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  1. pretty much got annoyed by me. Also don't call my boy @Kylrad a bust or imma pull up on you
  2. and 1 trade that you got fleeced
  3. i feel like it's too frequent every week, and voting is kinda a pain in the ass since you have to keep switching tabs and reorganizing them. I feel like a monthly competition would be better with an easier voting system
  4. Game Over Gonna just get this over with since town can no longer win. BladeMaiden dies. Mafia now has majority. Mafia Wins
  5. Night Results. BladeMaiden comes out from her home, with scratches in her armour that literally no one noticed until now. She lives because she is the Knight
  6. should i just call this one a draw @Psanchez55@TacticalHammer?
  7. Night I lost count results @HulkHogan got shot. He was the Investigator
  8. Day 10 or 11 Results The town is tired of @LattimoreIsland, and decide to hang him. He has some investigative tools in his house. He is the Consig
  9. hmm, ill make another one then. Kinda homo though
  10. huh, i made the one shl...
  11. Day phase will also be extended until 11pm EST, and it now takes 2 votes to lynch