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  1. Hounds Press Conferece (Week Ending 8/8) 1) Has your production changed since last week? If so, are you happy with it? 2) How do you feel about management under Z and MC? 3) Do you plan on playing in the VHLE or just the VHL? 4) If you had to choose, what language would you have as your first language (cannot be your current first language)? 5) If you could get your own role in the discord, what would you like the role to be named? 6) Do you feel that you can win any hardware this season?
  2. Welcome @Jellydiot! Reach out to me if you have any questions! Also, join the discord if you haven't already ---> https://discord.gg/VrUxedS Enjoy your time here in the VHL!
  3. Hello, Hounds! Press Conference for this week headed your way! 1) What are your thoughts on the teams performance so far this season? 2) Is your player performing how you expected them to? 3) Do you think management needs to make any transactions? 4) Do we have a shot at making the playoffs, or will we end up choking hard? 5) How do you feel about your ice-time? Are you comfortable with the amount of minutes? 6) Finally, do you want to stay in Mississauga or do you want out of here? Okay Hounds, there's your presser! Enjoy!
  4. Jakub Brozik, born in Prague, Czechia, currently plays for the Mississauga Hounds in the VHLM. Recently drafted to the VHL, Brozik has no desire to play immediately. Brozik wants to take his talents to the newly formed VHLE, the VHL's European-based affiliate. When asked about his decision, Brozik stated, "I want develop more, not rush in VHL. VHLE give me experience and production.". Keep in mind, English is not Brozik's first language. That aside, Brozik will not play for Davos in the upcoming season. Brozik has expressed interest (on social media) in playing for Cologne and in Berlin, the t
  5. I apply for the AAGM position
  6. 1. I find this team very fun to be around, many of the guys are already familiar with me and it's a great time. 2. If we do well, throw some picks around and try to aquire some big names. 3. I say you finish near the top of the standings based on what I've seen so far. 4. I make $0, so moving across the world to make $0 doesn't make much sense. However, I'll still move just to move. 5. Cancel Culture. The stupidest thing to ever be invented. Not much else to say. 6. I play the annoying, wise-cracking friend to the main character. (Like Deadpool's friend who runs the ba
  7. Hard to believe this is only your first graphic! Mine was suuuuuuper bad.
  8. Those are quite difficult given the editor I use, but I do appreciate the review!