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  1. What an incredible week this has been for Zod. General Zod is a CHAMPION BABY. It took me 15 seasons and two different players to win one, but we finally got it done. It was a career season for Zod capped off by hoisting the continental cup for the first time in his career. My previous player was on Malmo and we had a couple really good runs, but were thwarted by Seattle in S68 and had a little rivalry with them. It's ironic that now my first championship comes with Seattle now, even though I would always root against them in the playoffs no matter what. After winning it all, it was an easy de
  2. Zod had a career best season this year, finishing with 63 assists and 69 points (nice). I was hoping for 70, but setting a career high in points and assists is something I am more than happy about. Normally he is on point per game pace for half the season and then falls off a cliff, which didn't happen this year. He has so consistent, rarely having big games but rarely having games without a point. I was wondering if his 63 assist campaign put him on the leaderboards for either defensemen points or assists, but my hopes weren't too high. Normally the leaders are way up there, so I wasn't expec
  3. This was initially what I wanted to write about when I read about the theme week, but I just didn't know enough to write a full media spot about it so I figured I would do a vhl.com. A lot of people on the site may not know about this whole story, so I'll just try to sum it up. @Beketov correct me if I'm wrong, since I'm just going off of what I remember. Beketov joined the site in the first ever draft as a goalie, Robert Sharpe. He was even selected first overall in the inaugural draft. However, there was a scandal. Apparently he had been re-using graphics that he used in other le
  4. 49. Tis a shame, Phil is a great member but we gotta do what we gotta do to win a chip. 50. I have absolutely no plans except maybe I'll play golf one day if it's nice. 51. There hasn't really been any trades since I got dealt, so that means either nothing will happen or a ton will happen. I'm pretty sure a lot of teams are slammed up onto the salary cap, but I could be wrong. 53. I have to go with Kendrick, only because he has one extra point. 54. I have no idea, but it won't be Zod that's for sure. This man's defensive stats have fallen off a cliff this year. A little d
  5. Some major sports leagues, such as the MLB and NFL, give the top draft picks to the worst teams. Other leagues, like the NHL and NBA, use a draft lottery to determine the top picks in the hopes of discouraging tanking. The VHL has a similar system, but what if we simply gave the top picks to the worst teams? I'm specifically going to look at Davos in the mid S60s, since they got shafted twice by the lottery. In S63, Davos was the laughing stock of the league. They had just finished off a period of competitiveness, featuring a cup run in S61. In S63, they had 15 wins and a putrid -1
  6. I have no idea what to write, but I think rehashing some old VHL memories from 2019 is a good idea for a quick and easy 150 words. There were a couple things I did that made no sense at all. One of those things was when I applied for the Saskatoon AGM job, even though I became the Malmo AGM like maybe a week before hand. I think I would have gotten it too, since I was in the final two, but I got hired as the Aces GM before anything happened. I still have no idea why I did that. Another thing I remember was around S65 I think, right as playoff began. I got a message from ADV, askin
  7. 1. Of course we can baby, we are cooking right now 2. Any answer other than Riga is wrong. We will come on strong and win it all. 3. Sorry, but the 2000 TPE mark is unbreakable. The changes to TPE earning make it much harder to reach those crazy numbers, and I think recruiting TPE is smaller now which is how Eno got so much TPE, at least I think that's what happened. 4. As Sir Antoine Lavoiser once said, "For any system closed to all transfers of matter and energy, the mass of the system must remain constant over time, as the system's mass cannot change, so quantity can neither
  8. The second half of the season is about to begin, and Zod is currently sitting top 5 in defenseman points and assists. This is perhaps the best start to a season he has ever had, but I don't have my hopes up. Every year, I feel like it's the same story. Zod is on the leaderboard for defenseman points, maybe even assists too. He always is sitting at or slightly above a point per game status, with a couple goals and a whole lot of assists. Then, inexplicably, Zod plays absolutely terrible. He will go on a 20 game stretch with 5 points. It happens every season. Last year it happened, I was at 40 p
  9. 1. We are pretty close to fifth place in the European Conference right now, it's about time we started playing good. 2. I know nothing about LA, but judging from the way this question is asked I'll say it's a complete fluke. They won't even make the playoffs. 3. Anyone but Zod. The General is notorious for playing like garbage the last 20 games of the season, every single year I am point per game or better until the final 20 games, when I get like 7 points. It happens every year, so I'm not getting my hopes up this year. I think Calvin Harvey will have a strong second half. 4. W
  10. I started liking the Islanders just because my dad liked them. I started watching hockey in the 2012 playoffs, and one of the first things I remember about watching hockey that isn't islanders related is when the Kings smoked Vancouver, but I specifically remember the game that the Canucks won in that series. I always liked the Kings because of that, but the Islanders were still my favorite. Kyle Okposo was my favorite player for whatever reason. I still am pissed that Jamie Benn beat out Tavares for the Art Ross in 2015, and I still think Tavares deserved the Hart that year. The Islanders wer
  11. So, this week I ran out of multi-week medias to claim so unfortunately here I am. There are plenty of reasons to like the VHL; if there wasn't, I would have left a long time ago. However, there are some aspects that I don't really love. Some of these things aren't the actual leagues fault, and by complaining about these things I'm not trying to lobby for change. I just need some stuff to write about and this seemed like a good idea, so here we go. I got the idea for this article because of the expansion post, which I fell for until I read the replies. I was moments away from angrily going into
  12. Reading this thread reminds me of the days after school where I would go on discord and have 700+ messages to read from the vhlm gm discord channel