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  1. TacticalHammer

    2018 Holiday Bonus!

  2. TacticalHammer

    Season 64 Recruitment Drive

    Done. Would recommend in the future reaching out to the mods first to prevent the removals after.
  3. TacticalHammer

    S63 VHLM Achievement Tracker

    Roll Fizzlebeef, Centre, Hits and Faceoffs
  4. TacticalHammer

    Practice Facility (December 3rd - December 9th)

    +2 Fizzlebeef
  5. TacticalHammer

    WC GM2: Ottawa Lynx vs. Las Vegas Aces

    Damn, tough one.
  6. TacticalHammer

    Welfare / Pension (November 26th - December 2nd)

    Fizzlebeef +4
  7. TacticalHammer

    [S63] Player Store and Balances

    Player Name: Roll FizzlebeefVHLM Team: Las Vegas Aces Cash you have: $2.25M Purchase Name: First Generation Cost of Purchase: $500k Cash Left: $1.75M
  8. TacticalHammer

    VHL Endorsement Contracts S63

  9. TacticalHammer


    I'd be happy to chip in here. I was an updater for several months in the EFL before becoming an AD, so I have some experience.
  10. TacticalHammer

    C - Roll Fizzlebeef

    Thanks for all the interest guys! I've decided to sign with Las Vegas for the remainder of S63, but I'm looking forward to the draft!