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  1. It feels good to be back. Now, instead of getting home after a long day and just watching tiktoks, I have something else to keep myself busy, which is nice. I'm excited for a fresh start with my new defenseman General Zod, which I got from a youtuber 2bcproductions who is a legend ( @InstantRockstar knows) . I originally always had in mind I wanted to play for the Hounds, but Gustav is no longer GM, and they aren't exactly successful so my plans changed. If they were good I likely would have signed there. I chose Houston because they are a very good team but they don't have an elite defense, so I could get first pairing minutes after a week or so, or maybe even right off the bat depending on what our GM does. For my VHLM player I want a good playoff contender but I still want to get minutes so I thought Houston would be a great fit. We shall see, but it's good to be back after about two months of inactivity.
  2. I accept this offer. Thanks to all the GMs that sent offers, lets go Bulls!
  3. Player Information Username: Matt_O Player Name: General Zod Recruited From: Member (trevorc11) Age: 18 Position: D Height: 80 in. Weight: 240 lbs. Birthplace: United States of America Player Page @VHLM GM
  4. I assume I can earn TPE for my S72 player even before the deadline right? I just want to make sure I don't mess anything up, I'm excited to come back
  5. It’s March 20th, 2012, and we are in the city of Vasteras for game five of the Continental Cup Finals between the Iron Eagles and the Americans. How did these teams even get here? And why is this particular moment significant at all? We need a deep rewind. In the original S1 entry draft, Vasteras picked up Scotty Campbell with the second pick and then selected goaltender Matt Pogge with the ninth overall pick. They proved to be a deadly duo, and both players would end up being Hall of Famers. Unfortunately for them, the Calgary Wranglers were just plain better. Led by Scott Boulet, the Wranglers won a whopping 69 games that year, only losing three games the entire season! This is where things get touchy, as Vasteras and Calgary met in the finals. While no one truly knows what happened during the sim, it is suspected that there was some foul play by the simmer. It is very hard to believe that the Wranglers would lose more games in one series than they did the entire season. While no one can confirm or deny this, there is a definite possibility that the S1 finals were rigged. Is this what brought the curse on Vasteras? After this cup win, everything went rapidly downhill for Vasteras. They traded Scotty Campbell to the Seattle Bears and they were never the same until the S20s, where they finally got back on track. Even though they missed the playoffs in S24, they started to build a winning culture. By the time the next season rolled around, they finished one point behind the division-leading HC Davos Dynamo and had 48 wins. Good things were happening in Vasteras for the first time in what felt like an eternity. The Americans also were reaching the end of their rebuild after many hard campaigns to open up the S20s. In S25 they made it to the finals before getting dominated by the experienced Dynamo squad, but the Americans young core was bound to be back. In S26 they won the North American Conference again, with Adam Schultz, Kristian Carlsson, Keon Anderson and goaltender Benjamin Glover leading the way. Vasteras thrived in S26 as well, with an incredible 58 wins. They owned the league's best defence and the third-best offence. When I was looking through the stat sheets I noticed something about Vasteras that was absolutely incredible. They had nine non-computer players on their roster, and eight of them had 70 or more points. The depth of the Iron Eagles was really incredible that season, but they also had an elite defence to shut down other teams. Goaltender Andreas Bjorkman won the Aidan Shaw trophy for a top goaltender that year with a 1.89 GAA. The pieces were finally coming together for Vasteras. I briefly mentioned “the curse” earlier but I should have explained more. After their S1 cup, they had not won the cup since then. It’s been 25 seasons. Not only that, but they have not even gone to the finals in that time span. They were the most miserable team in the history of the VHL and it’s not entirely closed. It wasn’t only the VHL team that suffered either. The VHLM Vasteras team had to suffer as well. In S26, the Vasteras VHLM team held the first 16 selections in that years draft. This was when draft classes were only 10-15 players deep, so they had practically the entire draft to themselves. They still did not win the Founders Cup that year, in case you were wondering. Vasteras was legitimately cursed, but in S26 they hoped to be able to turn it around. In