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  1. Hybrid1486

    VHL Brands - Changes

    These look like good changes. I still hate brands and want them to die a painful death, but these are good changes (except for the part about adding more).
  2. Hybrid1486

    VHL Donation Index

    S65 - 1S369863HH968170X Free Week Free Week 5 TPE $1m @Josh.
  3. Hybrid1486

    S64 Team USA Roster

    F - Vesto Slipher (Me) F - Evan Lawson @diamond_ace F - Ko Kane @BluObieZ F - Dan Montgomery @BarzalGoat F - Marvin Harding @.sniffuM F - Matthew Materazo @Matt_O D - Colton Rayne @Spade18 D - Casy Jones @der meister D - Joseph Bassolino @Smarch D - Shawn Glade @ShawnGlade G - Ismond Kingfisher @Spade18 G - Joe Nixon @Bonzaijoe The USA currently seems to have a dearth of forwards...apparently Hockey USA is really pushing kids to play defense these days. Anyways, I made a few decisions on the back end of the roster to reward activity over TPE accumulation. Hopefully it pans out. Congrats to everyone who made Team USA!
  4. Hybrid1486

    Three Things I’ll Remember the S50’s for

    Even worse than S22? I hope so, I need that boondoggle off my back....
  5. Hybrid1486

    Vesto Slipher Press Conference

    Answering with hindsight perspective... 1) Not really, no. I was hoping he would be a standout, but he's barely been a blip on the VHL's radar through three seasons. Part of that could be that the teams he's been on have been so deep as to force him to blend in more, and hopefully adding a ninth team will allow things to be spread a bit thinner (but not too thin), but I'm not particularly attached to him at this point. 2) I was. I've come to realize that a "deep" team isn't necessarily a "better" team, but with the talent we had I was hoping we'd have been able to win a few more games earlier on. Fortunately, we were able to get it together around the halfway point and eventually make the finals, but it would have been nicer to start winning a bit sooner. 3) I was pretty much set on it, until my GM came to me with a very agreeable offer. This time around, I can guarantee that I'm not signing an extension past this coming season...of course, if I retire early, then I suppose I won't be hitting FA, but who knows. 4) I would say there was a fair amount of activity in both locker rooms. I felt that I was probably more active in Helsinki, but both teams had a fair amount of chatter going on. 5) Vesto Slipher was an astronomer who played a heavy role in figuring out the Big Bang, especially that the Universe is expanding. You can find out more about him here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9B7Ix2VQEGo&t=374s ...but I just liked the name. 6) Let me put it this way: I will be very surprised if Slipher is around for S69.
  6. With the parade of VHL retirements to kick off the offseason, most of the impact players from the VHL's 50's are off to retirement. While S58 stalwart Jasper Canmore is still kicking atop the VHL's TPE list, over 500 points ahead of second-place Veran Dragomir, only three other players in the top 35 came into the league before S60. Looking ahead, it seems the top VHLers over the next few seasons will comprise the core of the monster draft class from S61, headlined by Matt Thompson and Podrick Cast, and the up-and-coming first-gens from S63 led by Ryan Kastelic and Joseph McWolf. The S62 class will still feature throughout the top 10-20 players, but they'll likely be overshadowed a bit as the casts that surrounded them forge ahead. With the 50's more or less behind us, it's time to reminisce...for you guys. I mean, I didn't come back to the league until near the end of S60, so I don't know who was good throughout that "decade". Feel free to debate/reminisce here.
  7. Hybrid1486

    S64 World Cup - GMs

    I'm interested in either US or Mercs
  8. Hybrid1486

    Finals Game 2: Toronto vs Helsinki

    Setting up the 3-1 curse nicely
  9. I'm not sure whether you mean just a generally active team (which I would agree with) or a team that has a deeper roster than others...I've basically spent my career on teams that run 3 lines and it doesn't seem to provide any sort of competitive advantage that would be lost by dumping three forwards
  10. Hybrid1486

    Player agents

    *newcomer introduces well-intentioned-yet-flawed idea* *veteran respectfully explains flaws in idea and is encouraging towards newcomer in continuing to bring forward new ideas* *newcomer respectfully accepts criticism*