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  1. Even with the draft additions of Elias Dahlberg and Piotr Jerwa, the HC Davos Dynamo are as bad as ever, and it is a shame. After last years devastatingly awful season, they appear to have barely improved at all, with only seven wins in their first 42 games, and they are currently in the midst of a ten game losing streak. That is just dreadful. The second worst team, the New York Americans, have double the amount of wins as HC Davos. Take their top player, Alvaro Jokinen. He has 410 TPE and 34 points, which is quite good for a defenseman. But then you compare it to the Riga Reign, who have only three players with a lower TPE total than Jokinen, and one of them (Anthony Dabarno) is inactive. I mean, that's just insane. Only five players in the VHL have less than 100 TPE. HC Davos has four of those players, including a player with 89 TPE. Most players in the VHLM have more than that, and many have almost double, or even 100 more TPE than him. Not only is the depth extremely lacking and hardly even there to begin with, they also lack the star power to compete with other teams. Their top player from last year was The Charm, but they traded him to Seattle for their second round pick this year and next years first round pick. Seattle has been extremely successful this year, and The Charm is a key part to their success. He has 45 points and has the third highest total on the team. They also traded Shawn Brodeur and Adam Warlock to the Toronto Legion for a haul of picks and Rhett Stoffiday, which is actually a very solid move. Now lets take a look on the bright side. HC Davos has three first round picks this year. They have their own pick, Toronto's pick, and Seattle's pick. They also have Elias Dahlberg, who is an elite talent, to say the least. They have six picks in the first three rounds, but the only bad thing is they have no picks after that. They do have quality picks, but they don't have quantity. Another problem is that the next season, they only have three picks as of now, since they have traded all of their own picks besides their first and fourth round picks. They also have Seattles first round pick for next season, which they got from when they traded The Charm to the Bears. If someone asked for a timetable as to when HC Davos will get better, I don't know. Maybe this is just Trust The Process 2.0. I mean, that strategy did work for the 76ers of the NBA, who have one of the best teams in the league. I would have to give it this year and next year of being horrible, barring any trades or free agent signings, and then they can begin to return to competance. I would say they have three more years including this one of missing the playoffs, maybe four years if things don't pan out. It is a tough road to go down, but it may turn out for the best, only time can tell.
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    Team World

    Team World is mainly filled with the best guys of the VHLM, along with Anthony Dabarno and Mountain Thunderfist, who are both rookies in the VHL. This team is pretty good but is has some issues. Their two goalies, Tyler Smith and Joe Nixon, are not a problem, and they are among the top of the VHLM. Their defense is solid, with Mountain Thunderfist, Dallas Jones and Bolt Vanderhuge headlining the blue line. Burnt Toast is an odd choice I suppose, especially since he hasn't been active since August. I would have taken someone that is at least active so they can maybe hit 100 TPE before the WJC but I'm not a GM, and there is probably something I'm missing. Their offense is quite strong, with Anthony Dabarno, Nathan MacKinnon, Matthew Materazo, and Roll Fizzlebeef headline the offense. MacKinnon has 55 points, which is second in the VHLM, while Materazo is 11th in the league with 46 points. Dabarno has struggled in the VHLM, with zero points in 36 games. He also has been inactive since late November though, but he is still one of the top guys on this team. Jessy Thomas doesn't have much in the TPE department, but he has 37 points in 40 games and has been a pleasant surprise in the VHLM. Sven Hitz truly lives up to his name, with 141 hits on the year. Not much scoring from him though. Overall Team World looks solid. Not much to say, team Canada will likely be their biggest competition, as well as Asia.
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    VHLM Newsletter- 19th Edition

    If I write an article and media spot about the WJC, do I get the +1 TPE for both or only one
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    VHL Predict the score (S64W4)

