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  1. He’s defied the laws of boomerism @flyersfan1453is a unique species
  2. @eaglesfan036 I regret to inform you. Your brother is a VSCO girl.
  3. Revised: 2 uncapped tpe to create Twitter account for your player Ex. DStarloadVHL One per career 1 capped tpe for 2 tweets Must be league related Ex. About game played by your player, team performance, or league news Maximum 2 tpe per week [4 Tweets] Must contain hastag, #VHLSim (or something else) Tweets with this hastag will be pushed to forums page + a channel in discord Minimum 100 characters Another opportunity for members to earn TPE + free recruitment + creates engagement
  4. it would be like a single tpe though
  5. VSN ELECTIONS COMING SOON #ImpeachShawn #MakeVSNGreatAgain
  6. I made an article like this before, and I there we have two options: Delete VSN Give someone like @DollarAndADream or @GustavMattias management of it