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  1. Nykonax

    Saskatoon Wild AGM announcement

    grats @Plate
  2. Nykonax

    S65 VHLM Dispersal Draft

    wow no graphic
  3. Nykonax

    Quick Announcement re: VHLM Cap

    can we call this the HHH rule, cause beav likes having rules named after him
  4. Nykonax

    Team Canada Roster - S64 World Cup

    whos jesper canmore, i only know of jasper canmore
  5. won't be a scoped today, because ya know, nothing to really talk about. I'll be writing some other stuff so stay tuned

  6. Forwards: McKnight Ironside - @DollarAndADream Odinsson - @BOOM™ Dahlberg - @Nykonax Palo - @jRuutu Axelsson - @Dangles13 Defense: Johnsson - @Quik Jokinen - @Ahma Vihjalmsson - @MWHazard Sundell - @VisualDarkness Goalies: Aamo - @Daniel Sohva - @Sohva glhf
  7. Hi @mxld17, welcome to the VHL! I'm the AGM of the Ottawa Lynx and the VHLM Draft (Which you'll be entered into) is today at 8pm EST. You can use this time to earn some TPE to improve your player, and get familar with the site. I also recommend that you join us on discord, which is a free application kind of like Skype. You can access it in your browser or by downloading the application. The ink to join will be at the bottom I'll be sure to keep an eye on you during the draft! https://discord.gg/VrUxedS
  8. Nykonax

    My words and stuff... and what I think...

    I prefer the word hangout, not playdate... this is ageist, as playdates are only for little kids (yes I've just set myself up for a roast) Also referring to high words as praise, not drugs lmao
  9. Nykonax

    My words and stuff... and what I think...

    Some high words for @BladeMaiden
  10. I can't remember who but someone said Zabby said that he was getting burnt out, so probably not it
  11. VHLM Draft is tomorrow and the teams need to be added to the portal so trades can go through, and so that they can pick @Will
  12. Nykonax

    Player Store Changes

    can we buy these now? Or once the season starts?