    Riga 3-1
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    148 Riga Reign 149 Seattle Bears 150 Quebec City Meute 151 Helsinki Titans
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    Done Caps also commented on it as Jewsus_Christ
  8. Seattle is sitting in first place in the VHL, but are tied with the Riga Reign. In my predictions I actually said that Seattle would make it to the finals, and so far it looks like I could be right. But why are they so good? Lets take a very quick glance. Matt Thompson and Vyacheslav Smirnov have been the anchor of this teams offense, with 49 and 40 points respectively. They are both top five in points across the league and Thompson is first in the league. They also have great supporting pieces, such as Jake Davis, Otto Axelsson, and The Charm, who are all hovering around the point per game mark. While their rookie Gucci Garrop has struggled, I expect him to pick it up a little, since he has no points in the seven games he has played. They also have Sergei Kovalev, who is a great depth piece, and he has 13 points of his own. Their defense is held down by Robert Malenko, who has basically become a god in Seattle. He has 47 points, and is only behind his teammate Matt Thompson when it comes to the points race. They also have the supporting cast of David Kiaskov and Maxim Kovalchuk, who are both around point per game as well. Those three guys form one of the best big three defenses in the league. They also have Mountain Thunderfist, who isn't particularly great, but he is still a solid defenseman. You can have a guy that isn't as good when you have that big three on the blue line. Their goalie Roger Sterling is also holding down the fort. He has the eight highest save percentage for goalies that have played at least ten games, and is ranked sixth in terms of GAA for goalies that have played ten games. He has started every game for Seattle, and is a big reason behind their success.
  9. The Las Vegas Aces currently sit first in the VHLM, with a record of 18-4-2, and are five points ahead of the second placed Halifax 21st. If you recall to the beginning of the season, I said Las Vegas would finish second and win the founders cup over the Oslo Storm, so their success isn't a huge shock for me. Then again, I'm not sure I expected them to be this good. How are they this good? Lets take a look into their team and what is driving their success. VHLM Draft It all started with the VHLM draft, where they selected Matthew Materazo with their third overall pick. So far, he has 19 points in 24 games, which is solid. He also has 47 hits, which is fourth on the team, so he's throwing the body around. He has 164 TPE, and while his TPE production has kind of tailed off recently, I attribute to that the fact that all the various off-season programs got him so much TPE and now that there are none of those. In the second round, they took Connor McDavid. He has been a solid center for Las Vegas, with 18 points in 24 games. He has around the same TPE as Materazo, with 163 TPE. He is showing tremendous improvement from last season, where he played 72 games and had only 28 points. This year he is only ten points away from that mark with about two thirds of the season left. Over the rest of the draft, the remainder of most of the players taken were busts, to put it bluntly. Nico Sulerzyski, Austin Fourier, Basaraba Moose and Cal Davidson look were four of the six guys taken with the Aces remaining picks, and all of them are below 100 TPE, and it looks like it might stay that way. However, they did take Mitch Matthews, who is on the rise with his 110 TPE. He just hit the first generation bonus as well, and is a nice defenseman. They also got Joe Nixon in the fifth round, and is the backup goalie to Kevin Weekes. He has 141 TPE, and is certainly no slouch. Off season transactions The off-season is what brought Las Vegas to the top, mostly through their trades. On December 17th, they picked up Dan Baillie through a trade with the Yukon Rush, and Baillie has become one of the anchors of the Las Vegas offense. He sits fifth in the league in points, with a crazy 36 points. All they gave up for him was a second round pick and Jessy Thomas, who has a miniscule 72 TPE, and this trade was clearly in the Aces favor. However, Thomas has been exceptional for the Rush, with a team leading 23 points in 24 points, which confuses me to be honest. Players such as myself and McDavid have 90 TPE more than him but we have less points? Maybe because we are on the second line, and get less power play time? Just three days later, the Aces made a second huge splash, with another block buster trade. This time, they traded for Nathan N, again from the Yukon Rush. Nathan leads the Aces with 39 points, and is second only behind Diljodh in points through the entire league. They only gave up two inactives and a second round pick. The two players were Wilson Ristau and Andrew Taylor. Taylor is no longer on the roster, but Ristau is still on the Rush, but hasn't updated his player since early October. While Las Vegas has now given up two good picks to get guys, they are clearly all in on this season, and will likely be in the same situation as the Rush and Wild are in this year; trade all your picks for a chance to win it all and just accept that you will suck the next year. On New Years Eve, they made a deal that packed Shawn Mendes to Ottawa, in exchange for Chance Matthews. While Matthews is inactive, he has been hitting his stride for the Aces, with 24 points in 24 games. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Mendes, who has a mere 11 points for the Lynx. Every week Mendes picks up 8 TPE, two from practice facility and six from welfare, so Mendes will be picking it up in the TPE department. Chance Matthews is another one of those players on Las Vegas that is sneakily having a solid season, and is a secret key to Vegas' success. Signings The Aces signed Orion Slade mid season, and he has low key been solid for them. He has 20 points in 24 games, and is actually a big part of their success. Las Vegas has two great centers in Chance Matthews and Conner McDavid, and Slade slides into the third line center spot. His depth contributions are big for the Aces, who have at least one reliable scorer on each of the top three lines. Curtis Gary Curtis Gary was dealt from the Wild to the Aces on January 7th in a blockbuster trade, that sent the Aces first and second round picks to Saskatoon for Gary. His talents are definitely worth it, and he had 29 points in 24 games to start the year off. This is a huge acquisition, and now the Aces have four strong centers, and unfortunately for Orion Slade, he is now pushed down to the fourth line center role. Vegas is clearly going all in to win the founders cup, and should be facing stiff competition from the Oslo Storm and the Halifax 21st. *Quick note: On the Wild and Aces roster, it has Gary on the wild and Cal Davidson on the Aces, but when I check Gary's player page, it says he's on Las Vegas? But next to his nationality, it has the saskatoon logo. Not sure if this is a mistake and it hasn't been updated, or if someone happened with the trade* 1,004 words
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    Yukon Rush - Assistant to the GM

    I didn't know that, that's great!
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    Yukon Rush - Assistant to the GM

    Any news on the job?
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    Oh shoot I forgot my Canada Geography. I remember learning it in fifth grade with a canada song lol