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  1. Don't recognise many names there but I'll go with Bobby Wynam @Lefty_S and Jay Jones @TTtheT. Had some nontact with their agency in the past and they're class young players. I put the pressure of that on myself, I haven't produced as well as I'd hope last season and I feel I need to progress to that next step this season or it might never happen. Hard to say, us I suppose. I think it's gonna be some big skates to fill but he's got the experience under his belt now to handle that challenge, I'll be testing him his practice so lets put that question on ice for a bit. Probably Mikko, he's an inspiration for me as a forward, he's a really talented player and he's taught me a lot of what he knows. Can i choose option C, a nice fruit crumble with custard?
  2. SBA +6 https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/45106-sba-elo/&do=findComment&comment=805267
  3. That’s what you think.
  4. It's pretty rough, not gonna lie. We really felt this this was out year to go all the way and the series coming that close just makes ir hurt all the more. I mean, there's a lot of stuff, no player can go 7 games without having a whole wealth of things that they could of done better. Taking that shot a bit earlier, tracking your man better, personally I think there were more than a few shots that I should have converted on. Work on defence and skating, it's all just prep for next season and working to become a better player for the team. I'm gonna have to go for Seattle, they had the toughest test so I think they can go all the way now. God, it's hard to pick one out, maybe Boris, he's a consumant professional and seeing that work ethic from a vet is amazing to see, that drive even after so many seasons under his belt is great for motivation. Luck, simple enough. Every championship team needs to get a bit of luck now, that's just how competitive the league is nowadays, looking at the standings you can see how tight the top was and anyone of them could win the cup.
  5. 17 Calgary Wranglers @ Vancouver Wolves 18 D.C. Dragons @ Seattle Bears 19 Malmo Nighthawks @ Moscow Menace no game 20 Riga Reign @ Prague Phantoms
  6. SBA +6 thank mr admins for letting us claim SBA tasks ❤️
  7. 391 D.C. Dragons @ Helsinki Titans 392 New York Americans @ Riga Reign 393 Seattle Bears @ Moscow Menace 394 Toronto Legion @ Vancouver Wolves
  8. 331 Helsinki Titans @ Malmo Nighthawks 332 D.C. Dragons @ Calgary Wranglers 333 Toronto Legion @ Vancouver Wolves 334 Riga Reign @ Moscow Menace