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  1. Pat Svoboda contacted the press to discuss his thoughts on being entered into the VHLM draft. “I am very upset to learn that I have to go into the VHLM draft pool. When I was joined, I was allowed to pick my team, and I found the best team for me and my career. I picked the team I wanted to go to and where I am happy. And now, I find out that I’m getting ripped away, forced to go who knows where, no say in the matter. I have absolutely no desire to do this; that’s the procedure for VHL and I’m fine with it there, but I don’t want to leave Ottawa in the minors.” “I am at home here, I have friends here, and this is the optimal franchise for me in every aspect. I was looking forward to building the squad back up from the ground up and continuing what we started this year. I am feeling a lot of emotions; anger, confusion, sadness, even despair. I don’t know what I will do if I don’t get to return to Ottawa next year, but I sure won’t be happy. I am infuriated by the mere prospect of being forced to leave. I don’t know why nobody told me this sooner. I am completely devastated, it’s heartbreaking.”
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    Asia Impressing at the WJC

    Asia seems to have a bright future ahead of them, with 3 of the top 5 scorers at the WJC belonging to them. Slots number 1 and 2 belong to forward Kisshan Shan and defenseman Dylan Nyugen, who are both rookies and currently have registered 9 points. Shan has 3 goals and 6 assists, while Nyugen has 2 goals and 7 assists. These gifted playmakers present an interesting style, and this style is complimented by sniper Nikita Flipachyev. Flipachyev is holding down 5th place for WJC scorers with 3 goals and 1 assist. Asia's netminder, Alexander Pepper, is the third best goalie in save percentage with a solid 0.905, so they are performing well in goal as well. While Europe and the Americas are thought of as the hockey continents, it looks as if Asia is looking to explode onto the scene in a few years, and they're using this juniors to make a statement. They're currently tied with the powerhouse, Team Canada, for second place in the tournament standings.
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    Pat Svoboda is on a Hot Streak

    Pat Svoboda leads his linemates by their bench and collects fist bumps after scoring his second goal of the night against the Yukon Rush. In the 3-2 victory over the Yukon Rush, Pat Svoboda was the first star after he netted two goals, including the game winner. The Ottawa right winger has been on fire over the last few games, with 5 goals and 4 assists over Ottawa's last 7 matches. For comparison, he only had 1 goal and 1 assist over the previous 9 games. Svoboda is now shooting 14.63% on the season, third on the team, but the figure is not blatantly unsustainable; he simply has been generating a lot of shots, as he is known to do. And his time for when he converts on those shots is impeccable; two of his six goals were game winners. While he got off to a slow start, his offensive game has now started to translate, and he's showing up on the score sheet under every stat line. He is on pace to hit double digit goals before the end of the season. Svoboda seems relieved that he has finally started lighting the lamp. "It took a little while, but once I got the first one, I really took off. The pressure was just gone, and now I think I'm playing my best hockey. When I first got here, I was worried if I had one bad shift I was going to be stapled to the bench or scratched next game. Now, I'm confident in my role here, and I think it's showing on the ice. The last game against Yukon, that had to be my best one yet," said Pat Svoboda. "Coming out after the game and waving to the fans, hearing my own name announced as first star? It felt really good and made me very proud of myself. That was my first multi-goal game, so obviously the next thing on the list is a hat trick. I intend to get one of those in the very near future." The big bodied winger is also delivering peripherals, which he was not expected to do when he was signed. With 24 hits in 17 games, it seems that he is using his size to his advantage after all. However, maybe that is not such a good thing, since he has received 35 penalty minutes in those appearances; his discipline needs work if he is going to have a sudden flare for physicality. Sitting in the box does little to help lead his team to victory. Well-rounded defense could go a long way to improving his -4 rating, but while there are some areas to be critical of, the 25-year-old Swede has been adapting well to the VHLM and North American ice. "Svoboda isn't a scrapper, so he should really just stick to his scoring game and leave the dirty work to the enforcers and his defensemen. He's never played like this in the past, so it's really confusing why he's getting chippy and laying guys out all of a sudden. I hope he stops worrying about fitting in and puts all his energy into standing out," said the Lynx's assistant coach. "We need goals, not hits." Word Count: 514 Words (Not Counting Titles/Subtitles)
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    Pat Svoboda Press Conference

    1. I intend to build a goal-scoring forward with a lot of strengths and speed. I think the traditional offensive player is just a pure Sniper, but while I want to have accuracy, I want to be a volume shooter, sort of like Ovechkin. I don't intend to do much passing at all, just throw pucks on the net and that's it. Also, I don't really want to have a physical player, hitting just takes stupid penalties. 2. I know the GM of Ottawa from another sim league actually, so it was familiarity more than anything else. Also, a friend from my PBE draft class, McWolf, was on Ottawa and helped me when I first joined VHL and was confused. The other thing, on a less personal level, was I knew I could make a difference in Ottawa and that I would get prime ice time. Ottawa was a team that needed me, and who cares about winning. Underdogs are way more fun anyways! 3. I'm in a bunch of hockey sim leagues, the ones you know probably are SHL and GOMHL, and I figured I should join the last of the trio. I love hockey and hockey sim leagues, and even after doing everything on SHL and cranking out articles, I still had too much time on my hands. When I heard about this in SBA, I thought I would see if it was fun here, and I like it so far. 4. Absolutely! Hawaiian pizza is the best; add in some barbecue sauce, black olives, and mushrooms and that's heaven. Pineapple is such a sweet flavor, and while people think it sounds weird, it's amazing. Once you try it, you'll never go back. 5. My goal is to get into the top-10 TPE earners in my class and to try to go in the first round. If I could get to 20 goals, I know that's a high aspiration but I would really like that a lot. Once I get to 100 TPE, I'll get a 10 TPE bonus, so that's extra incentive to sort of race to that number. I don't know what the max I can get before the draft is, but that's what I'm aiming for. 3. No, I have played a lot of sports, but hockey isn't played that much where I live (Florida) because of weather. I go to Lightning games all the time though, so I definitely watch a lot of it. I did soccer, baseball, and bowling in high school, so I'm not COMPLETELY unathletic haha. I've only even seen snow once, so it's not like you can play hockey during winter here.
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    VHLM Pick’em (S63W4)

