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  1. 8. I didn't really think about it too much. Advantage just threw it on there I guess. Not a big deal for me. 9. Yes, I love all your prospects, but I only count the ones that played for Halifax first, then were drafted by Riga, then came here. So far, it's me, Glover, and Vanderhuge in that category. 10. Very sad. He was an amazing member. 😢
  2. 1. I do miss Riga, but I'm happy where I am and I'm happy for Riga being near the top of the league again. 2. He's in a bunch of leagues. I get it. I have a hard time being active myself. No hard feelings. 3. I am just taking the season in stride. Helping the team where I can. 4. I do. Madden and I are besties and we want to play together one day. Probably he will come here, not the other way around. 5. Yes. I hate them with all my heart. 6. Moscow sir.
  3. 1. Couldn't be more honoured. I was very surprised to be chosen, and I am keen to impress. 2. Continue to grow as a leader for this team. Being part of the inaugural team is always fun and I can't wait to continue my career in Malmo. 3. I think Moscow is up and coming. They'll be a good natural rival in a few years. Expansion brothers. Russia vs Sweden. It is perfect.
  4. Basaraba Moose has come for his 1 TPE. He is excited to receive it as it means that he will be able to improve his skill within the game of virtual hockey, even if not by much. He failed to earn TPE last week so he is extra eager to earn as much as possible and make up for it. As he rolls into the practice facility in his grey Nissan, Basaraba Moose feels a surge of excitement go through him. He spots his best buddies, Bolt Vanderhuge and Teagan Glover playing catch in the parking lot. Basaraba drives his car towards them, pretending to run them both over, but veers at the last instant and hits Johnny Havenk Carison instead. The team calls an amublance and poor Johnny is rushed to the hospital, screaming the whole way there. Malmo then goes on to lose 6 straight games. Yikes! Ok, this was initially meant to be a practice facility claim but it became an article so I'm claiming the 2 capped.
  5. 1. Well, in grade 8, @Thranduil and I had this grumpy math teacher called Milton Basaraba. We were sitting in the computer lab during media arts, completely procrastinating, when he asked me to join the VHL. Helped me sign up and we brainstormed names. I originally was going to go with another John name, after John Madden, so I went from John Deere to John Moose and we almost went with that, but then he pulled Basaraba out of nowhere, and we both thought it was hilarious so I went with that for the first name and kept the Moose for the last name. shit posted accidentally 2. I am definitely more surprised about the offense. I've always put defense first and it took me 1.5 solid defensive seasons in the VHLM before the offensive numbers really started coming in. I didn't totally expect to carry that into the VHL, but I guess I just play how I did in the 'M and it works for me. 3. I think our defense has been stellar. We are lucky enough to be a team with some defenders that aren't always trying to score, and actually care about their end, and because of that, it is very difficult for the opposition to get sustained opportunities in our zone. 4. Not worth the time, they're either lying to themselves or can't think straight. 5. Not sure, I like to think, another darkhorse, Hockey Club Davos Dynamo, because my friend John Madden plays there. For a possible opponent in the finals, I'd say maybe Calgary, but it's too hard to say at this point. 6. The time I was playing for Halifax in S63. First game of the playoffs. We came back from 7-1 down and won 8-7 in OT. Zajaczkowski, with a natural hat trick and the OT winner, for a total of 4 goals and I had 3 assists.
  6. 1. I think we have a good chance, but this season really doesn't matter because we literally have like a million more seasons once our players have hit their primes. 2. Thranduil. He's my best friend in real life and I played with him for 2 seasons in Halifax. He showed me all the ropes. 3. I did an article about them, but I thought the trades were fantastic. Really liked the Vanderhuge / Pajari trade especially and of course when you traded for me. 4. Blake Gaudette has really picked up his TPE earning post-draft and could come back to bite a lot of GMs. Getting him for a 4th was a good move as well. 5. John Frostbeard. He's a great member, but since he is busy making high-quality articles, he has no time for his player. 6. Big oof. Everyone goes inactive in like a month of playing there.
  7. Damn, I have been away for work! But wow, I did not expect this! Thanks to everyone who voted me as captain! Very exciting stuff. I can't wait to get the Nighthawks going! @Devise, @GustavMattias Congrats on your letters guys! @Matt_O Very exciting to see such a great member of the team get hired on as our AGM! I'm loving everything about this team. It's so social and hip. We got the best future of any other team by far!