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  1. I haven't played as well as I have in the past 2 off-seasons, but overall I am very proud of the team. Did not expect to make the finals for the second straight season. That we finished first in the standings, it would have capped off the perfect season. Also if John Madden was still here, it would be way better. You and Teagan Glover and Chase and Dimitri. Honestly I didn't know any of you at the start of the season and really I still don't, but I've played so many games with you all know and I just love everyone so much. I've been drafted already, but it will be cool to see who joins Riga. I would just say that if you need a defenseman who isn't just trying to get points all the time and who actually cares about his own end and shutting down the other team, I'm your guy. Thranduil, or in real life James, has been a good friend of mine for awhile and I'm happy for him that he gets to be GM. If I could say anything, I would remind him that Halifax has never finished lower than third in the standings, so no pressure bud.
  2. Welcome to Africa. Welcome to the Jungle my friend.
  3. Basaraba Moose Defense Points: 91 / 10 = 9.1 Hits: 246 / 30 = 8.2 Total: 17 + 3 = 20
  4. He knows where to put his TPE, also he went from 0 to 200 very fast. Julius Freeman carried us in. Easy pick. Oh God. I'm very sad. After 3 seasons here with Mac and Tyler and John and Teagan coming in here and there, it really sucks to leave. The only other place I ever played was Las Vegas and I really sucked there. Not sure how I'll handle the bigs. Lines. And strategies. Worse. Still decent. He's been here for two of the three seasons. Very sad to see him go. Yes we must win a cup. @Thranduil
  5. When Moose hits the VHL next season, it will be in the middle of the changing of the guard for Riga. They have been one of the best teams recently and with their stars beginning to depreciate, next season they will be only a shell of what they once were. Comparing S63 Riga, S64 Riga, S65 Riga and how S66 Riga is looking, is not only an entertaining topic, but is also very educational. The team's two main star forwards, Podrick Cast and Edwin Preencarnacion are already coming to the end of their primes and will have two more really good seasons under their belts, but whether they remain in Riga or not is the question. If the GM of Riga wants to play it safe and avoid a full rebuild, he will start the switchover process early, while he still can, by trading away both of these players before they retire. Once this has happened, it is safe to say Riga is severely weakened up front, with a remaining core that looks like this: Crimson - Pajari - Randoms Glover - Matthews - Shan The sudden drop in talent is actually quite an eye opener and shows how much Riga really relies on two players. Without Edwin or Cast, the gap will have to be filled by moving Randoms and Pajari up, as well as calling up VHLM star forwards Teagan Glover and Anthony Matthews. Crimson provides a high-end scoring threat and Randoms can be dangerous, but the rest of the crew just doesn't have what it takes to contend. Now for the defense. Riga has a solid first pair in Shawn Glade and Ryan Kastelic that won't be going anywhere, but it is the second pair that may be a concern in the future. They haven't really been able to find anyone half decent to fill either of the spots on the second pair. Nguyen looked promising in S63, but hasn't seemed to have progressed much since his rookie campaign. He and McDragon filled the spots in S63, but McDragon was soon dumped. In S64, all-star defenseman Joseph Bassolino was a nice compliment to Nguyen on the second pair, but with his career coming to an end, Riga knew they needed someone else. Nguyen came to a big halt during the S64 season and Bassolino retired at the end of it. Ryan Sullivan Trophy winner in the VHLM, Bolt Vanderhuge was called up to fill the void, and while he hasn't been great, he has been solid for Riga. It is relatively likely that he is replaced with former teammate Basaraba Moose for next season. Overall, it is clear that offense is much more of a problem for Riga than defense is at this point, so it would be smart to go after some high-end forwards in the coming draft, so they can continue being competitive.
  6. I would really love to play with Julius Freeman or Dimitri Volosenkov, but realistically it won't happen so maybe Papa Gage or something. Not very. I want no part of expansion, and I doubt I'll ever play for Moscow or Malmo with the two dots over the "O". Denver Wolfe. It's between me and him for the Sullivan Trophy. In his first game for Halifax, he was kicked off the ice for very loudly expressing his best regards to one of the referees who recently got married. Only he did it in Russian. The ref, knowing that Volosenkov had a rather rough reputation, took this for Dimitri cursing him out and gave him a minor penalty, which only made Dimitri yell louder, trying to explain that he was only trying to congratulate the ref on his marriage. This resulted in a game misconduct for Dimitri Volosenkov. McWolf and Esso are the best couple. No question. People come to watch Jim and Pam, not Bob and Phyllis. Team Loyalty: 3/10 Ice-Time: 7/10 Contract: 2/10 Contender Status: 8/10 Great questions!
  7. 321 Toronto Legion @ HC Davos Dynamo 322 Moscow Menace @ New York Americans 323 Calgary Wranglers @ Vancouver Wolves 324 Seattle Bears @ Helsinki Titans