the first round, the Iron Eagles had to take on the Titan’s high flying offence, headlined by Leeroy Jenkins, David Walcott and Pavel Koradek. The Iron Eagles were capable of outscoring teams and shutting them down, and they proved that. With the series tied after two games, Vasteras held Helsinki to just one goal in the next games to take a 3-1 series lead. In-game five Helsinki put up more of a fight, but Vasteras used their ability to outscore them with a 5-3 win to secure their first trip to the finals in 25 years. The only thing stopping them was the New York Americans. In-game one, Andreas Bjorkman stopped all 23 shots he faced and Kevin Hesje’s goal in the second period gave Vasteras a 1-0 win. It was a similar story in game two where Bjorkman stopped all 20 of the Americans shots and Vasteras would win 2-0. Vasteras would keep rolling with a 5-2 game three win on the road and found themselves one game away from their first cup win in 25 years. Naturally, this is where it should all fall apart. Knowing the history of Vasteras, it would hardly be a surprise if the Americans were to complete an improbable 3-0 comeback to deny Vasteras their long-awaited cup win. In-game four, the Americans went out and pulled out a much needed 4-3 win, finally making Andreas Bjorkman look human. Unfortunately for New York, they could only do that for so long. Bjorkman bounced back with a strong game five that led to a 3-2 Vasteras win, and the Vasteras Iron Eagles became the S26 Continental Cup Champions. The Vasteras curse was broken! Or was it? After the S26 cup win, Vasteras would never return to the finals for the rest of the team’s existence; they were moved to Stockholm in the S40s and were disbanded in S57. The Americans would make the finals in S27 and S28 but lose both times, making it four consecutive finals trips with no cups, much like the Buffalo Bills in the 1990s. They made it back to the finals in S31 before losing to Davos, but they finally got their much-deserved cup in S32. ---------------- If you have any moments that you want to see a rewind on, feel free to leave suggestions!
  6. It’s June 20th, 2015. Game seven of the continental cup features the Bears and the Cologne Express, where the Express entered as heavy favourites. But how did we get here? How did the Bears and Express make it to this point, and who got them to this point? The Cologne Express, a now-defunct franchise, where in the middle of one of the most successful runs their franchise had. They had just won the Continental Cup in S42, dismantling the Quebec City Meute in five games. They continued their success in S43 with a 56 win season that saw them finish second in the European Conference, only behind the Stockholm Vikings by a single point. Thomas O’Malley, the superstar centre for the Express, had 131 points and won the Mike Szatkowski trophy for most points. Martin Brookside, a Cologne goaltender, put up gaudy stats that gave him his second consecutive Aidan Shaw trophy for the best goaltender, with his .930 save percentage and 1.84 GAA. Let’s not forget about the supporting cast of the Hall of Famer Xin Xie Xiao, with 124 points in S43. They also had second-line centre Bismark Koenig, who finished with 100 points that year. All three of those players had 50 or more goals that season, and the Express had five total players with 70 or more points that year. They were a complete team from start to finish. Thomas O'Malley Credit to @solas The Bears, however, were a mess. The team itself wasn’t atrocious, but it was truly chaotic in Seattle. Despite winning 39 games and having 86 points, their top point scorer had only 64 points, which would have been the seventh-highest point total on Cologne. That player was James Faraday, and this would be his worst season besides his rookie campaign. He played from S39 to S46, and had a very solid career, even scoring 101 points in his final season in the league. Niklaus Mikaelson, the Bears netminder, was absolutely their best player throughout this chaotic season. He put up really strong numbers with a .922 Save Percentage and a 2.04 GAA. So far it may not seem crazy, but we haven’t gotten started on management yet. The GM of the Seattle Bears in S43 was Bushito, now the GM of the Calgary Wranglers. In S43 he went inactive, causing the VHL to replace him with Higgins for the rest of the season. This was a trivia question a few seasons ago if anyone remembers. The only modern case similar to this would be the unfortunate story of Spade18 and the New York Americans, but let’s not get into that. The Cologne Express, a complete team top to bottom, will be playing a game one of their wild card series against the HC Davos Dynamo. The Seattle Bears, a team that had to replace their GM midway through the season and is very mediocre on offence will also be playing