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  1. Smh the disrespect. Fizz going top-5 or he retires. (Jk fantastic article)
  2. Rolf #1 overall or retire (jk, but anyone who knows me from the EFL knows that commitment/longevity is not an issue)
  3. Call me Bobby Orr. (please)
  4. Fizzlebeef Jr a bust smh
  5. So I forgot how much I hate recruitment - saying no to people sucks. Thanks so much for all the great pitches. I honestly had to narrow it down a bit, then trust my fate to a random number generator. The RNG decided that... oh man, please don't make me say this. ... down to get lucky Thanks so much to @fromtheinside @Doomsday @Prout @tcookie @rory @Ricer13 @Hylands @DMaximus@thadthrasher for the pitches! I read through and researched all of them in detail. Not tagging to run it in, but just so you're aware, if you were waiting on me. Cheers, and maybe I'll see you after th
  6. Decided it was finally a good time to recreate, now that I'm an Admin in the EFL and get that auto-12/use that carryover. My understanding is that I just missed tonight's draft, so I'm an FA for at least the current season. Open to pitches! Planning for this player to be kind of a prime- TJ Brodie type. Smooth skating, good first passes, lots of assists.
  7. Player Information Username: TacticalHammer Player Name: Rolf Fizzlebeef Jr Recruited From: SisterLeague Age: 22 Position: D Height: 75 in. Weight: 198 lbs. Birthplace: Canada Player Page @VHLM GM
  8. Missed this, but ty ty. Love the career Fizz ended up having.
  9. Totally missed this when it first posted. Thank you so much @Seabass! Prague was ton of fun.