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  1. Hybrid1486

    VHL Pickem (S62W1)

    Davos Quebec Riga Seattle
  2. Hybrid1486

    VHL Predict the score (S62W1)

    Davos wins 3-2
  3. Hybrid1486

    GM 6: Meute vs. Reign

    I'm glad I have 7 minutes of ice time in the first two games combined
  4. Hybrid1486

    GM 3: Reign vs. Meute

    @Beaviss I'm not on a line. You really do hate me, don't you?
  5. Hi there! As you probably don't know, I've been handling the updates of the VHL Portal main page for the last few weeks. Basically, I'm here to ensure that we keep fresh content up on what is quickly becoming the face of the league to all of the newcomers, and not have it at the point where the only thing up there is a trade thread from two seasons ago. So, do you want your work to be featured on the portal? Here's an idea of what I'm looking for when I decide what goes up. - League-based work: I know that personal media spots like interviews or diaries are the best way to acclimate yourselves to how the league works, but I'm not featuring any of those. I'm sticking to stuff that talks about either of the leagues as a whole, or at the very least goes in-depth on a team. This is the biggest criterion I use when going through the league. - Well-designed pieces: After the first piece, I'm probably going to focus more on how the work actually looks, both in form and function. Is it written well? Is it formatted properly? Does it look nice? At this point I don't have a whole lot to discriminate against, but in the future this is the kind of thing I'm going to be looking for. - Originality: If I'm still having trouble deciding, I'm probably going to go with the most original work. Way back in the early days of the league, this was actually a point for grading media spots. Eventually, when we realized that you can only write the same few pieces over and over again, we did away with that so as not to punish people for writing in a league that lasted as long as the VHL has. It's still nice to feature some original work, though, so I'll do it when I have the chance.
  6. Hybrid1486

    Concept for a VHLM expansion team (4 TPE) [1/2]

    Nice look, but this forum is for written work
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    First-Generation Bonus

    It pays to read old threads sometimes. I''ll claim 10.
  8. Hybrid1486

    S62 VHL Entry Draft Recap

    I thought that too, but I've seen a few pieces with this in them lately.
  9. Hybrid1486

    Ryuu Crimson Press Conference

    1) Congratulations on getting drafted, twice. How does it feel to have your future settled in both the VHL and VHLM? 2) You were the first overall pick of the VHLM draft. Do you feel the weight of any expectations, and do you think you can perform to that level? 3) As a second-round pick of the Reign, there's probably a little less pressure when it comes to the VHL itself. How do you feel about your new team, and what role do you see yourself filling there?
  10. Hybrid1486

    Joseph Bassolino PC

    1) Congratulations on getting your name etched into the Continental Cup this past season. How does that feel? 2) Davos still looks like a well-rounded team that can compete to defend their title this coming season. How do you feel about your chances? 3) The draft was pretty light for Davos this year. Any thoughts about your haul or your team's haul? 4) How did the fall of the Rush after you left make you feel?
  11. Hybrid1486

