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  1. Big OT winner for Mando for the Kangs. Viva Mexico
  2. Based on a real trip that I'm planning to go on this summer if Covid allows.
  3. Kvothe recently took advantage of a break in the Halifax schedule to take a couple of weeks of to pursue some outdoor recreation. Taking a plane to Geneve, Switzerland and then a long train journey down south to the Italian and French border. Kvothe arrived at the start of the multi-day hike with huge levels of excitement to start. Travelling light with some specialised backpacks and a small one man tent, he set out to complete the famous Tour du Mont Blanc. The 103 mile long route weaves it's way around the snow capped peak of the Mont Blanc through a huge variety of terrain, from
  4. Halifax fans will have been more then pleased with the performances of their recent acquisition in Kaladin Kvothe. The winger has been on fire since his relocation up north to the Canadian seaside city. Pre-trade Kvothe notched 9 goals and 13 assists in 18 games while in his 13 games with the 21st he has almost matched that total already with 10 goals and 9 assists. This is due in no small part to the better passing support he has behind him in Halifax and this is evidenced in his shot totals that he's getting off, already with 95 shots in the 13 games compared to 90 in San Diego.
  5. Pivotal moments Could be a trade that changed a franchise, a series winning goal. A draft pick etc or could be player focused as well.
  6. https://streamable.com/kc0gnz BOAtGANG.mp4
  7. "Well I can't say I'm super happy with how this went down, generally I'd expect a GM to give a player advance warning on if they are going to be traded. I could understand if it was a draft day trade where things can move very fast or near the trade deadline but waking up to my Twitter feed full up with Halifax fans saying welcome isn't the way I'd expect a professional franchise to treat it's players. In terms of team success it looks like it's a basically a slight upgrade, Halifax have struggled much like the Marlins have to start the season. TO be honest I'm slightly confused at
  8. The SS Essess I think I nice dark blue background with white streaks waves and sea foam across the jersey. Well, I've just joined so yet to see what it's like playing with the team but I'm looking forward to getting on the ice and seeing if we can turn this poor start around together. Do some Redbull-like stunts and make them Halifax themes, like scoring a long distance shot off one boat to a net on top of another boat or buoy or something. Well I always kiss the last puck I shoot in the pre-game warmup before heading off the ice for
  9. Oh, err. News to me I guess.
  10. I got drafted 17th so overall I feel I should have gone a bit higher but I think it's a blessing in disguise to end up at the Americans, especially as it means I'll get to play alongside Red Lite for some more seasons. I'd like to become the main offensive focus of the Marlins, I feel like I produced well last season given my role as a 3rd or 4th option but this season I want to show I can merge my efficiency with increased volume. Haven't watched full episodes but I've seen a fair amount of clips etc from both shows, I think i probably prefer Parks and Rec.