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    VHL Pickem (S64W4)

    Riga Seattle Quebec Helsinki
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    VHL Predict the score (S64W4)

    Riga 3-1
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    S64 WJC Fantasy Prediction

  4. Pat Svoboda was nominated to play for Team Europe and is expected to be paired on Line 1 with Elias Dahlberg and Joel Ylonen. Dahlberg, like Svoboda, is a Swedish winger, so hopefully the duo will have immediate chemistry. Svoboda is also buddies with Ylonen off the ice, so they should be familiar with each other as well. "I wish we had a more regional team here at the WJC but I understand that Sweden doesn't have enough players for a full representation, so I'm excited to be named nonetheless. I haven't done great in the VHL, so this is an excellent chance for me to get lighter competition and get my mojo back, show the world what I'm made of. I think playing with such skilled guy will help me put up some good numbers and be comfortable on the ice. Obviously, my linemates on the team are two very talented guys who were taken very highly in the recent draft, above my draft position even, so we have the prestige factor going for us for sure with three top-5 picks being put together. I think we have a chance to dominate and to hopefully win the entire tournament, and I hope to play a major role in our success."
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    Pat Svoboda Press Conference

    1) My favorite teammate has to be Beau Louth, because I get to play with him and he's super talented; he's leading our team in points. He has 34 points in 27 games at the highest level, so I have mad respect for him. 2) It was pretty crummy, I remember feeling total disappointment with New York didn't pick. McWolf got my hopes up with that mock draft article and it was like it all came crashing down at that moment. 3) I want to develop a more rounded game, but I still want to stay a sniper and be a goal scoring leader. Maybe I'll eventually use my size to my advantage and start hitting, but for now I like staying out of the sin bin. 1) I think my player is really underwhelming, and I wish he would perform better. I want to see more goals scored, but hopefully I'll put up a good showing at the WJC here. 2) I was having a lot of fun until very recently, but all in all I think it's a nice, small community. I think the VHL portal is a very distinctive feature and very convenient to have, that's what stands out about the league to me. 3) I hope to go to Davos or New York one day, but I'll have to wait a long time to be free; it's a shame draftees have to stay with their drafted team for half of their career.
  6. Pat Svoboda demonstrates his puck handling skills during team warmups. After a dismal start to the VHL season with Quebec, registering 3 goals and no assists in the first 15 games, rookie right winger Pat Svoboda has been striving to improve his stat line over the last 12 games. He has added 3 more goals to his tally, and garnered 2 assists, but in spite of making the numbers appear less desperate, they are still quite underwhelming and a far cry from his prior expectations. Svoboda is seeing ample ice time, as he is a fixture on line two, nestled beside Beau Louth and Jorgon Weyed, so a lack of minutes is certainly not the culprit. His shooting percentage is a respectable 12%, but with only 50 shots on goal, that does not translate to many tallies, which is why Svoboda's coaches are encouraging him to shoot the puck more. In the VHLM, he had 136 shots in 46 games; while they are different levels of competition, he may want to try to replicate that volume of shooting if he intends to find the net more often. Only one of his goals was at a key time, as he is listed as having only one game winning goal. He seems to be performing decently on the man advantage though, as half of his goals for the season are power play goals; sniping from the faceoff dot seems to be working out at the professional level. He certainly needs to contribute offensively, as he has only 1 hit and 3 shots blocked, so he certainly is not pitching in on the physical or defensive side of the game. On the plus side, his lack of physicality means that he has not taken any penalty minutes this year, which is something his coaches must appreciate. And while his defensive abilities are never lauded, he must not be a total liability in his own zone, as he has a plus seven in the plus/minus column. While plus/minus is not considered a very important stat, it can indicate that he has a positive impact on the ice beyond what is seen on the scoresheet. "Well, I'm not very pleased with just about anything, but I'm trying to carry on, trying to salvage my season. With all the off-ice drama, it's been hard to focus on adjusting to the big league game. I'm going to just try to shoot the puck more, and if I continue not to be able to get shots off, maybe I'll actually have to start passing. Assists aren't as fun as goals, but at least they make your points total look better. It's almost at the point though, where I have to give up on making this season look good, and just wait to give it another go next year. I don't think anyone is giving up on me long term, but you just have to write this off as a bad year and pretend it didn't happen. If you think about it, I'm hoping a lot of things change and are better next year, so this is just something else to add to the ever-lengthening list," said Pat Svoboda.
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    VHL Pickem (S64W3)

    87 Helsinki Titans @ New York Americans 88 Toronto Legion @ Riga Reign 89 Calgary Wranglers @ Quebec City Meute 90 Seattle Bears @ HC Davos Dynamo
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    VHL Predict the score (S64W3)

    New York 3-2
  9. Pat Svoboda, the much-hyped and overdramatic 5th overall pick, was already discontent with his situation in Quebec. But with only 3 goals in 15 games, Svoboda appears dejected and demoralized. "Well, frankly the numbers are terrible. I have no assists which I'm not surprised about since I don't like passing, but the goals total is dismal too. I'm shooting 12%, so clearly, it's what happened with my start in Ottawa all over again. I'm just not getting enough shots, and I have no clue why. I have a 90 Scoring rating, so it makes no sense. I just have to go back to basics and throw pucks on net, re-calibrate my attributes. If I can make some changes soon, maybe I'll be able to have a stronger finish. But I've given up on that idealistic 20 goals mark. It's a terrible season for and I just have to accept that. It's like nothing can go right for me right now, what a shame. If I hadn't signed, at least I would've saved myself this pathetic embarassment. Maybe I'm playing so poorly because my heart is elsewhere now; there's a lack of excitement and motivation on my end for sure," said Pat Svoboda.
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    Pat Svoboda Press Conference

    1) I want the sponsorship that pays me the top dollar; ultimately, I want to be on a brand that gives me the top sponsorship slot. Right now, I play for True North, and it's been a good place to start. 2) I want to eventually earn the scoring title in the VHL and to win many awards over the course of my career. I would love to earn a captaincy with a team, to win a Cup, and to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. 3) Off the ice, I meet fans occasionally, sign autographs and stuff, watch NHL games on TV, and play video games, I love the EA games. But the main thing is I do a ton of training to stay in tip-top shape. 4) Sweden is a great country; we have a focus on being great puck-movers and we've produced a lot of great hockey players over the years, so we have a great history. It's a great country to represent on the international stage because we perform when it counts. 5) I really liked Davos and the New York Americans, McWolf is on New York so they were high on my list and I was kind of expecting to go to them. I've talked to the Davos GM too and I think he's a solid guy. 6) My weaknesses are definitely passing, I'm a puck hog, and checking is also a weaknesses, I'm not very physical. If I had to pick another weakness, I would pick strength, but I'm working on that.
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    VHL Predict the score (S64W2)

    New York 3-2