    S62 VHL Entry Draft Recap

    1,031 words, claiming for WE 8/12 and 8/19
  12. Hybrid1486

    S62 VHL Entry Draft Recap

    The VHL's Season 62 Entry Draft is in the books, and it was a sight to behold. A few teams came away as clear winners, while a few others were barely present at the draft at all. This draft had plenty of depth to go along with a few key players at the top, and that doesn't even include draft-ineligible standouts Slava Smirnov and Ismond Kingfisher. There were a couple curveballs, including one early on in the draft, but there weren't any picks that came entirely out of left field. With that said, let's take a look at who went where. Riga Reign F Leph Twinger (Round 1/Pick 1) D Dylan Nguyen (1/7) F Ryuu Crimson (2/9) D Shawn Glade (2/11) D Lukas Novacek (3/17) D Paolo Nano (3/19) F Jaroslav Zimmer (3/21) F Jack Stucky (3/23) F Shane Appelle (4/27) The Reign jumped from third to first in the lottery to win the right to draft Twinger, who was head-and-shoulders above the rest of the strong draft class as the top prospect. The line of Twinger, Podrick Cast, and Edwin Preencarnacion will be lighting up the scoreboard in Riga for years to come. That said, the Reign management might have done an even better job in coming away with a possible future top pair of defenders in Nguyen and Glade while adding a strong second-line winger in Crimson. Novacek and Nano are both possible home run picks in the third round, for different reasons but at the same position. Even fourth-rounder Shane Appelle was a much better pick than they could have been expected to make at that position. The Reign won this draft, from the start to the end. Seattle Bears D Maxim Kovalchuk (1/2) F Janis Ozolins (4/25) Seattle only had two picks, but the first one was a home run. Kovalchuk is a top-pairing defender who will fill in alongside forward Matt Thompson and goaltender Roger Sterling as the triumvirate in charge of bringing Seattle back to prominence. Ozolins is...not. That said, the Bears will also add the talented Smirnov to their forward group to give Thompson someone to play alongside at a high level for the next few seasons. Toronto Legion G Johnny Havenk Carison (1/3) F Jake Davis (2/10) F Shawn Mendes (3/18) D Kasper Loh (3/24) F Connor Heidebrecht (4/26) The Carison pick was unexpected, but it makes perfect sense as the team is lacking a standout goaltender and he has all the makings of a star in the league. He's the linchpin of the Toronto rebuild. Not to be overshadowed, however, is high-potential winger Jake Davis. He;s improving at a steady clip and could make his VHL debut this season for the Legion, who might still be a year away from truly being ready to return to the playoffs. Mendes had some potential early on, but isn't likely to make it to the VHL. Loh and Heidebrecht were throwaway picks whose hockey careers are finished. Quebec City Meute F Rauno Palo (1/4) F Vesto Slipher (1/5) F Oleksiy Revchenko (2/12) F Karl von Moltke (2/13) D Lando Baxter (2/14) F Roctrion King (2/16) G Lefty (3/20) Quebec management seemingly wanted to take it easy and go all-out at the same time, as they made back-to-back picks in round one and then made four of the final five picks in round two after taking some time off. With their first two picks, the Meute found potential linemates for life in Palo and Slipher. The two forwards went back-and-forth as the second-best prospect in the draft behind Twinger, so to see them end up on the same team is surprising and largely beneficial to the Meute. The second round brought a flurry of high-potential picks who could make mid-season debuts in Quebec if things turn south but could also form the core of the roster in a couple seasons. Baxter, in particular, has a spot on the defense waiting for him as soon as he's ready. Lefty is a semi-present goaltender who could turn out to be a trade chip in a season or two while he improves with another year in the VHLM. Helsinki Titans F Dan Montgomery (1/6) D B.B. Nat (3/22) Montgomery is a balanced forward who projects as someone that can play capably at both ends of the ice. He could be a presence on the Titan penalty kill as soon as this season, and if all goes well he'll likely become one of the top two-way forwards in the league, even without the aggressive hitting mentality that's usually associated with that type of player. Nat was a flyer pick who will likely become a VHLM mainstay if he's lucky. Davos Dynamo F Konstantin Mulligan (1/8) The defending champions nabbed a solid forward in Mulligan at the end of the first round. He brings a strong physical game with the ability to set up some of his teammates around the net, an uncommon-yet-useful skill set that seems to model the recent play of his new teammate and longtime VHL star Gabriel McAllister. Calgary Wranglers D Cayden Saint (2/15) G Matt Aloisi (4/28) Saint has some potential as a defender, especially for someone picked near the back end of the second round. While he isn't ready to make his VHL debut this season, he could be a to VHLM defender and a solid contributor in S63 if he keeps working towards that goal. Aloisi was a flyer pick who is unlikely to appear in a VHL net. New York Americans F Hunter Kidd (4/29) After a series of trades, the Americans were barely a presence at the actual draft this year. Their only pick was the final one of the night, a center in Kidd who is unlikely to make an impact at any level of the VHL. The real prize of this draft for New York is Kingfisher, who will give the team a reliable presence in net in a league that seems to be lacking in top-end options between the pipes.
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    [S61] Player Store and Balances

    Player name: Vesto Slipher VHL Team: Quebec Meute Cash you have: $1.5m Purchase Name: The Next Generation Cost of Purchase:$500,000 Cash Left: $1m