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    MIN/PHI: S65

    Welcome @SlashACM and @Matmenzinger to the team! Let's win a championship!!!
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    MIN/PHI: S65

    @Beketov not sure why it happened twice huh
  3. Sorry everyone! I had a very rough patch where I almost didn't even think about logging in. I'd rather not share the details but I'm glad to be back!

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      Glad to you have back man! Hope everything's going alright for you now! Let me know if you need anything, I'll do what I can :)

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      Life is always rocky when you're a gem! 😜

    4. Eudaldkp
  4. I'm gonna write my next article in catalan in true independentist fashion from Puigdemont
  5. Halifax sure has our number huh
  6. With the season already twelve games in, we're starting to see the standings take shape and we're starting to see the contenders separate from the pretenders. Our focus in today’s article is going to be the New York Americans, a very promising young team, that started off pretty hot but they have been having problems with consistency so far. The first game was a dominant 5-2 victory against Toronto, the team that is above them right now in the standings (although they do have one more game played). They outshot the Legion 47-25 and rookie Carles Puigdemont had a great first game recording three points, which included two goals and an assist. Their next game was against the Menace, the new team, in which although they outshot them 41 to 27, it wasn’t as dominant, and Ylonen had the game winning goal in overtime. Their next game was against the Seattle Bears, one of the best teams in the league, they trailed behind the whole game and managed to tie it in the 3rd, but ended up losing in the shootout. The following game was a very weird one, where Puigdemont got his first hatty but the Americans fell flat after the 1st period and ended up losing 6-3. They recovered in the next game against the Titans but then they lost twice against Seattle. While they managed to win the next game against against the Wranglers, the Americans lost their next game against Helsinki, who has also been struggling this season. As you can probably see, New York is having problems staying consistent, getting into a rhythm and playing great hockey for more than a week. What could be possibly wrong with the team? · Young, inexperienced team While they have a very promising roster, they are lacking the veteran presence of a long tenured players. Teams such as Seattle, who are at the very top right now, don’t struggle with that problem. For example, Carles Puigdemont, their youngest player, has had very great games, but in other games he has struggled to get the offense going and hasn’t really been able to contribute to the team. · Their defense and goaltending The Americans right now are one of the worst team in that aspect. Kingfisher, their goalie, doesn’t even crack the top 10 for SV% and is allowing 3.28 goals per game as of right now. If they want to crack the top 3, they will have to up their defense and intensity levels, and Kingfisher has to get back to playing great. We know he can do it, last season he posted a 0.919SV% and this season he is just under 0.900 All in all, the Americans have showed great flashes of potential, we have seen two games in which they only lost by one goal against the Bears but on the other hand we have seen them dropping games they shouldn’t, against the Titans for example. On the bright side their new rookie Carles Puigdemont has been posting great numbers, averaging a point per game right now. He looks like a star in the making and I'm sure that when he gets a rhythm going, he and the team will do even better.
  7. @Banackock @diamond_ace
  8. Teemu Kiprusoff Lucas McCabe
  9. @Spade18 Mars' first goal (finally lmao) and it is a fucking GWG, not too bad. Now start scoring more pls thanks
  10. I select Mark Gebauer and Paolo Nano. I guess @Lightningyamasha is next?
  11. Yeehay, great game and amazing job by Kingfisher
  12. Lmao the disrespect, feels bad losing a close game, but it was competitive. We'll get you back next time
  13. what the fuck, what a weird game lmao
  14. Great start from the Vancouver Daddies. Poor RIG G, 0.333 SV%. Oof ouch ouchie
  15. 54 saves for Cole, holy shit. This guy is gonna be guuud. Aren't you proud @Josh.? Lmao
  16. Holy shit 43 shots against Brick and only 2 goals. Deserved start although tough game for the best booty in the league @BladeMaiden
  17. Lol at Quik already playing their backup goalie, lesson learned for sure. Good game from the Wranglers, congratz @Sharkstrong on your first VHL goal!
  18. Spooky Davos, I'm not looking forward to @Nykonax bragging everytime his player scores. I don't want Davos to be good
  19. Lmao rip Seattle imagine losing against the meme team, chad Americans would never do that. But seriously tho I think Davos will surprise some people this season