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    S63 Group 6 Fantasy Draft

    Mats Johnsson @AndrewWarren13
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    0KG27229P0469914H Free Week Free Week 5 TPE $1 million @Reives
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    S63 Group 6 Fantasy Draft

    Vyacheslav Smirnov @JG10
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    S62 World Cup Predictions!

    Worst Team: Mercs Bronze Medal: World Silver Medal: USA Gold Medal: Canada
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    Fresh off the Meute's game seven loss to the Calgary Wranglers in the Continental Cup finals, a terrible end to a very controversial series, left wing Vesto Slipher mused about the end of his season and what's to come. "I had a rough year personally, even though the team had a great year. We had a little bit of preseason hype, but to make it all the way to game seven is something special. Most of us are still growing as players, and when we expand our roles next year it's going to turn out a lot better for us. This is only the beginning." When asked about being left off the Team USA roster for the upcoming World Cup, Slipher cut off the question prematurely and went on a rant against the league structure as a whole. "I don't care. I'm glad. I think the World Cup is stupid. I hope I don't get selected for the leftover team, either. If I could opt out of participating like I did for the World Juniors, I would, and I want nothing to do with this new sponsorship league either. Why do we need to have so many leagues on top of the league we're here to play in? And after the difficulty the league management had in even getting this series to finish, can they really handle adding more stupid tournaments on top of it? I hope everybody who plays enjoys it, but count me out."
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    Vesto Slipher Press Conference

    Feel free to ask me things, that I may answer them and we both earn points.
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    Finals GM 3: Quebec vs. Calgary

    It's amazing how much better I seem to do when my ice time goes down. I don't mean that sarcastically, I'm serious.
  8. Continental Cup, Victory Cup, Finals Team 1: HC Davos Dynamo Nope, nope, and nope. Davos almost made the finals, but the other team I predicted to make it that far took them out in overtime of game seven. Finals Team 2: Quebec City Meute I won this one. I mostly went for it because I'm on Quebec and we seemed good enough, and that paid off big-time. MVP, Points and Assists leader: Jasper Canmore One out of three ain't bad. Podrick Cast ran away with the points title and has a good shot at the MVP award after one of the greatest seasons in league history, but Canmore held him off in the assist race by one to take that title. Canmore also could garner some MVP consideration with a solid season of his own for the league-best Calgary Wranglers. Goals Leader: Keaton Louth Louth's 68 goals would be a runaway league-leading total in most seasons, but in this crazy world of S62 it was only good for third behind Cast and Matt Thompson. Playoff MVP: Gabriel McAllister Last season's league MVP didn't get a chance to earn the playoff MVP title after his Davos squad was knocked out by Quebec prior to the finals. Best Offensive Defenseman: Mats Johnsson I don't know whether this is a straight "scoring title for defensemen or if anything else goes into it, but Johnsson finished second in scoring among blueliners behind Maxim Kovalchuk. Best Defensive Defenseman: Colton Rayne I have no idea what goes into the voting for this award. Rayne finished fourth in defenseman scoring, but he was outside of the top 10 in shots blocked and hits, so I'm assuming he won't win it. Top Goalie, Lowest GAA: Shawn Brodeur Norris Stopko led the VHL in goals against average and everything else, so he's ending up with both awards. Brodeur was good, though. Top Rookie: Vesto Slipher No. No no no. No. This one is going to Vyacheslav Smirnov. Slipher finished tenth in rookie scoring. Top Two-Way Forward: Gabriel McAllister McAllister did finish second in hits, but Thompson was top five in hits and points. This award is probably his, with Niko Bogdanovic as a possible contender as well. Most Improved: Samuel Gate Gate is good, but this one is going to either Cast or Thompson most likely.