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  1. After almost twenty seasons, a man who was present from the very conception of the Victory Hockey League has decided to lace up his skates once again. When the fresh-faced Alex Kachur started his career he was selected by the minors team Jonkoping Warriors (Defunct). He was a highly touted Defenseman who due to personal and motivation issues never reached his full potential, despite being on some championship Caliber teams. So we caught up with the now 33 year old Defence-man to get a few comments on why he returned, why now, and what he has been up to. "When I retired I felt I left a lot on the ice. I wasn't the easiest player to be around. I wasn't the easiest man to defend when I got in trouble." "I made many friends while here. Some who have now taken management jobs....that and I owe the Russian mob like five million dollars so I figured why not..." Many would consider a middle aged defender playing hockey at this level dangerous and not safe in the slightest. However, shortly after announcing his return various VHLM teams decided to take a gamble with the man. Many players and General managers were shocked to see the return of one of the old guard. Kachur would eventually sign with Las Vegas to start his second run In the Victory Hockey League. Many wondering if this time, at this age, he can make a triumphant come back or if he will, like many expect, be another bust. After he returned to coach a World Cup Canada team to a gold medal he vanished until a player under his agency, Gregory Glass, made waves by being a hard-hitting shutdown defender. Kachur speaks highly of the young man "He is in the NHL now and I was happy I was able to facilitate him being the best player he could. Everyone thought he had a low ceiling...look at him now" Many former players and General Managers spoke out on Alex Kachur returning. Zimmer's: "wow? Kachur is back...well when he breaks a leg Call me?" Beketov: "When he wanted to he could be one of the most feared Defense-men in the entire league. I'm happy he came back and I hope he does well" When we asked the man about the criticism he will face he just shook his head and said the words "Redemption Tour". Aside from owing peoplesome money, it seems the man is very focused on turning his image around. " I mean I want to do well this time...plus the guys I owe money to are forcing me to play. I fear they will do something. So if I play well they get their money." There you have it, folks. The words from a player from the early years of the Victory Hockey League. He may be unorthodox, but he has his heart in the right place. His drive will only serve to better his career. Only time will determine if he will succeed or probably die. We are wishing for the latter as we hope this older player can recapture his glory.
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  3. Player Name: KachurVHLM Team: Las Vegas AcesCash you have: $1,500,000Purchase Name: The First GenerationCost of Purchase: $500,000Cash Left: $1,000,000
  4. That moment whenn you come back after years away....

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      I could be wrong because I don't have the time to look through the entire list but I think you might have the longest time between cups in league history. 33 seasons.

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      Yay. I hold a record ;)

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  10. Player Information Username: Kachur Player Name: Alexander Kachur Recruited By: Kendrick Age: 30 Position: D Height: 69 in. Weight: 200 lbs. Birthplace: Canada Player Page