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  1. @Beketov how much cloud storage you got on your email client?
  2. The Reaper Nation Welcomes Their New Second in Command I would be lying if I said that I thought Philadelphia would be hiring a new AGM for Season 66. Sometimes an opportunity arises that is too hard to pass up. With a resume consisting of gold medals at the world minors and professional level as well as a Founder’s Cup championship; the Reapers believe they have hired on a member that will bring balance and experience to the team. The Reapers deserve to be a top club and with a name comes an aura; the Reapers should be feared as the opposition. Today Philly is excited to announce the hiring of @Jubo07 as our Assistant General Manager. Effective immediately he will assist with our draft board and take on additional responsibilities as the season nears. Season 66 should bring great promise to the fans and existing members of the franchise. @VHLM GM @VHLM Commissioner
  3. Sens fans were in savage mode when that pick dropped, literally cheered out loud when I watched lol
  4. Hi @No_Dangles I’m BladeMaiden the Philadelphia Reapers GM i just wanted to wish you good luck in the upcoming draft and you and @Beaviss should both be happy you’re not a sens fAn like me... lol both of your teams are amazing in comparison
  5. It should be an exciting one, let us know if you need any help getting started