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  1. 1. Playoffs baby! How does it feel knowing that Riga has set a new VHL record for consecutive playoff appearances? Nothing special, we'll just beat it again next year 2. What gives us the edge going up against our first round opponent, Moscow? Probably our offense 3. What player(s) should we focus on neutralizing when it comes to Moscow? Is anyone on their team worth neutralizing? 4. With the season almost over, who is your choice for MVP (in the league or on Riga)? On Riga I'd have to give it to Tate for sure, with Hackett gone he's stepped
  2. make sure to give this guy a lot of short-handed time
  3. G - Jean-Pierre Camus @GustavMattias we done methinks
  4. Nykonax


  5. https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/16167-goat-kicker/
  6. 1. The blue line took a big hit with the departure of Hackett this offseason. Who from this season’s defence will take the biggest step forward in S73? Probably Sasakamoose, he's been outside of the spotlight for a while now 3. What is the team’s biggest weakness that could stop us from going back to back? How can we solve or suppress that problem? I think our defensive depth is pretty weak 4. What is your best advice to our new rookies? If you are a rookie, what are your goals for this season? Just do your best out there and keep working 5. What Riga playe
  7. fine sure unvote omg vote ferk
  9. how are you confirmed not TT. There's no claim space for survivor except for any.
  10. what if omg wasnt attacked...
  11. theres no point voting for ferk if he's dying tonight, hang someone who isn't dying tonight. RJ and Spartan we both need, everyone else is dying tonight/confirmed not TT. OMG is the only person in neither of those categories
  12. no, stick omg. I don't care what he says. Ferk is already dying tonight, and if he doesnt he's being hung tomorrow
  13. @a_Ferk @Z16 @eaglesfan036 remember to visit rj tonight, @rjfryman remember to alert tonight.