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  1. Awesome article, also glad to have you in Toronto bud you'll fit in awesome here. Your article was written fairly well and spaced out very neatly, I bring it up a lot in my reviews but spacing is awesome for me because I'm dyslexic and find it makes it easier to read articles like this. I think that you're gonna have a great time in Toronto especially with writing like this. Final review 10/10 because any Toronto article is a good one.
  2. Easy to read, with spacing that makes my dyslexic eyes happy. I can tell you're excited for your team to potentially make the playoffs in this article and t's really nice to see that in the league. Overall the article is good and touches on some player numbers which is always a bonus. Overall I'd rate it 8/10 for what it is.
  3. I call this full circle, because at the end of last season my player had put up some numbers that were solid, yet not where I wanted them. And now at the end of this season, season 77, I'm in the same situation. I in now way intend to complain, as complaining won't get me out of this hell hole known as scoring 50 points a season. Two seasons in a row and they look nearly identical in all but one aspect, I halved my penalty minutes, don't ask me how but I did. Now I have a few options to consider to get me out of this full circle season loop. I can accept that I won't be able
  4. Toronto has had some ups an downs the last two seasons, not making the playoffs in either season 75 or 76. However things have changed in a fairly short amount of time. Not only has Toronto made the playoffs, but they finished 2nd in the North American conference, and 5th overall in the league. A feat that last year would have taken a miracle. Lets take a look at this impressive season from the Social Club in Toronto, and explain why this teams mentality is either cup, or bust. Early on this season Toronto was expected to try for contention after a two season rebuild phase, a
  5. 1. I expected us to be fighting to make the playoffs but we've been fantastic this season, I'm very glad. 2. I think it was a good trade, sad to see a player leave but always happy to welcome new ones. 3. Letang, he'd probably probably like it here. 4. A cup, next question. 5. Possibly, good amount of time to, but not a lot. 6. We win it, easy.
  6. 1. I feel pretty good about it, I like what we've been doing. 2. Our defense has been pretty damn good, 6th in goals against doesn't mean much tbh. 3. I'm writing this after he did it. So I'm not at liberty to spoil that. 4. Another 5 at the least 5. Green is likely, he likes kicking ass. 6. I'd have to say Scotty, mans is a legend.
  7. 1. I think we learned that we're not unbeatable, the loss streak came after a bunch of wins and high morale. It was a test. 2. The win as absolutely worth it, we learned how to win again. 3. Just keep playing our game and changing lines when they stop working. 4. Every win is fun, I enjoy every game we play, but an 8-3 win was just fun to be in. 5. about a solid 6 or 7. 6. Of course, only half the season is gone by really, we can come back easy.
  8. 1. I think we brought in some excellent talent, and I feel as though they'll begin producing with the team once we find our chemistry. 2. I don't really have one, every time we beat seattle I'm happy, but I haven't been playing well at all this season, not a lot of games to pick from yet. 3. it's unfortunate, we lost some players who really put a lot of work, and I'll especially miss Weiss. 4. It's because Vancouver is bad and doesn't know how to play a proper balanced game, Hornet isnt to blame. 5. Welch, but only because I literally flipped a coin, both these guys could s
  9. I hope so, honestly y'all are looking good, just that cap space issue may be a problem in the future if nothings done, but you've likely got a plan and I trust in it. Y'all are good
  10. So I haven't done one of these in a long time, and seeing as how I really need the reputation to beat @Quik to win the day, I'll do another Good or Bad article. So if you haven't already read the first two installments of this series, I essentially look at a teams roster, their cap situation, and their effectiveness on the ice, and try to make a decision on whether they are good, or bad. So today we're going to be looking at London United, a team GM'd by @McWolf and the assistant GM @MattyIce. So without further ado lets take a look at this roster and to draw a conclusion on whether London is
  11. So we approach a point in the season where we can start predicting which teams will make the playoffs or not. I'll be doing a top 5 power ranking of teams in each conference that I believe to be on top of the hockey world right now. Things on this power ranking are subject to change the next time I make a list like this, so fasten those helmet straps because it's time for a lesson. North America 1. Las Angeles Stars 30 points What else is there to say? A team that seems to have it all. With star players in the likes of, John Merrick, Jeffery Pines, and Jiggl
  12. My minds been blown my dude.
  13. So today I'm going to go over the three best positions in hockey to play, ranked by the ease of their role. Now Nick, you can't just rank positions by how easy they are, each role is nuanced right? That's what you're thinking, and you're wrong for thinking it, never contact me again with your hippy every role is equal bullshit. There's a reason people watch hockey alright, it's the fighting and the goals. Now if you're unfortunate enough to not be able to do that, well I got good news. You're perfect for these three roles since you're not built to be a real man. 1. Goalie Yea
  14. The first week for Toronto has been a rough one to say the least. In their first 8 games the Toronto Social Club has won 4 games and lost 4 games. Lets take a look at some of the games played this first week and try to diagnose potential problems either with Toronto or the STHS. While I feel as though the sim might have a small factor in this rough start, I feel as though most of it is likely just bad luck, as any team can win on any given day. So without further ado lets get started. Games one and two went as well as you could hope for the Legion, they went 2-0 in the first