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  1. Disclaimer @VHLM Commissioner I am not applying, in case I confused you. Just playing into the memes.
  2. Finally! This would be my sixth time applying! They'd have to hire me... wouldn't they?... Beavis? They would wouldn't they? No, don't leave me here to die Beavis, you can't do this! Why meeeeeeeee?
  3. The Sponsor's Shield will bring plenty of excitement for fans, who are growing anxious, having to deal with the absence of the IIHF World Cup of Hockey this season. The tournament will bring together some of hockey's brightest stars, from both the VHL and the VHLM. It is an interesting concept for many fans, because everyone will have the thrill of watching their favourite players, however in this scenario, the players are mixed up according to their brand deals. Many players are the only player from their professional club that is playing for their brand, so there will be a lot of new friendships beginning. The interesting part will be to see which teams have the best chemistry, after starting from scratch. True North Gear, although not the most talented squad, shows potential promise with many of their players having played with one another in the past. John Madden is acquainted with almost every player on the squad and today we chatted with him about his anticipation of a fun tournament. Madden innitially signed with True North Gear during S63. At the time, an executive by the name of Andrew Warren was in charge, but after only one season as Brand Executive, he stepped down from his post. Madden got to play in the Sponsor's Shield at the end of S63, where he won the silver medal with the team, although he was barely played. He made friends early on with many experienced VHL players. He was extremely admiring of Maxim Kovalchuk and Oyorra Arroyo, and got to know some of the other players as well. Jesse Wilson played on Madden's team in Halifax during S63, and Randoms and McDavid were future teammates of his. He spoke to Randoms from time to time during the S64 campaign, while Madden was playing his second season with the 21st, and competed against McDavid, who was a very physical player, eventually joining him in a second line role with Davos this season. However, above all others, Madden is most excited about two people. His good friends Aran Thranduil and Basaraba Moose. Thranduil was an AGM in Oslo for Madden's first season with Halifax, and would reach out from time to time, as he was always looking for possible trade candidates. After one season with Oslo, where the team recording their worst season in quite some time, Thranduil was laid off and picked up by Halifax to assist newly hired GM Anthony Rogers. Thranduil quickly got to know Madden and the two of them would often hang out. When it was finally time for Madden to move on from Halifax, Thranduil was very sad, and so was Madden. Until suddenly, at the beginning of S65 Andrew Warren stepped down as the True North brand executive and shortly the gap was filled by Thranduil. John was ecstatic to have his former boss take the reigns of his brand, and instantly committed to a bunch more seasons with the team. Basaraba Moose was signed to True North during S65, and this capped it all off for Madden. He and Moose went way back to their childhood. They had been reunited in S63 and went on to play almost two seasons together in Halifax. Moose was part of the 3 amigos along with Madden and Thranduil, that became so famous in Halifax during S64. Moose and Madden had to part ways at the end of S64, but Moose stayed on with Halifax for a third season. It has been quite some time since the three friends were all together and they are all very excited. This is what makes the Sponsor's Shield so great. It is a chance for old friends who were separated in the VHL, to rekindle their friendships, as well as being a good way for new friendships to form. Over such a lighthearted tournament, no one would take it seriously enough to get angry at one another, so this next few weeks will be a way for players from all different teams to get to know one another, and if you ask me, I think the whole concept of that is excellent.
  4. EASTERN CONFERENCE (A2) Boston Bruins vs. (WC2) Columbus Blue Jackets Winner: Columbus Blue Jackets # of Games: 7 (M2) New York Islanders vs.(WC1) Carolina Hurricanes Winner: New York Islanders # of Games: 6 WESTERN CONFERENCE (C3) St. Louis Blues vs. (WC1) Dallas Stars Winner: St. Louis Blues # of Games: 7 (P2) San Jose Sharks vs. (WC2) Colorado Avalanche Winner: Colorado Avalanche # of Games: 6
  5. True North Gear S65 Signings  6. $0 Beau Buefordsson (1 Seasons) @Radcow To confirm, quote the post and say accepted. Welcome aboard! @Quik I just needed this last d-man for the tourney. Am I allowed to add him at this point?
  6. I actually made this change at the end of my VHLM career, for the start of S65, but I noticed that Bart Meyers recently got his player changed to a center and others have in the past as well. I plan to stay as a center for the rest of my career, so if possible and not too hard, it would be good to have my position officially changed. @Beketov
  7. Haha, you guys are the best! Can't wait to have some heated battles in the future (Not including next season, because Halifax has no picks). Really awesome to see so many members from my generation of players / members (S63-S66) take the reigns of VHLM teams. It's like being in an endless fun competition with 21 of your siblings and cousins. I'm stoked for this season and the seasons to follow!
  8. With the recent resignation of McWolf from the GM spot of Halifax, after 3 seasons as AGM, I will be taking over operations of the 21st. @rjfryman will be assisting me as my AGM. It was an easy decision to hire this man. He has been one of the most active and enthusiastic members recently, as well as having plenty of skill with a lot of useful tools. He has been a great presence in the locker room this past season and has shown interest in becoming a GM one day. I believe RJ is the perfect guy for this job, and I will be learning just as much from this experience as he will.