game one of their wild card series, but it’s against the favoured Toronto Legion. The Bears and Express couldn’t be more different than each other, but they are both playing for the same thing. After a 5-0 blowout win for the Express in game one of their series, the Dynamo kept their offence somewhat in check, which was not an easy thing to do. They averaged 3.5 goals per game during the regular season and averaged 2.6 goals per game during this series, most of that coming from the game one victory. They would win in game six courtesy of a great performance from goaltender Martin Brookside, allowing only one goal all night. The Bears, on the other hand, completely dominated the Legion. They swept them, and the offence that struggled all season looked pretty good against a really solid Legion defence. They would go on to face the reigning North American Conference champions in the Quebec City Meute, while the Cologne Express would take on the Stockholm Vikings. Both series were very similar. Both the Express and the Bears offences soared against what was the statistically best defences in the league. Both first seeds were upset in a mere five games, none more shocking than the Meutes failure. The Meute had all the hype in the world. A great offence, great defence and a truly elite goalie. They even have Jake Wylde, now known for the award named after him that is given out to the leagues top offensive defenseman. And yet, they only had one playoff win against a team that wasn’t as good as them in net, on the blue line, and they weren’t even close to as good as them on offence. It was a rough postseason for the Meute. The finals were finally set, with the underdog Bears facing the heavy favourite in the Cologne Express. The Bears had the underdog mentality throughout the entire postseason. The Legion were favoured against them and it was a clean sweep. The Meute were heavy favourites and the Bears only lost one game against them. Even after that, they still found themselves as pretty big underdogs to the Cologne Express, and for good reason. Surely I don’t have to repeat what I said earlier about the talent gap between the two teams. The Express were a far better team. In-game one, they would have to go out and prove it. Even though the Express won game one, it certainly wasn’t convincing at all. The Bears outshot them by 9 and they barely scraped out the 2-1 win at home. They certainly hoped they could head to Seattle up 2-0, but the Bears played feisty, just like they had all postseason, They got the 3-2 win despite being outshot by 13, as James Faraday’s hat trick led the Bears to the win. With the series tied, the Bears were showing the world what they could really do. And then game three happened. James Faraday Credit to @Frank Game three was what most people probably expected this series to be like. The Bears couldn’t score while the Express breezed by with a 5-0 win, and this was supposed to be the point in the series where the Express start to run away with it. They would go and win game four 4-3 and outshot the Bears once again. They had a 3-1 series lead headed back home and it looked as if the Bears cinderella run was over. We know it wasn’t, because it went to a game seven, but at the moment after game four, the run looked over. The Bears were a resilient team all year. They bounced back after a game one loss to the Meute and won four in a row. They ended the year off on a 2-8 stretch, while Toronto ended it on an 8-2 stretch. They swept Toronto. This was no different, as they won 3-0 in game five in Cologne to send the series back to Seattle for game six. Mikaelsons 27 saves helped the Bears keep their season alive, but they still had work to do. Game six was much of the same story, as the Bears dominated the shots and Wolfgang Strauss’s goal late in the third period put the game away for good, a 3-1 win in game six for the Bears and a trip back to Cologne was set. It was going to game seven. Imagine being on the Bears team in S43. Your GM is inactive, the team can’t score, and you are heavily doubted all throughout the regular season. Now you are here, in a game seven of the cup finals. Now imagine being a member of the Express in S43. You won the cup last year and are back for more. You are the heavy favourites, with an amazing offence and goaltender. You’ve been waiting for this all year, and had a 3-1 lead in the finals. And yet, you are here in game seven, and your amazing offence has only scored once in the last two games. This game seven was about to be insane. Game seven was one of the grittiest contests you could ask for. Neither team broke the 25 shot marker. An early powerplay goal from Brady Stropko gave the Bears the lead quickly, but Bismark Koenig would respond five minutes later to tie the game for the Express. In the second period, the Express