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  1. +6 https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/36785-top-upcoming-ncaa-players/
  2. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/36469-top-s37-freshmen/ +6
  3. 1.To perform well 2.Calgary 3. Its well. I liked talking to my teammates 4. Yea the young players are really liking each other 5. Prolly a lot of protein, a sweet drink, and at least 3,000 calories 6, I was already drafted
  4. 1. Yea 2. Nathan imo 3. Orion since he entertains me 4. Houston since that logo is raw 5. Grader for sure. 6. The Bay Area
  5. 1. I like how the Us is getting more teams 2.To draft a great goal scorer or myself 3. Yukon 4. Houston because of the flames Andrew the bull 5. Someone who was very underrated 6. This is great league if you like hockey and the update process is amazing
  6. The VHL has gotten bigger. Both the VHL and VHLM got new teams. I am happy with the expansion. It added a team that’s in Russia and three teams to the United States. I always wanted more American representation akin the VHL and VHLM. Josh does not want to be on an expansion team but he would be fine to play for one. He likes Houstn’s branding but Josh won’t be in the VHLM next season. He is fine with playing on an expansion team but he thinks that he wouldn’t like to live in Russia. Josh is. Very happy Minnesota got a team. Minnesota is the state in the US with the most hockey fans. Next he wants to see some teams in California. Josh is from California but you will learn more about that in his biography coming out soon. California isn’t a big hockey state but if they got some teams that might change. Now the opportunity for hockey players to become pros has increased. Since the expanded there are more spots open which means that more players are needed. Hockey players keep on getting better and better and more spots are going to be needed to be opened. There are going to be changes to the VHLM since there are going to be more teams next season. It is going to switch to the same style as the VHL. Now we are like the VHL and people won’t be confused. Josh really like how Houston got a team. If he had to play for an expansion team it would be Houston. The only problem is that they are a VHLM team and this is Josh’s last season in the VHLM. Houston is a hot city place so people don’t play hockey like that but it is still a good location. A lot of people will become hockey fans. Houston is a large city of about 4 million people I think and there is a good opportunity for people to start watching hockey and become fans. Josh is going to watch some games in Houston if he can. Philly also got a team. Philly also has lot of people and the people like hockey more there than in Houston. There are more opportunities to play hockey in Philly and there is better than Houston’s. The Oslo Storm also will relocate to Minnesota next season so every team in the VHLM will be in North America by next season. We even might eventually get a Mexican team in the future. Minnesota deserved a team the most out of all states and they finally got it. Russia got a team and they seem like they are going to be a team that is going to try to fight everyone. Russians are tough people who like to fight and drink vodka. Josh’s friend Tyrone Kings plays for the Russian basketball national team and he says that they were always trying to get him to drink vodka. Josh would absolutely not like to play for them because he doesn’t like there play style. He is pretty strong for someone his age but he is not a good fighter. If he played for Russia he would probably get in a lot a fights and lose them all unless he’s fighting someone who doesn’t know how to fight. Josh really likes that the VHL is expanding and not it can get more publicity. Harris Out.
  7. Josh Harris Forward Goals Points
  8. Josh Harris did not play well this WJC. He had no points at all and they did not beat Canada. Josh is very disappointed in himself and is very motivated to get better. Every game he was hoping to get at least a point but it never came. He has been training like crazy and wants to make sure nothing like this even happens again. Josh is working very hard on his puck handling because it I should a very big part in scoring and is going to get stronger. Josh is also getting some assist in the VHLM. He still has more goals though. Josh is enjoying playing hockey still and he knows that he is only 16. Once he gets in his prime he will be a much better player. Josh is patient and he is trusting in God that he will become one of the best hockey players in the VHL. Watch out Josh Harris. He is a hard worker and even though his stats don’t show he is a very good player. Calgary has a future stud.
  9. +6 http://efl.network/topic/9437-khobe-enters-the-ncaa/