    150 Halifax 21st 151 Yukon Rush 152 Ottawa Lynx 153 Yukon Rush
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    VHLM Predict the Score (S63W4)

    Halifax 5-3
  8. Pat Svoboda, the acclaimed Swedish goal scorer, finally got the monkey off his back by netting his first VHLM goal. The Ottawa Lynx were facing Halifax 21st, and Ottawa's Elias Dahlberg had just tied the game up less than a minute before, with exactly 12:00 remaining in the second period. Mark Gebauer won a faceoff in Ottawa's end and fed the puck up to Svoboda. With strides that seemed leisurely, Svoboda used his bulky 6'5'' frame to grind his way past the defense, and leaned forward, drawing his stick back as he wound up for a ferocious slapshot. The blazing puck rocketed under Cole Mertz's left blocker, and the right winger was able to celebrate his first goal in North America. Ottawa took a 3-2 lead, and as Halifax failed to score for the remainder of the game, Svoboda's goal ended up being the Game Winning Goal, another feature that will no longer show as a zero in the stats column. The Lynx padded their margin in the third, and would finish with a 4-2 victory. "I had a conversation with my coaches, and obviously I was nervous in my first few games, so I was a bit hesitant to shoot the puck. But the type of game I've always played is to bombard the net with a ton of shots, so they encouraged me to revert to being that volume shooter. I got 5 shots on goal that game, and I packed a lot of speed into the one that went in. The feeling as it whistled past the goaltender was incredible; the first goal is always very special, even more so to a guy like me who prides himself on being a sniper," said Pat Svoboda. "And we went on to win because we played hard for the entire 60 minutes, and we put a lot of rubber on net. We out-shot them, and that's important, because like Gretzky said, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Hopefully, I'll get some more goals in the upcoming game, and back up my reputation. We need some more scoring out there, and this game was a great start."
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    Players: Seeking Endorsement

    @Brand Executive I would love a sponsor
  12. Against the Oslo Storm, an exuberant Pat Svoboda celebrates his first VHLM assist on Chance Matthews' hat trick goal. Pat Svoboda stepped off his flight from his native Sweden, and within two hours, the 25-year-old SHL star was hitting the ice for the Ottawa Lynx in his first VHLM game as they squared off against the Oslo Storm. His mettle was put to the test with boatloads of minutes, with his 23:33 ice time looking more like the numbers of a defenseman. And while few expected him to impress under the duress of nerves and jet lag, Svoboda flashed offensive potential, driving the play and registering 3 shots on goal. His massive, bulky frame was in stark contrast to the scrawny speedsters he was skating against, and he used it to his advantage, as advertised, in puck battles along the boards. In his third VHLM appearance, also against Oslo, the Swedish right wing garnered his first point. It was not a goal, although he is known for his scoring, but rather it was the primary assist on Chance Matthews' hat trick goal. By setting up Matthews for his third of the night, Svoboda helped the Ottawa Lynx to score their 4th goal of the night. With momentum flowing and Matthews on fire, the Lynx edged the Oslo Storm 5-4. "I was so happy to get a win and a point against Oslo in our third meeting. We played them four games in a row, which was weird, but we seemed to get a good read on them and we figured out how to play effectively against them. I am really enjoying the North American style of play, it's very fast and hard-nosed. And as a team, we've been playing really well lately; since I joined, we're 3-2-0, and those losses were both very close, one goal games. Hopefully, me being here will give our lineup the jolt of fresh energy and the depth that we need," said Pat Svoboda. "There's a lot to take in, but I feel like I've played well. I just haven't gotten the lucky bounce to get one behind the goalie." Svoboda, a famed sniper in his home country, has only posted 6 shots over the last 4 games, and has yet to put one past the opposing netminder. With all the minutes and the opportune power play set up, he was expected by many fans to contribute more and to generate goals for the Lynx. The coaching staff has expressed full faith in the youngster and reminded the press corps that he may need an adjustment period. "He comes from across the pond, and he's used to a lot less minutes and a lot bigger ice. You can't expect his game to translate perfectly when things are a lot tighter. Players are a lot more physical here, and positioning is very different. He will grow in discipline and he will adapt his style of play to counter opposing defensemen. He is working on conditioning now, so I believe he will build up the necessary endurance to shoulder such heavy minutes," said Ottawa Lynx Head Coach Mika Sainomaa. "He's very new, so I just hope our fans can be patient and give him time. Our scouting staff and my crew on the bench all see the star potential in this kid." Word Count: 537 Words (Not Including Titles/Subtitles)
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    VHL Predict the score (S63W4)

    Calgary 2-1
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    VHL Pickem (S63W4)

    144 Seattle Bears 145 Toronto Legion 146 Calgary Wranglers 147 Helsinki Titans