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  1. +6 SBA I'll do a media spot on here someday I swear.
  2. 1. How do you like the site so far? I've enjoyed my time here thus far. I'm still finding my bearings, so my activity level isn't really that high, but it's well-designed and the community is friendly. 2. Do you have any idea for the Recruitment Team regarding new avenues to recruit new members? It seems like "no" is probably a bad answer. Half of recruiting is retention, and people might leave if they don't feel like they can figure out what's going on, so it might make sense to have a checklist of weekly TPE opportunities in the New Members Guide, just so that they can follow a procedure rather than having to figure things out for themselves, at least for the first few weeks. 3. Were you surprised that the Saskatoon Wild disposed of the Ottawa Lynx so easily in the VHLM Founder's Cup Finals? Yeah. Saskatoon was the better team, I think, but I think that things fell their way in games 3 and 4, which was never a given. 4. Do you think the Calgary Wranglers have what it takes to complete the comeback over the Riga Reign in the VHL Continental Cup Finals? So obviously they didn't, but I definitely thought that it was a possibility. Calgary is a really explosive team, and it's hard to ever rule them out. 5. Any VHL team you'd prefer to be selected by in the next VHL Entry Draft? No team in particular - honestly, it would be very surprising to be drafted into the VHL at this point, and any draft position would be great. 6. What are your objectives for next season? I'm hoping to reach 150 TPE by the end of the season - that's not necessarily the highest goal, but I'm off to a bad start, so that would be a good accomplishment for me.
  3. 4. The biggest, and therefore best, number available.
  4. Player Information Username: speck1447 Player Name: Austen Fourier Recruited By: Age: 18 Position: LW Height: 72 in. Weight: 146 lbs. Birthplace: France Player Page @VHLM GM