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  1. Lets get it, gotta live up to the #1 pick hype
  2. Eudaldkp

    S64 VHLM Dispersal Draft

    Let's gooooo! I won't be around as I will be sleeping, I'll be sure to check tommorrow hehe
  3. Eudaldkp

    Eudaldkp reviewing log

    1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
  4. Review: Even though it doesn't feel your style, the graphic is amazing as always, love the use of the "neon" colours and the pink effects. Very well done!
  5. Eudaldkp

    Mull it over [1/2]

    Review: Great graphic as usual, from one of the best graphic creators in the forum. Everything blends in really well, the only thing that I would maybe change would be not blurring out the player that much, but great graph!
  6. Eudaldkp

    Victory in Helsinki [1/2]

    Review: Great graphic, I honestly don't know how you guys color swap this good, I can't do it to save my life lol. Also such a nice job done on the logos, not a super easy one with the hand of the player covering the logo and the angle is tough, but it looks very good:)
  7. Eudaldkp

    The Big Red Machine [1/2]

    Review: Very funny sig, but also a great one. Both fonts are perfect for the russian style and the Vladimir fade is killing me. Really well done
  8. Eudaldkp

    Hello Big Boy [1/2]

    Review: A damn good sig! Love the style of it, the font fits nicely and the picture blends very well with the background. Nice touch on the different font sizes.
  9. Eudaldkp

    My own sig [1/2]

    Review: Pretty cool sig Eno! I think it is a very special style that might not be for everyone but you pulled it like a boss. Good job!
  10. Eudaldkp

    Arthur 13/12 [1/2]

    Review: Not a bad sig by any mean,s but I feel like the goalie colors don't blend well with the background colors and the image overall. It also could use some blending with the background.
  11. Eudaldkp

    Carles Puigdemont bio [1/2]

    Thanks buddy!
  12. Eudaldkp

    first try [1/2]

    Review: Not bad at all for being your first try, it actually looks pretty nice! I think a better inclusion of the player with the background and maybe a different font would make this sig perfect!
  13. Sully seems like the way to go here although Dahl can't be a bad option either.
  14. Eudaldkp

    GMing Dominoes: Part 3

    Congratz Esso on landing the position, Im sure you'll do amazing. Best of luck!
  15. Eudaldkp

    Quik's Signature Emporium

    Hey Quik, who's dick I gotta suck to get a sig from you? I love them and they're really top notch, I would appreciate it a lot if you wanted to and had some spare time to make me one.