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    VHL Pickem (S64W4)

    Riga Seattle Quebec Calgary
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    Las Vegas Aces Press Conference

    1. I use Bauer and CCM 2. I just chose a good looking number 3. I use Jack Hughes since he’s young like my player and he’s a very good prospect. 4. Unicorn 5. I’m a hockey player I don’t have time for jokes mite 6. Diljodh
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    Submitted on accident
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    Josh Harris will be playing for team USA in the WJC. He is very happy that he got the opportunity to represent the United States. The team he wants to beat the most is Canada. Hockey is most popular sport there but the US is still better in his opinion. Josh is a little nervous because if he makes a mistake that costs them a match, hundreds of millions of people will be made at him. Josh is happy that the GM chose him to be part of this team and it has always been a goal for Josh to play in this tournament. Josh’s knows that this tournament is a stepping stone to the VHL. Josh wants to be in the big leagues and this tournament is going to get him some huge publicity. Josh is ready to play some hockey for the US and will represent them to the best of his abilities. Watch out for the United States during the World Juniors tournament. We want to end Canada’s reign of winning this tournament and he wants to help them do that.
  5. +6 http://efl.network/topic/9275-jackson’s-thoughts
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    S64 WJC - Team USA Roster

    Super pumped @Bonzaijoe
  7. http://efl.network/topic/9180-jackson-gser/ +6 efl
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    TPE: Reddit Weekly Upvote

    Done Tampa Bay Lightning
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    Josh and Oslo

    Josh Harris is happy to be playing professional hockey. Josh has improved a lot from last season. Josh is a way better scorer and he can also pass decently. Josh’s team, the Oslo Storm are not doing as well as they should. They are fourth in the standings right now and Josh is not happy about that. Josh wants to help his team out more and he wants to make it to the playoffs. Josh knows that Oslo is still pretty good and that they can still make the playoffs. Josh wants some more ice time because he wants people to know who he is and for Calgary to have some hope in him. Josh still doesn’t think that he is a start yet because he knows that he is not the best on the team. His teammates Carles Puigment and Diji are very good players and Carles should be the first pick in the draft next season. Josh is happy to be on Oslo and he is enjoying his time in Oslo because he knows that he’ll be in the VHL soon playing against the best hockey players in the world so he is not rushing to get to the VHL just yet.
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    Oslo Storm PC

    1. I am very surprised but I know that the season isn’t over 2. It has been good and I have liked my time here. 3. I have 13 points but I know that I could perform better. 4. I see us playing very well in the playoffs. 5. I did not really pay attention to that. 6. Just some bad games and us not playing our best
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    Players: Seeking Endorsement

    @Brand Executive Josh Harris needs a brand