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  1. not an auction but if anyone got ideas for stretch goals during the stream, let me know!
  2. i'll give it a shot - I work 9-5 but i look at discord fairly often so im easily accessible from 6-7 am to like 10-11 pm est -already 2fa - i'm older than 20 - My only league job is updater if you have any other questions feel free to dm me!
  3. 1. First Round of the Playoffs are behind us; Where you surprised by the four game sweep of the Miami? (Why or Why not?) no because we are the meta and we will win 2. Again a Playoff question; Where you surprised by any of the results in the first round? (Why or Why not?) i dont know how the other series went 3. Ottawa just scored fourteen goals in two games against Minnesota; Are you surprised? (Why or Why not?) they are the 2nd meta so no 4. If a groundhog see his shadow means we have six more weeks of winter; So what happens when a hockey player see his shadow? they will not score for six more weeks 5. It not groundhog day you idiot but depending on what country you do have an important holiday coming so what one is better? American Thanksgiving or Black Friday? And do you celebrate either of them? not really i am canadian and i dont celebrate that 6. Riddle: What does the Turkey eat on Thanksgiving? a chicken that ate a duck
  4. 1. We have picked up a few losses in the last week; Are you concerned as we head into the playoff (likely next week)? No because we are the meta 2. Are you concerned about any other team as we head into the playoffs? No because we can cheat with the power of scoring 3. Do you think we will see any upsets in the first round of the playoffs? i dont know i dont follow lower leagues 4. Expected Final for the Founder`s Cup this season? Yukon and the rest 5. Kyosti Karjalainen has scored an impress 71 goals in 68 games; Do you think he will manage the next to impossible a goal per game over the remainder of the last few games? (He only needs a single goal) he will get as many goals as he wants 6. Riddle: What taste better then it smells? most things
  5. Player Information Username: Esso2264 Player Name: Kakapo Bushtit Recruited From: Returning Age: 21 Position: RW Height: 69 in. Weight: 160 lbs. Birthplace: Bosnia and Herzegovina Player Page @VHLM GM
  6. PBR is the shit and you dont understand good stuff
  7. thanks for breaking the sim nyko
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