  9. Halifax 21st: All-Time Captains Season 62 C - Shawn Glade A - Tzuyu A - Karl von Moltke Season 63 C - Nathan MacKinnon A - Jesse Wilson A - John Madden Season 64 C - John Madden A - Bolt Vanderhuge A - Viktor Kozlov Season 65 C - Dimitri Volosenkov A - Rhye Tyr A - Julius Freeman
  10. All-Time Best for Each Statistic GOALS: S64: Diljodh Starload - 52 ASSISTS: S62: Karl von Moltke - 80 POINTS: S62: Karl von Moltke - 125 +/-: S63: Nathan MacKinnon - +53 PIM: S64: Bolt Vanderhuge - 168 HITS: S64: Bolt Vanderhuge - 286 Goals S62: Shawn Glade - 48 S63: Nikita Flipachyev - 48 S64: Diljodh Starload - 52 S65: Julius Freeman - 40 Assists S62: Karl von Moltke - 80 S63: Jesse Wilson - 76 S64: Bolt Vanderhuge - 67 S65: Rhye Tyr - 65 Points S62: Karl von Moltke - 125 S63: Nathan MacKinnon - 114 S64: Diljodh Starload - 112 S65: Julius Freeman - 100 +/- S62: Nikita Flipachyev - +32 S63: Nathan MacKinnon - +53 S64: Diljodh Starload - +45 S65: Teagan Glover - +40 Penalty Minutes S62: Shawn Glade - 76 S63: Evgeni Komarov / Wlodzimierz Zajaczkowski - 135 S64: Bolt Vanderhuge - 168 S65: Basaraba Moose - 106 Hits S62: King Gow - 171 S63: Wlodzimierz Zajaczkowski - 273 S64: Bolt Vanderhuge - 286 S65: Basaraba Moose - 246
  11. Karl von Moltke: 72GP, 45G, 80A, 125P (S62) In Halifax's inaugural season, Karl von Moltke, or "KVM" found himself going from the powerhouse Las Vegas team, to the newly expanded Halifax team whom everyone had their eyes on. Although Halifax was a popular franchise among fans, no one expected them to go on the run that they did, not even von Moltke himself. However, in their first ever season, Halifax went on to clinch the top seed in the standings, mainly because of the spectacular play from von Moltke. On his way to leading the 21st to promise land, von Moltke completed a league leading 125 point regular season, as well as capturing the Ethan Osborne, Vladimir Boomchenko, Mitch Higgins, and Matt Bentz trophies, helping the 21st to a finals appearance in their inaugural season. Although he was never able to capture the Founder's Cup in his career, Karl von Moltke dominated the ice every night, always making an impact and ending his VHLM career with more than a point per game. He was also a great teammate off the ice, taking part in various extracurricular activities with the team, and always being their for the other players on his team. It was a sad day for the city Halifax when they had to say goodbye to their brightest star. He was truly a special player and made a lasting impact as the leader of the first ever Halifax team, and for these reasons, no one who plays for the Halifax 21st will wear the number 17 ever again. #ForeverA21st Shawn Glade: 72 GP, 48G, 60A, 108P (S62) Dominating defencemen have never been easy to come by in any era of the VHLM. Shawn Glade started off his career with the Yukon Rush in S61, and after putting up a mediocre 27 points as a rookie, was a part of the infamous line debacle in the finals that year that cost the Rush the cup. Not satisfied with his output yet, Glade worked on his game in the offseason, in preparation to lead the Rush to the finals once again, but instead was picked up by the Halifax 21st in the 2nd round of the S62 VHLM Dispersal Draft. After being a bit shaken by his draft performance at first, Glade regained his composure and started on Halifax's second pair, being Tzuyu and Toby Fitzgerald. As the season went on, Glade picked up heat and points began flowing in like a river. Even though he was playing fewer minutes than many of his teammates, Glade was still able to score a league leading 48 goals with a total of 108 points, second to only fellow teammate, Karl von Moltke. When it was all said and done, Shawn Glade walked away with the Alexander Chershenko trophy as well as the Ryan Sullivan trophy. The VHLM hadn't seen the likes of such an offensively gifted defenseman since Adam Warlock in S58, nor has it seen one since. Despite such a great VHLM career and making to the finals in both years, with two different teams, Glade was never able to win the Founder's Cup. It is unfortunate that such a player didn't get to go out on top, but overall he has an outstanding VHLM career to look back on. Glade was such a talented player for Halifax, and for that reason we celebrate, as number 16 is raised to the rafters in Halifax. #ForeverA21st
  12. Halifax 21st Team History Founded: Season 62 Playoff Appearances: 4 Playoff Series Victories: 3 Founder’s Cup Final Appearances: 3 (S62, S64, S65) Continental Cup Victories: 0 Player Awards Won: Regular Season MVP - Mitch Higgins Trophy S62 - Karl von Moltke Playoff MVP - Skylar Rift Trophy S64 - Shane Mars Points Leader - Ethan Osborne Trophy S62 - Karl von Moltke Goals Leader - Alexander Chershenko Trophy S62 - Shawn Glade S64 - Diljodh Starload Assists Leader - Vladimir Boomchenko Trophy S62 - Karl von Moltke S63 - Jesse Wilson Top Defenseman - Ryan Sullivan Trophy S62 - Shawn Glade S63 - Jesse Wilson S64 - Bolt Vanderhuge Top Two-Way Forward - Matt Bentz Trophy S62 - Karl von Moltke Retired Numbers
  13. Not to be that guy, and this isn't how I want to break my silence, but the team is in St. Paul lol. Grats Minny!