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    I don’t know how long I’ll be up, but I’ll enjoy it for as long as I can. For the first time in my career, I made the first line. It happened after some recent trades which shook up the team a little and gave me the chance to get on another line. I don’t expect this to last long at all, but it’s fun to be able to call myself a first line player for at least one day. This season has been really good for me, surpassing my expectations, and I just hit 30 points on the season. A late season push to 45 would be nice, but we have to take things one game at a time. I split my points evenly between go
  2. 1. Very exciting to see new faces in the locker room, especially guys as skilled as Rock and Guy, and Rock is a fun guy to be around. 2. I know that apples are assists only, but Apple King/Queen is too good to pass up on. 3. I was not known as a prodigy, but my family name did help me get recognition. 4. Well World Juniors because I played in it. 5. Chicken tenders, more meat, more crisp, 6. I love blackjack because of how simple it is.
  3. The trade deadline has passed, and thankfully I am still on the team. We had to trade someone else which is sad, but this business can be tough at times. The season has been a good learning experience for me and I hope to keep on learning and improving. The team is still very young and while we have the lowest point total in the VHL, we are not discouraged and we are playing every game as hard as we can. A lot of our losses have been tough, with overtime losses coming at us too much and some close games with our backup in at goalie. Goalie is a position that we really need to work on, because
  4. 1. It's sad to see one of the first guys I met in the VHL go, and my message is that he'll be great whenever he is 2. The Best Future Defense League Wise. 3. World of Chel 4. He went to one of his brother's games and started practicing that same day. 5. 99 Scoring 90 Defense, I love scoring goals. 6. I wanted to be a guy scoring 30 or more goals while still getting high assists. So far it's been going fine, with 8 goals and 10 assists.
  5. I'm been improving lately which is nice. Getting more points in games, the team is playing better, and we are building chemistry. The team looks real good for the future and we believe that we can make the playoffs right now. Trade deadline has come and passed which means our roster is set in stone now, so we gotta work with the guys who are in the locker room as of right now. Something that has been surprising to me so far is the amount of assists I am getting. I am at 7 as of right now, which is one more than my 6 goals. I am very close to my 15 point goal, and now that I know that I am goin
  6. 1. Maybe get some draft picks 2. Maybe my Sharks can find some depth 3. Press Conference/Trivia 4. Some good ole rap. 5. Overtime play 6. Yessir
  7. Well it's a good thing I didn't come into this season with crazy expectations. The learning curve is tough. The VHL is no joke. Everyone is faster than me, bigger than me, a number of them shoot harder that me, and they all hit harder than me. They experience and have learned a lot of things over their seasons playing, which as of right now, I still have not learned yet. All of these guys are so much better than VHLM guys though. You go in expecting everything to be a lot harder, but wow, these guys are good. Calgary is a fun team to be on and locker room is great. I wish I was more open and t
  8. 1. The team is showing off how dangerous we are, and the fact that we are so young tis the best part. 2. It has been mild, but my goal for 15 points looks well attainabe. 3. A small horse, and since Lil Sebastian is taken, we'll go with Wrangler. 4. Morgan Freeman 5. Nike all the way. 6. Patrick Marleau.
  9. Ty343


    Mikey could not sleep. It was finally time. He had reached the start of his VHL, and in a few hours he would be on the ice. Both of his brother failed on the way to the bigs, but Mikey kept his head up and never stopped believing. He is hoping to leave a positive impact on the game and not get in over his head. The VHL is a whole different world with brighter lights but the rewards are endless. Even though he is still only a teenager, he feels that he is ready for this new challenge and the team is confident. The locker room is fun to be in, management is great, and he feels like he is learnin
  10. 1. Middle of the pack to the bottom. 2. I take part in the SBA. 3. He was in Calgary moving in. 4. Making the playoffs. 5. Chicago and London I guess. 6. Colorado and Maybe Toronto.
  11. Mikey Harris has gone to his first training camp with the Calgary Wranglers. He had a good time, but the adjustment to the new speed of the game was tough for him. He was caught out of place multiple times during so he spent hours working on positioning and defense and he hopes that it will payoff come game time. The new squad is finally built, with all the trades and drafting done, and now it's time to get out on the ice and play as best as they can. Mikey is not giving himself the highest expectations this season, but he would like to get at least 40 point or more. As of right he looks to be
  12. 1. I think he brings confidence and a good reputation to the team. 2. I have no Wranglers in award predictions. 3. The fact that we are so young. 4. Defence Defence Defence. 5. Drafts and tournaments. 6. Getting to play my first vhl season with such a young team.
  13. Well it's over, Mikey Harris is a VHL player. The VHLM season just ended, so it's time for him to officially move on up. He is looking to work very hard this offseason in order to be the best player he can be and get the most ice time. Coming into the league as a rookie is nerve-wracking, but everyone had to start from the bottom, and Mikey is no exception. He looks to be a point threat throughout his career, and while his VHLM weren't the best, he knows he can still show out. Coming into this new team is a change of scenery, but the lockeroom has been good so far and I love out new gm. The ne
  14. 1. To work on my scoring and defense. 2. Like said before, the boys are back. 3. Chicago. 4. Go on a joyride with it 5. Well you Patrik or Fonzi 6. Locker room or counting.
  15. the message was vague, my explanation pretty much sums up all it said