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  1. With Slovakian blood flowing through his veins, an 8-year-old tightens his skates with the help of his grandfather. He is visiting the city Zilina, where he often goes when his parents are on the road, to spend time with friends and play some hockey on the Vah. A river that is as rough in the summer months, as the play of "pond" hockey in winter months, provides an outlet for many adults and children. For the young Wrike Chyrnoble... it is his life. While some have these unlikely stories of rags to riches, Wrike was fortunate in his upbringing. A son of two very hard working business owners, he always was fortunate to have whatever opportunity we wanted to be available. Albeit, throughout his upbringing it was his father, Vlidir, that established that while there is opportunity, there must be equal to or greater effort put forth in the following actions. A man of great stature himself, Vlidir came from that very rags to riches mentality growing up on his family's farm. It wasn't until his 30's that he purchased a textile mill in the city of Cadca that he found a niche for growth and an opportunity to meet his wife Daka, the daughter of a business lawyer that represented Vlidir. Daka, known for a much more serious demeanor found comfort in the presence of Vlidir and appreciated his effort to want to provide for a family... and they eventually married. At the age of 3, Wrike was skating on a regular basis and often refused to leave whatever surface of ice he could be found on. Joining the local youth program, he joined the mites program simply by his size and ability as team officials looked passed his age. "It isn't fate... Wrike entering the VHL wasn't any form of luck. I coached him from when he was 3 years old until high school. He is a one of a kind player that will set records and win championships on multiple occasions. The due diligence he puts towards learning this game is unparalleled and is very unique. Some question whether he knows anything other than hockey, but I can reassure you he is one of the most intellectual players I have ever had the pleasure of coaching." Petr Storkolov digested to the press after a recent game for the Slovakian U16 National Team. Prior to entering high school, Wrike spoke to his coach about the teams direction. A forward at heart, he was convinced to strap on goaltending pads for a spring session as they were short on goaltenders for an upcoming youth session. At this point, history would change. How does a player go from averaging 3.54 points per game to allowing 1.19 goals per game?! How does a force like Wrike Chyrnoble go from being one of the most feared fore-checkers to one of the most hyped goaltenders over a matter of months? "We aren't surprised. We never are. Wrike is just that... He is unique. He gives fans highlights that leave them wanting another, but instead he flipped the entire script on them. Instead of the massive, bruising forward... opposing teams now see this even bigger figure staring them down between the pipes." Vlid added without hesitation. In his first season playing with his local team, Wrike would post a .981 save percentage, 14 shutouts and account for 47 wins. Many would push the giant to head overseas to play in a Juniors program and get familiarized with North American surroundings, including his parents... But he wouldn't budge and there was no forcing him. "Even us as teammates were pushing him to go live his dream. He had the size... he had the potential... but he simply wanted to stay close to family. At 14 we are talking about a kid who would go stand in for a couple of local amateur teams. Players that had once played professional and had come back to simply wind down. He was more than ready... basically he would come in with a new reason each month not to go. He knew he was ready, but Wrike never did anything on anyone else's schedule. It was always on his own." Rechars Docilov directly put it, a former line mate of Wrike's. With the 6'4" and 220 pound frame accepting an invite to the national camp a year ago, the world was going to be able to finally meet and see first-hand the hype many from Europe have been crazing over for nearly three years. He didn't disappoint... even when it came to tryouts. Out of the gate, he made the hard saves look simple and the routine saves looked like he was sleeping... and then came an exhibition with Germany. A 53-save performance that not only sufficed as a coming out party, but solidified a legend in the making kind of status. On multiple occasions showing fans and countrymen that his stature wasn't one of his only tools. Stopping a point blank shot with a smooth shift of his glove hand on many occasions... it left more wondering what more could he actually do. Then came the World Junior Championships... many knew it was going to be a battle with Russia, but what many couldn't predict was the raw emotion on site. Fans going wild and both offensive juggernaughts ready, Russia would score 11-seconds into the game. Definitely rattled, Chyrnoble quickly regained composure and made a follow up save just a minute later. Mid way through the game, he would absolutely rob a backdoor one-timer, reminiscent of many Jaroslav Halak's saves in the NHL. Slovakia would go on to win 2-1 and the gold in what many considered an upset victory as the Wrike threw his team onto his shoulders and carried them to victory after another 35 saves. Now we turn to the VHL... A future awaits. Greatness will only be determined by the hard work and dedication he puts in on a regular basis... Is he up for the challenge? We think so.
  2. Part I - Pick em' (Pick the correct winners of all three games for 2 TPE) Game 3 - Helsinki Titans Game 4 -Helsinki Titans Game 5 - Toronto Legion Part II - Predict the Score (Predict the correct score and winner of this game for 3 TPE) Game 5 - Toronto Legion @ Helsinki Titans 4-3 Toronto Part III - Player Predictions (Predict the correct player for each category, 1 TPE for each correct answer) Series leader in points: Julian Borwinn Series leader in goals: Vesto Slipher Series leader in assists: Julian Borwinn
  3. With the current season coming to a close, Wrike Chyrnoble continues to make a name for himself as he continues to develop his skills in preparation for the upcoming draft. A native Slovakian, Chyrnoble hails from a hockey background that saw experience in the SHL. With a vision moving forward it is the likes of Chyrnoble that decided to head in a new direction that runs parallel with those his agents most represent. "In the business now a days, you do whats best for focus. You look to the future and who is positioning themselves for deepened success and I feel the VHL is doing just that. I'm excited about the opportunity and the potential organization I'm eventually going to help succeed. I'm ready for it to be my time." Chyrnoble mentioned post-workout. It will most definitely be exciting to see who falls into place come the upcoming draft. No doubt being that whomever acquires the young netminder is set for many years to come. Definitely exciting to not only be a fan of hockey, but also a fan of Slovakia.
