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  1. I need an article for this week, so why not shoutout my boys at VSN. These guys do such a tremendous job week in and week out. I worked with VSN for almost all of 2019, and then for a few months again in 2020. Working there is really draining, at least it was for me. I wasn't even being asked for that much, just a history article every other week, and then help out with extra offseason stuff (usually I did the award show preview). It still was a lot, and VSN deserves a ton of credit. There were so many different points through 2019 where VSN just looked dead but it has come on stronger than ev
  2. 1. Individually, I had a great year. I wish I could have kept my pace up and finished point per game but finishing with 60 points and setting new career high in hits is nice. I wish I could have cracked the top 10 though, I was so close. 2. It's more the offseason for me, I'm a pending free agent and free agency is always exciting to be a part of. 3. Andre the Giant 4. He is just built different. Askarov for MVP 5. I did alright, I finished in 4th place. My defenseman weren't great and neither was my first round pick which hurt me. I thought I w
  3. So, I looked at the standings today since the final sims of the season happened. I saw Calgary sitting fifth place in the North American conference, and we are scheduled to face the Bears in the wild card round, which is pretty exciting. I was confused though; I could have sworn we were way better than 31-33-8. Obviously I was wrong, but I feel like in the locker room over the past week or two we have had maybe one sim where we lost both games. I'm pretty sure we also had a stretch where we won 9 of 10 games. I could be totally wrong about this, but I was just surprised to see us sitting below
  4. 1. It's great for the team, it helps us secure another young defenseman for the future. 2. He definitely changed the Wranglers culture. When I was drafted to Calgary, I wasn't happy. It was pretty much the only place I didn't want to go. I was already set on leaving after my rookie deal. But, things greatly changed and I stayed. The Wranglers are a very different team compared to when I first joined the team, and that isn't about the roster. 3. General Zod baby. Probably not, Lafontaine will have to step up and steal some games. 4. That's a tough one. Taco bell and KFC are great
  5. A couple of seasons ago, General Zod hit free agency. He was mulling over offers from numerous teams, and he got the pleasure to visit each and every one of them during the decision making process. Zod was amazed at the beauty of some of these cities. The only city he had ever played in on his time on Earth was Calgary, as well as a minor league stint with the Las Vegas Aces. Zod wanted to share his favorite parts about each of the cities he visited. Seattle Seattle was a beautiful city on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Washington. Zod really loved the space needle. He said
  6. 1. Kramerev has a beauty one timer, like Ovi. 2. Askarov. He has been solid over the past couple years, but next year will be his first as a full time starter I believe, and I'm sure he will be elite. 3. Having a GM that always puts us in a position to contend is pretty sweet. 4. To be honest, I'm not sure. I have noticed Zod's stats have gone down recently, so perhaps we have better balance of scoring, which is fine as long as we win games. 5. As a defensive defenseman, I value them both. However, with Zod I value hits more because I want people
  7. 1. Seattle, since their goaltending isn't as strong as other teams. 2. Prague, since they have weaker goaltending. Same thing as Seattle, sometimes a great goalie just steals a series. 3. I believe I mentioned this before but Nyko helped me with english homework a couple times with the book To Kill A Mockingbird, which was pretty cool. 4. Roast beef, salami, and cheese. It also has to be on toasted cinnamon bread. 5. Roller and deck hockey, if that counts as different than ice hockey. Sometimes Zod likes to suit up as a goalie for fun.
  8. This is a trophy that I have never understood, even from when I first joined the VHL. The Scott Boulet trophy is the worst award in the entirety of the league, not including the Grimm Jonsson trophy, which was given out to the best leader. Seriously? What was the VHL thinking? I'm actually going to use the Jonsson trophy to draw a parallel between why that was stupid and the Boulet. When it comes to leadership, it's almost impossible to quantify with stats. How are numbers supposed to tell me who the best leader is? Simply put, they don't. It's almost the same story with the Boulet
  9. I'll join. My skill level is pretty pedestrian, but I used to be pretty decent I just haven't played in a while. Probably will get smashed by any good players but I'll join anyways
  10. This might have been done already but we could have everyone write about their favorite VHL memories, or people could write suggestions and ideas to make the VHL better for theme week
  11. 1. Cracking 60 as a defenseman is tough, but I have faith in our young stud 2. He has been employing his military tactics in game much more often. On a real note, if Zod keeps this up he could be in the running for best defensive defenseman of the year. He is tied for second in blocked shots, he has the 2nd most hits out of all defenseman, and is producing offensively. 3. I'm doing mediocre. SS Hornet really needs to pick it up, and my defenseman have been quite mediocre. I was thinking about picking Zod because I like to pick my own players but unfortunately I changed