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  1. As a Hawks fan... AMAZING! @Motzaburger
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  3. 1. What is your Kryptonite? Snipers that go high blocker. 2. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Man, hopefully still playing hockey... We will see though. 3. Best advice for your childhood self? Don't sell yourself short... If you work hard for what you get, take all that comes with it. 4. Name one thing you’ve learned the hard way? Earning TPE 5. What are your favorite lyrics of all time? If you wanna be my lover... It isn't really a question. @chillzone
  4. @hedgehog337 1. Anything you find yourself needing half way through the season? 2. What is the biggest challenge for any young players looking for a shot? 3. Name a couple things you enjoy about being a GM in the VHL? 4. Any words of advice for those of us looking to develop and become prominent players in the league? 5. Who wins the VHL Championship?
  5. Mexico City, MX - As the seasons continues forward Wryke Chyrnoble continues to surge forward as the Mexico City Kings continue to bounce around in the middle tier of the league standings. As the time ticks, the continuous search for representation grows more and more active. "The goalie position is an a unique one. There aren't nearly as many of opportunities for goaltenders in this league as there are for players skating out. It is a choice I made back when I made the decision to switch to the position. There is alot that goes into it... and while people keep asking what are my next steps my focus remains on doing my job in Mexico City." Chyrnoble went in to explaining. "My future will be determined by my play. I've hear alot of talks about brands and the upcoming draft. I don't really have much knowledge on either, but I do know as the opportunity presents itself I will make the most out of it. Right now, should I assume, I will be starting on the bench in a couple seasons if I'm not in the Minors. It is the passage of a goalie's career and it doesn't really phase me as I do have alot that I need to develop and move forward with." Pundits across the league at times questions the longevity of the netminder, as the likes of Rayz Funk clearly has surged ahead in growth. Signaling commitment stands out when a draft approaches and it will take consistency on Chyrnoble's behalf to build on his draft stock as the deciding days approach. "I'm excited at the potential... I'm excited for this league. I know I will be a solid piece of any organization's puzzle and be the backbone to lean on. Leading in progression is great if they are progressing in the right focus. I think my stats and performances this far have proven that I'm on the right path. I need more time before I make any kind of jump... But right now my focus are my current teammates. Pieces will fall into place and my position in either league will grow." Currently the Kings sit in sixth place in the standings as the have recently started to find an offensive spark that seemingly has escaped them repeated early in the season. Right now, the Kings have given up the 3rd fewest in goals against which has played a large role in the team's early success. With games against Halifax and Mississauga on the horizon, the Kings defense will surely be tested, while the offense can have an opportunity to prove their growth. Time continues to tick on the season and as the standings continue to develop, with Mexico City sitting in the sixth spot they will have control of their destiny moving forward should they continue to progress thru the cycle of improvement... and when will the young goaltender reach that TPE cap? And get @gorlab that elusive recruitment pay... story lines galore in this season. Only time will tell.
  6. OMD! I know I posted for the Minnesota position, but working beside you and acclimating to the VHL surroundings would be awesome! So I will leave my link even tho we know one another.
  7. Well interesting opportunity that I would like to apply for. While some know me here in a couple different ways, I currently serve as an AD in the SBA and then recently stepped down as a GM in the EFL after winning the S12 Championship with the Wisconsin Brigade. I have been a part of many locker rooms and always have had a firm belief that an organizations success is determined by the health of a locker room. While I have noted my recent GM experience, I do also have experience in the SHL. I am transparent seeing as we all seemingly are connected in one way or another across these sites. Almost two years ago now, I was removed as a GM from the Portland Admirals for salary cap circumvention. Since then, I have held various positions within the league including serving as the Assistant GM for Montreal before stepping down recently. Primarily I bring up my SHL past for my extensive experience with SimonT and the understanding that the importance of our leagues is derivative of a users first experience... and it all starts in the VHLM. I appreciate the consideration.
  8. 1. USA 2. Canada 3. Europe 4. Teagan Glover
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