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  1. OK OK, I know I'm late. 1) WELCOME NEW PLAYERS! How does it feel to be a Hound? 2) How do you feel you will perform this season? 3) Are you expecting to play in the VHLE next season? 4) Which team do you want to defeat the most? 5) Did you play in the Junior tournament? If yes, what team? If not, did you follow it? 6) What are your pre-game rituals? Do you hope to share them with your teammates?
  2. hockey, guitar, video games, average 14 year old hobbies...
  3. Very impressive article! Glad to have you two (and Bedard) on the Hounds!!
  4. Viper


    plenty of old faces alongside new ones!
  5. I still remember when I rai- ok partly raised that guy in Vegas.
  6. god its weird seeing you write as someone other than letang
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