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  1. 1.I think we got some work to do, and we can sneak into the playoffs 2. I love Toronto 3. Jaxx hands down, mans is a fuckin beast 4. I see the fans, and my teammates and it motivates me to push harder 5. I think we're doing fine, I know we're struggling but theres a lot of hockey to be played 6. The Ace's. hands down.
  2. I put the most clickbait title I possibly could to get your attention. No Nicholas Sunderbruch isn't the next Gretzky. I just wanted to randomly ramble aout the VHL and the VHLM. So I'm gonna just go ahead and start talking about random shit in the league, I'm too tired to make sense. I really enjoy the minor league a lot, it felt kind of like just a group of friends constantly talking to each other and bonding in the locker room, and to be fair Toronto's locker room has started feeling the same way now that some people who shan't be mentioned were traded. So now that my locke
  3. Just dont go inactive and yeah man you're on a great pace
  4. I would absolutely like it if you proved me wrong, kick some ass out there
  5. So as some article the other day suggested, I was indeed at the draft. I watched new teammates being selected and I watched potentially some new rivals being picked up. I took a few fat rips off my bong out back, I grabbed my pen and notebook, and I took notes of this draft class and I have to say, I'm impressed. This may have been one of the best draft classes in a while. So without further delay let me proceed in my post draft analysis. I think it's safe to say that this may have been one of the best top 10 draft classes in a couple seasons, I mean the TPE totals were pretty
  6. #21 Nicholas Sunderbruch was found at Friday's draft outside taking advantage of the legal marijuana laws in Canada. He was hiding outside of the draft by the back door bushes smoking out of a 3 foot long glass bong that appeared to have a custom Toronto Legion sticker wrapped around it. We tried to get a comment from the star player and here's what he had to say. Reporter: Nicholas images of you smoking cannabis outside of the draft have came into the light recently, what do you have to say for yourself? Nicholas: I mean, I don't see the big deal man. It's perfectly l
  7. 1. Well I don't see a whole lot of issues anymore, we have our all star goaltender and a great new guy coming in to fill his shoes after now. I think we're ready honestly. 2. Nah, I think some of these guys coming in are ready to go, Callahan especially is going to be a superstar. 3. Not really, I don't usually watch the draft, but anyone Peace picks is going to be good. 4. I want to work on my defensive stats more. 5. Roberto Clemente and Martin St.Louis 6. I have two cats, one nammed Izzy and the other named Vinny, Izzy is Vinny's mom and shes an absolute bastard but
  8. Season 75 was a different kind of season for Toronto, a rebuilding team with some good young talent, backed up by a star goalie. This Toronto team seemed like it was struggling to find its groove at times this season, but towards the end the group started to find their identity. It's also relevant to mention that this team was close to finding themselves in a wildcard spot towards the end of the season. But what else is there to say about this team? The only thing left is to show off the team. 1. John Merrick @Steve John really has a knack for scoring goals and winning games.
  9. 10/10 this is absolutely the kind of article I like to read, well spaced, great pace for reading, excellent use of information and statistics. Great imaging, you really did a great job on this, I can tell you put some hard work into making this article as best as you possibly can. Thank you for the quality content much love,
  10. I'm glad to see someone giving DC some love for once, it's a nice change of pace. Well written article, no spelling errors that I can see. Also I really enjoy the structure of this article, I believe it's worth mentioning that not many people make use of hidden comments for spoilers, and you made good use out of that. Anyways I think maybe you could add and image and it would make it a 10/10, but otherwise I'm gonna give you a 9/10.
  11. 1. absolutely, we have a good squad and are looking to compete for sure. 2. Mainly relaxing, I'm all banged up from this season. 3. These guys are actually going to be monsters for us this season, I'm looking forward to them coming in and competing for a cup with us in their rookie year. 4. Probably either myself or Leo. Kind of rivals but friends on the score sheet. Love him to death and I think he'll shock the league. 5. Absolutely, I think if we develop our players right then we'd have a pretty good roster heading into the playoffs too. 6. Probably mudslides, or ma
  12. I knew at the beginning of the season that Toronto wasn't really aiming to compete for the cup, it was a rebuild season. But I didn't understand how boring the offseason would be without playing. In the minors with the Aces I was always looking forward to our next game and seeing how we would do, watching who would and wouldn't be on the score sheet so I could make a game recap article. But being out of the playoffs feels weird to me. I don't know if it's because of my ego, but the offseason is boring. So to combat the offseason boredom, I propose a game if you will. A commun
  13. This season has been rough if you're a fan of the Aces. Vegas made it to the semifinals only to be taken out by Mexico. Today I have a special guest for an interview. give it up for the GM of the Aces, @Spartan. Interviewer: The Aces were eliminated by Mexico in five games, what happened? Spartan: Well, simple explanation is that we got outplayed. Both of these teams are solid squads, and Mexico's chemistry has been on point all season long, as they've demonstrated. Our moves at the deadline helped us in the sense that we got better on paper, but I don't t
  14. 1. I got drunk with a group of my friends and smoked some weed. 2. My resolution is to continue working on my music this year, and just keep at it. 3. I think we're making history right now, those picks are going to be important and I know that they'll be franchise players. 4. it's hella tiring, I wish that we'd have squeaked in. 5. I look forward to winning more games and developing more as a player 6. I ate some chicken and dumplings, with mashed potatoes, and corn casserole.
  15. These are the articles I love seeing the most in this league. I love how you told a complex story with tons of emotion. You're going to be back next season better than ever, and I know you'll shock the world man. These are one of those articles that you just gotta give a solid 10/10. Keep articles like this coming.