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  1. Roll with NYA G for the season, maybe we will start to actually win Edit: I take that back I have Kingfisher on my fantasy team
  2. That was nice and easy
  3. New York Seattle Riga Helsinki
  4. Five game win streak for New York incoming. God this team is streaky. At least I got an assist though. Harding got a goal so that helps fantasy I think
  5. You better start producing more I picked you in fantasy
  6. In 17:13 of ice time I had 4 shots and a faceoff loss. How is someone that useless in a 4-0 win
  7. I might cry right now, I didn't realize there was more than two pages for the awards section and my half hour I spent grinding for the answer are wasted because I chose the wrong answer
  8. Wait under the HOF section there wasn't a Shaw Trophy list though? I looked through every hall of fame goalie and looked at every season the goalie won the Top Goaltender trophy to get the answer which took a while. I feel like I'm missing something really obvious
  9. The first one I got easily since I remembered reading something relating to the question and had to do a quik search to find it. Won't get specific to not spoil the answer though
  10. Damn that second question took me a while