  4. WRIKE CHYRNOBLE GOALTENDER HEIGHT: 6' 4" WEIGHT: 220 HOMETOWN: Cadca, Slovakia ORIENTATION: Catch Left A young netminder from the city of Cadca, Wrike shows tremendous amounts of potential. Signed by the S2 Sim Sports Agency, they simply spit out premier athletes across multiple avenues. Chyrnoble shows an increased upside in mental growth to go along with his size and athletic ability. Once a forward, he transitioned to goaltending to really hone in on his quik reflexes and capabilities to look to the next moment. He has definitely transitioned seamlessly and continues to show what few critics he has to not sleep on a potential super star in the making. The following are the results from the S67 Northwoods Combine that featured potential VHL star athletes: Upsides Hand Speed - A former forward, Wrike has the control of a dangler and the ability see pucks quickly. What this means? His hand speed, aside from being insanely fast, pairing with his intuition is ridiculous. Because of his big frame, the giant moves little on the release of a shot. Instead he stays planted and perpendicular, which allows him to snag it glove side with little effort yet keeps him capable of correcting for the next challenge. Reaction Time - Paired with hand speed, Wrike has the focus and discipline to be in the right place at the right time. What this does is minimize un-needed effort and save that for the duration of the entire game. Recently in a Juniors medal round, Chyrnoble faced 66 shots... He looked just as strong at the end of the third as he did at the opening drop of the puck. His footwork allows for more predictability and less correction which leaves less stress on defensemen to find alleys to block. Efficiency 101. Training - He is a beast in the gym. First to arrive every morning and the last to leave. The kid eats and breathes hockey... whether it may be actual ice time, hitting the weight room or watching video, he is a catalyst that emits hard work to all of his teammates around him. What he does for himself is only what is best for his team, a coaches blessing and an organizational face for many years to come. Downsides Goalie IQ - With the upsides of being a forward on display above, there are times that Wrike finds himself in troublesome scenarios simply due to a lack of experience. While it will be overcome with time, that really is the only thing it will take... time and patience. He wants to do well now. Easy as that. Puck Movement - Obviously the change of a stick creates hesitation, but there is significant caution when it comes to playing the puck and when not to. Another catalyst from inexperience, Wrike will need to when to step into a moment and create a play versus cover the puck and reset. Experience - He's young. Only 16. With the baby-face, many are hesitant to think he is ready. The common nomenclature is to simply say time. It is really that though... Time, time and more time.
  5. 1) Since it's not been too long since you've joined the league, what are thoughts on the league so far as a whole? I love the VHL Portal... between this SBA/EFL... they flow really well together. 2) Are there any areas in the league that you would like to see a change/improvement? I'm still pretty new, so still bouncing around a bit figuring out where everything is. 3) The VHLM Newsletter launched earlier this week, did you read it and was it helpful to you? Definitely a good twist to the league... provides solid insight. 4) What are your aims this season in the VHLM? To get some playing time! lol, hopefully. 5) With the teams starting to take shape, who do you consider to be the favourite for the VHLM Founders Cup? Well... with it being the end of the season... I think this may be out of ate at this point of the season. 6c) If a GM were to make you an offer, what kind of player would they be getting? (If you're currently unaffiliated). A dedicated and experience user in sim leagues when it comes to building goalies. I'm stoked to be here and finally committed to the VHL system!
  6. S65 Player: Wrike Chyrnoble Transaction ID: 44K70740XE4232403 Reward: Doubles Week (Wk. Ending April 14) Doubles Week (Wk. Ending April 21) 5 Uncapped TPE $1M Player Store Cash ( @Josh. currently VHLM undrafted)
  7. What VHL team logo do you like best? Definitely would have to say the Legion probably is my favorite logo in the VHL. What VHLM team do you want to be drafted by? Any team that has some playing time for a rookie goalie. Is your player a blonde, brunette or redhead? Brunette... definitely brunette. Angry goalies aren't stable... and ditsy ones, well... struggle stopping pucks. Not good. Weirdest thing in your hockey bag? Dad's viagra. Not sure why I have it yet though. Colored tape for your stick, totally yes or absolute no? why? Negative. Not that I don't like it. Black for goalies, best way to hide it from the other team. Funniest thing about your player? I eat ALL meals with a fork. Cereal... Fork. Sandwhich... made with a fork. Ice Cream... fork. What is your goal/ fight song? Middle Child by J. Cole.
  8. Player Information Username: Savoire Faire Player Name: Wrike Chyrnoble Recruited From: SisterLeague Age: 16 Position: G Height: 76 in. Weight: 220 lbs. Birthplace: Slovenia Player Page @VHLM GM