scored with five minutes to go, but the Bears weren’t done, and their resiliency led to a goal by depth player Borje Samuelsson to tie the game with 45 seconds to go in the second. It was tied at two now, with just twenty minutes left to play. Borje Samuellson Credit to @KitRas Borje Samuelsson had just one goal in the postseason heading into this game. He scored his second goal in the second period but decided that wasn’t good enough. He scored again about halfway through the third period to give the Bears a 3-2 lead they wouldn’t relinquish. The Bears entered the playoffs as underdogs in every single series but won each series. The Bears went on to win that game and the S43 Continental Cup in one of the best underdog stories in VHL history. Was this a fluke? It might have been since the Bears missed the playoffs the following year and started the rebuild the year after that. But does it matter? They won the cup in S43 and no one can ever take that away from them. The Cologne Express would make it back to the finals in S44 but lost in six games. After that, the rebuild would eventually start. People Mentioned: @Higgins as James Faraday @OrbitingDeath as Thomas O Malley @tfong as Xin Xie Xiao @R1c3Muncher as Borje Samuelsson @Wasty as Wolfgang Strauss @diamond_ace as Martin Brookside @Bushito What moment do you think needs a rewind? Leave your suggestions below! -----------------------------------------------------------------
  7. 1. How do you feel about Malmo's performance this season as a whole? Overall we have been fine but we should be doing much better 2. How do you feel about your own performance this season, individually? I have been playing well, with 15 goals so far and 25 points. I was doing really well at first but have cooled off in the last ten games, I hope to pick it back up soon. 3. Do we have a chance to repeat last season's success and maybe even get a cup win? Our team is better than last year, so yes, we have the best team and should have a good shot at a cup. 4. Which cities would you have chosen for our most recent expansion (those being Prague and D.C.) if you got to decide? I liked Prague but I love Vasteras. Even though they never will be brought back I just have a love for them. I also would prefer maybe a team in Chicago over DC. 5. Do you feel that the EU/NA difference in strength is still present this season? Is it still as present as it was last season? Last year the difference in strength was pretty unbelievable. This year it would be nearly impossible for it to be similar to last season, and now the Legion and Wolves are playing better. 6. This season, we signed Jake Davis and let Dan Wilinsky go, where he eventually signed with Seattle. Should we have tried for Wilinsky, or was the safe signing in Davis the better move? Both players are amazing with super high TPE totals so overall no issues. Wilinsky may be better because he is younger but we could have got neither, so I'm glad we got Davis and McWolf.
  8. It’s November 19th, 2016. The greatest finals in VHL history all comes down to a winner take all Game 7 between the Riga Reign and Toronto Legion. Sandro Clegane and Greg Clegane, who are brothers playing netminder for their respective teams, have both had spectacular series but they saved the best for tonight. But how did we get here? What happened in the other six games? What happened to make this series even happen? This moment needs a deep rewind. The brothers Greg Clegane and Sandro Clegane both created in the S45 draft year as goaltenders. Both were top five picks, with Greg Clegane heading to Helsinki with the number two selection while Sandro Clegane was taken fourth overall by Cologne. So how did they both get onto Riga and Toronto? Greg Clegane should have been heading to Toronto right from the start of his career. During S43 the Legion traded their S45 first-rounder to Helsinki for the veteran Tyson Stokes. The Legion would flop two seasons later, and end up gifting the second overall pick and one of the best netminders of all time to Helsinki. Greg would later be traded to Vancouver during the S49 offseason for a couple of draft picks. Vancouver would also acquire Aleksi Koponen, another Hall of Famer. Greg Clegane would end up signing in Toronto when he became a free agent. Aleksi Koponen during his time with the Wranglers Sandro Clegane was the darling of all GM’s when it came to being traded; as he was dealt four different times throughout his career. It started before he ever even belonged to a VHL franchise, as Cologne traded up in Riga’s place to draft Sandro Clegane fourth overall. He would be traded to Seattle after a couple of seasons in Cologne but was traded the very next season to Davos for Jakob Holik, another elite goaltender, and a couple of other pieces. Two seasons after that Sandro would be dealt to