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  1. Eudaldkp

    TPE: Weekly Reddit Recruitment

    Done both
  2. Eudaldkp

    S64 World Cup Predictions!

    Worst Team: Mercs Bronze Medal: West Europe Silver Medal: World Gold Medal: Canada
  3. Eudaldkp

    (S66) D - Jon Von Fur, TPE: 30

    Welcome @JoFA I'm Minnesota's GM. This year we will have one of the strongest teams, if not the strongest one. However, we still have got some positions and big minutes to fill, and that's were you come in. We would be super glad to have you on the team and we could help you grow your player nicely. Let me know if you're interested!
  4. Eudaldkp

    (S66) D - Anthony Griffis, TPE: 30

    Welcome aboard @Tygrzz, I'm the GM of the Minnesota Storm. We are going to be contending this year and we are still looking to fill a spot in our Dman pairings. I could offer you a contract so you could join right away!
  5. Eudaldkp

    (S66) LW - Hans Gruber, TPE: 30

    Hi @TheFlash! I'm the GM of Minnesota, if you want to join our team we could give you meaningful minutes on what's likely to be a championship too. Hit me up!
  6. Eudaldkp

    S64 Team Western Europe Roster

    Welcome everyone! I'm proud to announce that the 12 champions that will be fighting for Team Western Europe have already been selected! F Podrick Cast - @Victor The Charm - @Tyler Konstantin Mulligan - @Pandar Mikka Pajari - @Devise Mark Gebauer - @Sova Carles Puigdemont - @fuckingEUDALDKPhimself D Joseph McWolf - @McWolf Boner (haha) - @Corco Lew Bronstein - @troy Elasmobranch Fish @Sharkstrong G Tristan Iseult - @Arthur Finn Davison - @Poptart Let's get it everyone!
  7. Eudaldkp

    (S66) LW - Cam, TPE: 30

    Welcome aboard @Cam! I'm the GM of Minnesota. We are going to be contending this year but we still have some roster spots to fill up. Let me know if you're interested! We can offer you quality minutes
  8. Eudaldkp

    S65 VHLM Dispersal Draft

    Hey what's up, it was just a prank. With the second pick of the second round, the Minnesota Storm select Aron Nielsen.
  9. As some of you may have already heard, the Oslo Storm are moving to Minnesota, while maintaining the Storm brand. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the pros and cons of what being a Storm in Minnesota are going to be. First of all we are going to focus on the hockey aspects of it. The Minnesota Storm are coming from a season that was disappointing if you followed them from the start. They were supposed to be a clear contender but the sudden ban from the league of FamishedBlanket and the team synergy issue caused a lot of problems for them, causing their former owner, Trifecta, to ship away their star players and picks to start a rebuild. On the bright side, that means that in S65 they are going to be one of the strongest teams in the VHLM. With their recent trade, they have acquired another 1st rounder in the S65 Dispersal Draft, and they now have three of those. They have a 2nd round pick, a 3rd and two 4ths. This puts them in a very good position to compete and it is going to make them a top destination for the free agents that come mid-season. Eudaldkp is sure putting a lot of effort and assets into this season hoping to win a Founder’s Cup in their very first season, cementing a great fanbase for years to come. On the downside, they won’t have many assets in S66, which will likely be a rebuild year. However, most players spend just one season in the VHLM and if they spend more than two they get drafted to another team, it shouldn’t be much of a concern when attracting free agents. Another thing that is to be considered is if their GM Eudaldkp is going to be up for the test, as it will be his first full season in the VHLM. However, he has already shown that he probably has what it takes, winning World’s first medal in the WCJ. Now that we have talked about the hockey side of Minny, let’s move on to the life/social side. Minnesota is known for their cheap cost of living and their great bar and music scene. That alone makes them a top destination for young players coming into the VHLM. The low cost of living will allow them to save up money, nobody knows if they are going to make it to the VHL and for some players the $1,5M contract is the biggest of their lives. However, the city has downsides too, as it is famous for its very cold weather. While it may sound like a dream for a hockey player, their SIX months of winter will eventually tire anyone. Another thing that may make an impact to the youngsters is that it is a somewhat conservative city, not really ethnically diverse and some may say that a few years behind culturally speaking. All things considered, Minnesota is going to be a dream destination for any player that gets drafted by the Storm in the S65 Dispersal and it is also going to be a top attraction for the new players that come midway through the season.
  10. Eudaldkp

    S64 World Cup - GMs

    What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the GM School
  11. Eudaldkp

    S64 World Cup - GMs

    I'd apply but I think this is a great occassion to give some players GMing experience.
  12. Eudaldkp

    [S64] Player Store and Balances

    Yes it is Thanks Josh!
  13. Eudaldkp

    TPE: Weekly Reddit Recruitment

    Done hut and buffalo I'm Oderlods btw