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  1. Hybrid1486

    2018 Holiday Bonus!

  2. Hybrid1486

    Vesto Slipher Press Conference

    I should start answering these... 1) It was pretty awesome. We didn't have a whole lot of high expectations for our squad in Season 62, but our front office made some great moves and we were able to put together a well-balanced squad that was surprisingly efficient defensively given the offensive explosion in that season. It sucks that we couldn't win that Game 7, but I still have plenty of time to get there again. 2) At the beginning of the season (when you actually asked) I would have said yes. Even with the rough finish to our season, it's still not out of the question. Half the battle is staying alive, and we're still alive in the postseason. Our offense remains somewhat suspect, but anything can happen in a series like we're in. 3) I did, and I'm glad that it came to me. We had a loaded roster last year, both in quality and quantity. With management trying to roll three full lines, there just wasn't a whole lot of playing time to go around. That improved this year, and as a result I think my play improved a lot. Did our team get better? Maybe. Hard to say. 4) Defense. Defense, defense, defense. Defense. My focus since the end of the last postseason was to catch up my abilities as a two-way player, and I spent all offseason and most of the regular season working on joining the rest of the team as a good defensive player. I think I'm at an acceptable level at this point, so moving forward I'm going to try to improve my skating ability on top of that. 5) I'll be perfectly honest: I'm not much of a locker room presence. I'm just here to become a better player and help my team win games. That said, I tend to get annoyed when I try to read the box scores and everything is skewed because of Luc-Pierre Lespineau-Lebrunette and his excessive hyphenation. 6) Chicken. I love me some chicken. Fried, grilled, rotisserie, baked, you name it. Usually I like it with some sauce, but even plain is just fine for me.
  3. Hybrid1486

    Old Portal Reminiscing

    Yeah, you're right...my bad My memory is way the fuck off
  4. Hybrid1486

    Old Portal Reminiscing

    I just caught the notice at the top of the forum about old indexes being relocated to the portal, so I decided to take a peek and found that the indexes go all the way back to Season 20. That made me smile. I've come and gone over the years, so I've missed quite a bit around here, but Season 20 is far and away my favorite season in VHL history. That season saw an unusual spike in offense from what I remember, kind of like we had last season (though not quite on that scale). At the forefront of it all was the Riga Reign, the team I had been traded to the season prior. Just look at these numbers: I've only really been active with a defenseman and a goalie since then prior to Slipher, so I guess it's not hard to believe that I still haven't topped the 37 goals or 113 points that Stoyanovich put up with any of my subsequent players. I'm sure Slipher will top the goals mark eventually, at least. I'm trying to put some usernames to the player names here...I'm about 95% sure Virkkunen was @Quik, and I know Saeijs was @frescoelmo because we go back to the old, old, old football league days. I'm also pretty sure Percy Jackson was @TheLastOlympian07's first VHL player, too. Even the guys that are long gone I remember fondly...I forget Kronenburg's username, but I remember he'd put out absurdly long and well-written media spots every single week for a few years. Scarlett's username also escapes me, but I remember trading for him during my failed run as Toronto's GM in the mid-20's. I also remember @Zero (Stormwall) killing himself with that wonderful 20 for 20 series. This also takes me back to a very important time for me, personally. This season was simmed during the first few months of 2011, when I was 24 and preparing to move about 700 miles away from the only home I ever knew. 7 1/2 years later, I've found a very good career and I'm about 1 year into my mortgage on my first house. Life has changed a lot since then... I could probably have stretched this into a MS, but I've already claimed welfare and I'm getting 3 points for this anyway, so cool. Also, tagging @Victor because this is VHL history-related.
  5. Hybrid1486

    GM 237: Quebec City Meute vs. Calgary Wranglers

    Am I good now?
  6. Hybrid1486

    I Hate Brands

    Glad to see I'm not alone
  7. Hybrid1486

    I Hate Brands

    For the record, this will likely be the only time I ever directly benefit from the existence of brands aside from my initial submission when they were first being created, before I knew what they would become. If you’re a newer VHL player, you’d be forgiven for not knowing who I am. I’m not in the Discord anymore and I barely post on the site aside from a weekly VHL.com and the occasional fantasy section post. I say this because I know my voice doesn’t carry much weight around here, and I’m not staging any sort of protest, but I’d rather not benefit from a system that I feel needs to die a quick and painful death. Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit, so I guess I’ll start with the positives. The people running the brands seem to largely be newer players and giving them a window into running a team is something that will help the league in the long run. It’s also good to see VHLM players forced into paying slots, something that will especially help the first-gens. Honestly, my real problem with brands isn’t so much with the system itself, but with the VHL’s need to constantly have games or tournaments or new teams going on all the time. The VHL? Obviously. VHLM? Sure, it fills a need. World Cup? Meh, but if international play is your thing it fills a niche. World Juniors? Is that really necessary? The World Cup is forced as it is…plying that crap with players as soon as they get into the league really feels like a waste of time. But even that doesn’t compare to the brands. We made up companies and we’re forcing some weird loyalty system into it? I know sponsorships are real, but there aren’t tournaments based entirely around them in the real world, so it’s not filling that niche. Really…why does this league need so many leagues? Is it really that terrible to have a week or two where there aren’t games being simmed daily? Is that such a damn travesty that we have to force some stupid tournament into the middle of the offseason every goddamn year? The brand system really looks like a second VHL on its face. Eight teams, mostly three-year contracts…it may only be a tournament, but the teams are going to look like VHL teams. They’ll probably look a bit better, since they’ll be balanced and nobody’s going to be tanking anything. It’d be nice if the VHL could look like that, but the system in place has been around more or less since the beginning and it’s not going to change. So, yeah. I’m sorry to the brand managers who have asked me or have considered asking me to sign with them, but I’m not interested, and I hope your job goes away as soon as possible. Like I said, I know the brands aren’t going anywhere and I’m sure somebody’s going to give some half-assed defense about the brands because they’re “cool” or some other vague crap, and to that I say, “fine.” I really don’t want to crap all over things people enjoy. I just wanted to get that off my chest and earn an extra six TPE while doing it.
  8. Hybrid1486

    VHL Predict the score (S63W6)

    Calgary 2-1