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  1. 1. With my inspiration as captain, yes. They will be scared to lose... 2. I do what the team does. If the team is good, I'm good. If we're shit, I'm shit. 3. COMMIT. 4. I do FPS and Sports a lot. Huge CS:GO/Valorant guy (I suck, but still love it). 5. Star Wars, why is this even here? 6. I did, didn't root for anyone, and loved the half-time show. Dude's got talent.
  2. D - Ziarie Anigbogu F - Aloe Dear @jRuutu
  3. G - Stone Wolski F - Valtteri Vaakanainen @jRuutu
  4. F - John Merrick D - Alex Letang @jRuutu
  5. First off, I am applying for this job. Secondly, I would do more reddit posts and try to reach out to more social media creators to try and promote the site.
  6. Applying for this! I'll DM you on discord a small list of what I can do for you :).
  7. I love how I explain he ain't coming back and that draws more gms to come here
  8. Once again popping in to say I am still interested in this if an opening ever opens up.