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  1. Hey there @TheYzerplan! Welcome to the VHL! I am the AGM of Las Vegas, and we could really use you here! If you can stay active here in the VHLM, we can offer you good minutes! That is probably the MOST IMPORTANT THING! Now I really hope you can be a positive, caring person, so that you can fit in with us! Everyone in Las Vegas is just like that! We really hope you consider our offer, and if you like Las Vegas, quote this offer saying "Accepted!" My discord is Viperxhawks19#6434, PM me if you have any questions! -Viper
  2. Happy February 24th everyone (posted on the 23rd, don't judge me) Presser for week ending March 1st! Las Vegas Aces! 1. Even more new players! (I won't bother mentioning names because I missed people last time) but who is most likely to be a stud? 2. Las Vegas is in a playoff spot currently, do you think we'll make it? If so, what are your goals? 3. The amount of teams below .500 is insane (including us), why do you think this is? 4. Minnesota is having a great year this year, do you think they can continue this into the playoffs? 5. The amount of players that have recreated recently is pretty high, who do you think will be the most successful? 6. How do you think you're performing this year? @Chip chiperson @thekillamon @Domkey @Julian Dalvao @JDGraves @Briedaqueduc @imeanttosaysaturn @Jepox @Da Trifecta @Jackson @wild_soup97 @Erik @Alex88Shaw @Beerfridge @ngine4 @HearnNation67
  3. Hello @Alex88Shaw! Welcome to the VHL! I am the AGM of Las Vegas! We are in need of defense men, and you can fill that role! We care about our players and want them to be successful! If you stay ACTIVE, meaning updating each week, you can be a star! I am extremely excited to see who you choose, and I really hope you choose us! IF you like what you see, quote this and say accepted! My discord is Viperxhawks19#6434, and you can PM/DM me if you have any VHL related questions!
  4. Welcome. Join the Las Vegas Aces! Quote saying accepted to join!
  5. Hello @Spence King! Welcome to the VHL! I am the AGM of the Las Vegas Aces! We are looking for defensemen, and you are one! I wanted to give you a shot here in Las Vegas! If you stay active, PM me on discord of you need more info, you can be our star! If you like what you see, quote this offer and say "Accepted!" and I'll shoot you an offer!
  6. Hello @marcuswpg5! I am the AGM of Las Vegas! As long as you remain active, you can fill the top spots in our lineup! Every week, you will be required to do point tasks! You can be a star if you stay active! If you like this offer, quote this saying "Accepted!" And I'll shoot you an offer! PM me on discord if you have any questions! Viperxhawks19#6434
  7. @McWolf hey backup buddy this is my turf 😂