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  1. Disclaimer: Don't take this seriously. I'm just kidding around. I have no idea what to write but the VHLM draft just happened so I am attempting to do something on that. Each team performed very well blah blah blah. Houston made some killer picks. So that happened. Let's see. Oh great, now I have to spend half an hour looking for the draft thread. Found it! Where was I? Hmm. I can't remember. Oh well, moving on. Oh wait, I remember now. For some reason Houston chose a seemingly inactive 30 TPE player over a 130 TPE player. I mean my buddy Thranduil told me that the GM has a thing for Anime and so does the guy he picked, but no Anime is good enough to pass up on a 130 TPE player who still claims to get some trash boi. Next up, and this one made me laugh, following the theme of expansion teams drafting well, Philadelphia selected a dude who is already over the VHLM cap so they literally threw away their first round pick for nada. Oh man, doesn't that kind if thing just make your day? Ok, maybe not but it is kind of funny still. Well I don't know, maybe I'm just sadistic. Next up we got Halifax moving up like 1 or 2 spots in the draft by trading their third round pick and their fifth rounder. Big waste of a 5th. They basically gave Yukon a 5th for free. Now its time to rate the performances of each team at the draft from 1 to 8. 1. Las Vegas 2. Saskatoon 3. (Other Team) 4. (Another Team (Forgot Names)) 5. Halifax 6. (Other One) 7. Houston 8. Philadelphia Big bore to write this article but Moose gotta carry Halifax so I need the TPE. G'night.
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    1) The finals are on, Vegas vs Halifax. Who's your pick and why? Vegas because they won already. 2) The VHL and VHLM draft are coming up this offseason. If you're getting drafted to the VHL this year, where do you hope you go? If you've already been drafted, what are you most looking forward to in the VHL? Looking forward to contract negotiations, free agency, more trades and movement. All that. 3) With the offseason upon us, what's your player's favorite postseason activity? Beer pong. 4) Looking back at this last season, what's one thing you're going to miss about the VHLM once you've moved up? Halifax, my team. 5) Coaches always push for their players to "leave it all out on the ice." Do you feel like your player followed that mantra this season, or is there more to them that we have yet to see? Moose is a madman on the ice, but is very calm and collected off the ice. He has a great locker-room presence. 6) Excluding the drafts and offseason tournament, what would you like to see the VHL host in the offseason in order to make it a little more fun? Beach day.
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  4. Disclaimer: This article is inspired by YouTuber UrinatingTree and nothing written within it is meant to be taken seriously Calgary Wranglers After hanging on to hopes for a dynasty that was never there, for far to long, Calgary GM Bushito finally resigned himself to a rebuild. And some rebuild it was. The team was flat, uninspired and downright pathetic. Attendance was at its lowest since S58 and aside from rookies Brick Wahl, Mark Gebauer and Wlodzimierz Zajaczkowski showing some potential, the final hurah for Calgary came from veteran Jasper Canmore who put up decent numbers in one last attempt at reliving the old days. Calgary, get used to the basement because you aren't going anywhere. HC Davos Dynamo I don't even know where to start with this one. This season, Davos was the definition of an abomination. The roster and management was made up entirely of underachievers and players way in over their heads. Newly appointed GM Shawn Glade failed to meet expectations as the savior of this dumpster fire, after being advertised as one of the better VHLM GMs in recent history, and made no impact besides leading the team to a league-worst record of 16-50-6. VHLM sensation and second overall pick, Elias Dahlberg was absolutely dreadful in every single game that Davos played and after scoring 118 points with the Ottawa Lynx of the VHLM, severely dropped off in the VHL and only managed an atrocious 37 points. Continuing the trend, Shawn Glade traded for Pat Svoboda who played with Dahlberg in the VHLM, producing at a point per game pace, in an attempt to rekindle some chemistry between the two. Long story short, it didn't work and Svoboda finished the season with 20 points. Davos had a bunch of VHLM level players who did absolutely nothing. Namely Elias Sobeck, Bastion Logan Mac Finsceal, Phil Bennington and Paul Dimirio Jr come to mind. The only bright spot was rookie Randoms who, having no one decent to play with, still put up 57 points and is a contender for rookie of the year. Davos has built their team around underachievers, so underachieving is what they do best. Good luck losing in the first round for the next 5 seasons Davos! New York Americans All I can say is thank God for Joseph McWolf. Without him, the Americans would be finishing at the bottom of the standings every year with out a miss. There seems to be a losing attitude in New York, so although the team has plenty of talent, they can't seem to put it all together and actually win more than 25 games in a season. This season was yet another 25 win season and the team showed very little, if any, improvement. Scott Shawinganen, the guy who looked like he could be a future MVP and who the Americans needed to take a big step forwards, did the opposite and instead finished with less points than he did as a rookie. This seemed to be a trend with New York and no one, other than McWolf, really took the reigns and showed much leadership. After being at the bottom of the league, what New York needed most was to show improvement, and they failed to do so. This team is destined for another 10 years of mediocrity until they figure out how to get better.
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