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  1. We complain about spam comments to win the lottery and then people spam the tag #fixthelottery everywhere
  2. I'm writing a rewind on that one next week. I remember that game... even though I was on Saskatoon I thought it was hilarious.
  3. Now, I don't get to spend much time with my son Xander after Karen got me on a restraining order... but on weekends I get ten hours with him. He likes to play fight and wrestle, but he always yells at me for not trying, since he always wins. Well, I am trying, and yet Xander still beats me. At dinner he told me he wanted to be a hockey player, which was nice to hear. He's going to be a big dude, you can tell even at his young age. He likes to play in the front yard with me, and he only takes slap shots. I've never seen him take a wrist shot at the net, he only takes slappers. He has a rocket of a shot, he's only six! This kid is special... VHLM teams should be scouting him already. Just a fair warning, I anticipate my son will not be welcome to some teams, specifically Yukon and Halifax. They aren't in the big market. Saskatoon also fits this, but I played for them so maybe I will put in a good word. He hasn't said anything like that, but he is likely going to have the superstar mentality, and doesn't want to be on some random small market no name team.
  4. New York can EAT IT. just kidding I'm still trash
  5. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  6. Maybe I'll write one for this. It's too soon now, maybe in november. I'll keep this one shelved
  7. new york sucks how did we lose to those bums smh
  8. What are the greatest moments in VHL history? Here are some I can think of: Vasteras upsets Calgary in S1 3 goals in 14 seconds, Davos vs Riga Game 7 S11 Lars Berger triple overtime goal to win the continental cup S21 Titans upset the Legion in S22 Bears Continental Cup run in S43
  9. It was a mistake, he wanted to change his player to a goalie
  10. Matt_O

    WJC Predictions

    is everyone forgetting about USA?
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    HOF Articles

    Is the free week six capped TPE?
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    WJC Predictions

    1. USA 2. Canada 3. Europe 4. Teagan Glover
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    I finished the Stopko article: