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  1. Nice to see a guy from a RPG background come up in here. I just decided to pump up my game and try to entourage more of the RPG aspect of the VHL in my locker room. I'm the Philadelphia Reapers GM, most of the guys round here call me Blade. I'll make sure to keep you in mind in the upcoming draft. If you need any help getting started i have many resources that can help and I really enjoy bounding ideas around for characters/players if you are ever in the mood Best of luck Building Ryan!
  2. @Ahma Welcome back to the VHL I'm the current GM of the Philadelphia Reapers in the VHLM and although I can't offer you a spot at the moment I will keep you in mind during the draft! Love to see members returning. Best of luck with your player building!
  3. Hello Reaper Nation! I'm being a little lazy this week and only doing 10 questions! Theme is Questions that VHL GMs Would Love You to Answer! A reminder for all our new Reapers that answering 3 is worth 1 tpe and answering 6 is worth 2 ! 1-How important is winning to you? 2- Are you flexible with your player build? Do you have a set image of the type of player you would want to be in the pros? 3- Do you have your heart set out on joining a specific team or are you willing to go anywhere? 4- List your top 3 go to teams: 5- How important is salary to you? Would you take a pay cut to better your team in the future? 6- How important is having a good locker room to you as a player, are you a forum person or are you a discord person? 7- What is the most important thing a GM should provide for you as a player to keep you interested? 8- Are you interested in the extras like RP, games nights and team awards? What do the extras help keep you invested in the VHL? 9- Do you plan to keep at your current activity level? 10- Are you going up to the big leagues or saying down for round 2? Team Tag: GM: @BladeMaiden AGM: @Jubo07 Team: @FerdaJets @Jayrad28 @zepheter @RJMW @Shaka @Dilly Dilly @Big Mac @Benson @Ty343 @Psanchez55 @Green @Tophdaddy @Jayhawk @Midnite @Sunburst @uphillmoss @STZ @Beaviss @ontanis @omgitshim
  4. @gorlab you trying to insinuate something? lol
  5. How about we just ban the trolls and let the blues worry about when and if they should be unbanned . This is actually hard to read because of all the offensive things that were said, Idk how anyone could think this was an ok thing to send to another member. Props to Bush for not losing his cool on this one.
  6. You actually made a player, Philadelphia will be looking for you in the upcoming draft. We like the OGs and bad asses in general see ya around!!
  7. I love the fact that ppl are assuming l actually wanted to talk about league expansion. In my regular writing I don’t bother to check for spelling or grammar why would this be an exception?
  8. Thanks Dils i didn't catch that typo in my title
  9. What Does Expansion Mean For The League? (Blade's Thoughts) For a site that was in in a state of declining just a little over a year ago it can be said that management had done a lot to make that something of the past. @Beaviss and his recruitment and retention team have done a great job of funneling new members to the minors where active an enthusiastic GMs pick up these new members and teach them the VHLM ropes. From there in a short amount of time these guys enter the big show, or the real deal in most people mind. I think expansion is a great time to look at what we have done well and consider what we can do better. I have some quik suggestions on what we should investigate as the league expands to ensure a quality user experience: 1.) Team based awards: Now I’m not suggesting we get rid of the usual league awards I am just suggesting that GMs recognize players for their hard work and what they contribute to the team. Unfortunately, at this time the VHL and VHLM do not have a system that reward people for being active locker room members or someone that constantly contributes content to the site. These sorts of things are for sure what will help you get a VHL job but other than that recognition for these contributions has been lacking thus far. 2.) Engaging members in team culture. What is the story of the team they are on, who are our rivals and what is each players place on the team. World building is always something that the VHL had great potential for but never quite just got there. There isn’t even a role play section on our discord. I feel like the VHL could defiantly use some hyping up and needs some of the energy of the M injected into it. 3.) More team to team interaction! There isn’t a lot of back and forth on the game pages. And much of what is there are generic copy paste bits for the VHL Lottery. There use to be a time where players would get invested and have fun on these threads and to be honest to some extent it does still happen. I would like to see some back and forth between the GMs. Players having some friendly banter could also be fun, after all as I have been told many time it is a sim league, what sim league doesn’t have a little trash talk.
  10. Hello to the most cutthroat player in the VHLM! Here are 16 questions for this week This Weeks Theme Awards, Announcements and Reaper Fun A reminder to everyone that answering 3 is worth 1 tpe and answering 6 is worth 2 ! Awards The Reapers will be doing teams awards this season the following questions will pertain to the Golden Scythe awards! 1- Give 3 Team voted awards we should have. 2- Give 3 GM Voted Awards we should have. 3- Are you excited that you might live on in the Reapers history books? 4- What are your feelings on these awards? 5- How many should we give out? Announcements 6-How do you feel about the VHL expanding? 7-How do you feel about the league and it's constant expansion? 8-Philly had a number of it's own announcements, now that the smoke has cleared how do you feel about having a GM that quit and came back in under 48 hours. 9-If you were to GM a team in the VHL what would it be and how you you brand it? 10-there have been a lot for announcements this week, make your own. (make me laugh) Reaper fun 11- ok lets play a game. Out of our active roster who do you Slash, Save a season on the bus for or Prank? 12-Best pick up line you've ever used, how or why did you use it. 13- If you manage to survive the apocalypse, what do you think your post-apocalyptic job would be? 14- What’s the most imaginative insult you can come up with right now? 15- What’s the one thing that you’re most terrible at? 16- What commercial convinced you not to buy the product they are advertising? Team Tag: GM: @BladeMaiden AGM: @Jubo07 Team: @FerdaJets @Jayrad28 @zepheter @RJMW @Shaka @Dilly Dilly @Big Mac @Benson @Ty343 @Psanchez55 @Green @Tophdaddy @Jayhawk @Midnite @Sunburst @uphillmoss @STZ @Beaviss @ontanis @omgitshim
  11. Tales from The Reapers Crypt 4 Talking about the Expansion of the VHL @uphillmoss and @Patpou22!