which I played in the VHLM. Favourite memory was coming back from 7-1 down against Saskatoon in game one of the semi-finals. We ended up winning 8-7 in overtime. Best memory ever for me. 4. What's one thing you don't like about this league? Is there anything I could be doing as GM to change that and make it a more positive experience? I don't like the lack of variety. The attributes that you can update are lacking, as well as the options for point tasks. It got old after about 4-5 seasons of the same thing for me. 5. Let's assume our top pick in this draft lands in the top four. Who would you most want to see on our team? (Keep in mind that Killinger is headed to Toronto as Peace's player) Stone Wolski. I love DollarAndADream. Great member and would be a good addition to the locker-room. 6. Who do you think will win the cup this season? Moscow Menace.
  6. @GustavMattias oops lol, looks like you got quoted twice there. What happened is that I answered those other questions, but as I tried to post them, my wifi went off and I was taken to a no internet screen. When I returned the VHL site, my answers appeared to have been removed, so had to redo them, and I noticed you had a second set of questions out, so I answered those instead. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused.
  7. 1. I don't think we're as good as we have been playing, not that I want to be negative. Definitely shouldn't be winning as many games as are so far. 2. I think we're doing a good job of staying positive, not worrying about the standings, and clinging to this little stint of success for as long as we possibly can. I think if there is anything we are doing wrong, it would be expecting to stay here for much longer. This, will, by no means, be a miracle season of any sort and we should all accept that now. It's fine by me. 3. Would love to see us draft Stone Wolski. We do need a great goalie, and DollarAndADream is an awesome guy to have in the locker-room. 4. As far as I am concerned, AGM is the only job that exists. Yes, we should hire one and you're reading his press conference answers right now. 😉 But on a more serious note, we don't really need an AGM at this point in time, but it is up to the discretion of you, the GM. We've survived without one for a long time, but Shawn's firing could have been avoided if we had one as well, so it's all up to you. 5. I'm hoping to top 45 points this season, because that would put me into first place on the all-time Davos points leader-board. I'm also looking for 20-25 goals at least, so I can set myself up to become the franchise leader in goals next season as well. I may not have left many marks on the league in my career, but I feel I can at least leave a mark on this team that is so dear to me. 6. I really want to stick around until the end of my career. I have played here this whole time, and don't plan on going anywhere, unless you plan to trade me. As long as you are loyal to Davos, I will be loyal to you, Gustav. Thanks for the questions man! I know it isn't always easy winning over an already developed franchise, with players who are stubborn in their ways, but I'm confident you will do a good job, and that you'll take this team to win championships. I do appreciate all the effort you have put in with the new Discord, and the press conference questions. I'll only be around for a few more years, but I'm hoping to make the best of my last few seasons and I'm willing to play for Davos for as long as I'm able.
  8. 1. I'm loyal to Davos, no matter who is in charge, though I have to be honest that I will miss Shawn. 2. Not sure, probably won't involve me though, because I only have 2 seasons left with the team. 3. Probably goalie. 4. I was drafted here 6th overall in the S64 draft, but didn't play with the team full time until S65, when I had my rookie season, and scored 42 points. Played another 4 seasons after that, and was the captain in S68 and S69. Definitely don't plan to ever leave. I am fully loyal to Davos, and I really want to set the all-time points record for the franchise. 5. It's nice to see that Philliefan and Materazo have been brought in. I definitely remember them from the VHLM back in my glory days, and can't wait to play some games along side them. 6. I hope that's true, regardless of the fact that I won't be around by then. Maybe I'll come back in my next life and join the team again if I'm allowed, and be a part of that run.