the team that traded away the pick that he was taken with, as the Riga Reign would put together a blockbuster deal with Davos to get Sandro. Now we know how both goaltenders got it, but how did this series go to game seven? To put it lightly, the Legion were never even supposed to be here. The Calgary Wranglers were by far the best team and it wasn’t even close. We all know the time they went 69-3 in S1 and lost to Vasteras in the finals. This year they were hoping things would be different, as they had a 64-4-4 record that was 19 points more than the second-placed Riga Reign. When the Legion just scraped by the Bears in the wild card round, most people expected the Wranglers to put on a clinic. After all, the Wranglers offence scored 283 goals during the regular season, by far the most that season. They managed to score 5 goals over the course of 5 games. To say Greg Clegane was amazing that series is an understatement, as the Legion breezed by a Calgary team that was trying to be considered one of the greatest teams ever. Riga, on the other hand, was the top seed in the European Conference. A battle between them and the Cologne Express was a given, considering how third-placed HC Davos had a mere 54 points that year. It was a tremendous battle, but the Reign found themselves down 3-1 after four games. They didn’t let that get to their head, as they rattled off three straight wins in order to clinch a finals appearance against the Toronto Legion. With two of the greatest goaltenders in league history finally going head to head in a finals series, you would expect it to be a defensive series, especially since Riga and Toronto were both one of the leagues, top defensive teams. There was only one game in the finals where one of the goalies had a save percentage below .900, and that was Greg Clegane in game three. Sandro Clegane held the Legion to only two goals in the first two games of the series to take a 2-0 series lead early, and in-game three, this series looked like it was over. Heading into the third period, the score was tied 1-1. Sandro Clegane was having a decent game, but Greg Clegane was in the middle of one of the greatest finals performances the league has ever seen. He had stopped 35 of 36 shots heading into the third period, while Sandro had only faced 12 shots up to that point. Even with three third period powerplays, the Reign simply couldn’t put the puck in the net and the game headed into overtime. It took double overtime to decide this one. The Reign had poured on 61 shots throughout the game, but only scored once courtesy of Shawn Muller in the second period. The Legion had 35 shots on net, but it didn’t matter. LeAndre St. Pierre of Toronto scored in double overtime to win the game and swing the momentum into the Legions favour, and they would promptly win game four and game five. In-game six it looked over for the Reign, as they let up two first period goals and fell down 2-0, but Pietro Maximoff’s hat trick heroics saved the series for Riga. This was before Maximoff’s legendary S52 season, where he had the most points and goals in the VHL. Now, we headed to game seven. As I said before, this game seven has been nothing short of incredible. It was a heavily contested matchup that had tight defence all over it. The Reign found themselves with a slim edge in the shots total after two periods but it wouldn’t matter, because the score was still tied at zero. It was fitting that the series most well known for the goalies was going to end on this note, a true defensive grind out of a game. This was until one of the weirdest and probably most infuriating mistakes ever made in VHL history comes into play. No, I am not exaggerating when I say that. In-game 7 of a continental cup finals, you don’t have your computer players playing, especially when it’s a tie game with less than two minutes left. Somehow, someway, TOR C2 found himself on the ice and promptly took a hooking penalty with 1:08 left in the third period. That brings us back to where we started, with a loose puck in front of Greg Clegane, as Richard Hamilton attempts to get control of the puck. He does so and fires home the game-winner with 24 seconds left in game 7. Riga would ultimately follow up the S51 Continental Cup win with a finals appearance the next year, but they lost to New York in five games. The Toronto Legion would not return to the finals until their shocking back to back cup wins in S64 and S65. Both Sandro Clegane and Greg Clegane would be inducted into the Hall of Fame, and this series would live on in infamy. Sandro Clegane: @JardyB10 Greg Clegane: @Victor Aleksi Koponen graphic courtesy of @Mr.Baller Greg Clegane graphic courtesy of @solas ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. So happy to see my AGM take the next step and become the full GM! Congrats @Poptart